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Dodge, Fargo, and Plymouth Trucks by Platform

(Jeep SUVs appear in the RWD table)

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AB / B Van Body: 1971- onwards

[NOTE: 'AB' name created in 1989 but applies to all vans starting in 1971]


  • Dodge B100-B350; Ram Van and Wagon; Ram 1500-3500 vans
  • Plymouth Voyager (PB100-PB300) (1974-1978)
  • Fargo (Canada) 1971-72; later (unknown dates past 1978) overseas


  • 109.3" and 127.2"

D / AD Body: 1972-1993

[NOTE: 'AD' name created in 1989 but applies to all 1972-1993 trucks]


  • Dodge D100-D300; W100-W300; Ramcharger (1974-1990)
  • Plymouth Trailduster (PD100, PW100; 1974-1978)
  • Fargo (Canada, 1972, and overseas markets afterwards)


  • 106" Ramcharger, Trailduster
  • Pickups vary widely

BE Body (Dodge Ram): 1994 - 2003

  • Dodge Ram 1500-3500 Extended (club and quad cab) 1994-2003
  • 134.7" Club Cab models
  • 138.7" Quad Cab models
  • 154.7" 3500 Quad Cab dual rear wheels

BR Body (Dodge Ram): 1994-2003

  • Dodge Ram 1500-3500 (standard cab) 1994-2003
  • 118.7" short bed regular cab models
  • 134.7" long bed regular cab models

DN Body (Dodge Durango): 1998-2004

The DN body was based on the 1997 Dakota. From 2005 on, the Durango would be based on the Ram.

  • Dodge Durango; Wheelbase: 115.7"

N, AN Body (Dodge Dakota): 1987-2004

As with car body types, 'N' became 'AN' in 1989. The 1997 redesign did not change the designator. There was also a front-drive N body car earlier (see car tables).

  • Model: Dodge Dakota
  • 112" short and long bed, regular cab models
  • 131" extended cab models

MJ Body (Jeep Comanche): 1985-1992

  • Model: Jeep Comanche
  • 113" short bed models
  • 119" long bed models

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