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The interim large cars

The Chrysler and Dodge large cars (Challenger, Charger, 300) are to be updated for model-year 2019, a bit later than expected, to get updated Pentastar engines and other upgrades. Here’s a rendering of what the 2019 Chrysler 300 may look like.

2019 Chrysler 300

One rear wheel drive setup to rule them all

Dodge, Alfa Romeo, and possibly Jeep are getting a new platform and architecture, for compact to large cars and crossovers. RVC wrote, “This is a joint project, developed in Auburn Hills with embedded Fiat engineers [despite the “Giorgio” name which indicates pure Italian development].” Sergio Marchionne has said as much, numerous times. Further development took place in Italy with embedded Chrysler engineers. The setup was officially approved in early 2013.

2019 dodge charger

In this highly flexible range, we expect:

  • Grand Cherokee and/or Wagoneer, labeled as new on the investors’ chart. Wagoneer has an extended wheelbase, starting in price where Grand Cherokee leaves off. The Durango is likely to continue in some form as well — could it move to the Ram basis?
  • Around 2018-20, the Dodge Journey is likely to become a rear wheel drive crossover, á la Maserati Levante, possibly changing its name to Durango; its role as a front wheel drive crossover is likely to go to a Chrysler. The Fiat Freemont may split off and use a lengthened 500X chassis, by way of the Fiat Toro. Before the new Journey, buyers will see the Alfa Romeo Stelvio crossover, made in Cassino, Italy, on the same line as the Giulia; according to Automotive News, the Journey will be made on the same line as the Stelvio and imported to the US.

2014 dodge barracuda

2016 dodge avenger

  • A new Dodge Charger and Challenger have been pushed back to 2021 or so (so they can persuade critics that Chrysler had no part in the pricier Alfa Romeo Giulia? Insiders say no, they just needed more time). The 2021 Charger and Challenger will have a base four-cylinder turbo, and a top-end turbo V6. There may no longer be a Hemi option. Note: Automotive News wrote that the fully new Charger and Challenger are coming in 2018.
  • The Alfa Romeos use a slightly-larger-than-Chrysler stereo based on Linux rather than BSD-UNIX but probably using most of the same code as UConnect, with a different user interface (the Giulia uses gesture control instead of a touch screen). This is likely to make its way to Chrysler and Dodge, eventually, as an “Alfa Romeo system.”

SRT Barracuda

What about Chrysler? Well...

Front wheel drive: CUSW

What about the Dart? The Dart is ending production in September 2016. The Dart replacement may be a second-generation Viaggio — essentially, a Dart with a cheaper suspension — or Ottimo — the same car in hatchback form. We have no idea if there will be a Dart replacement, or when it may happen.

2018 dodge dart

The Chrysler Pacifica is here. Around 2021, there may be a front wheel drive Chrysler car based on it. A planned crossover has been delayed or shelved — and even before that, was moved from Chrysler to Dodge (Update: Automotive News claims the crossover has only been delayed). The future AWD set might use electric motors for the rear.

Here’s what we think a front wheel drive 300 may look like, if the company chooses to do it. The main difference from the image at the top of this page is bringing the cab forward a bit more (no need to fit a V8), while leaving more room for the rear passengers.

2021 chrysler 300

The Dodge Caravan will continue alongside the new Town & Country into 2017, and will likely then be dropped.

SUSW and Tipo: new smaller cars

chrysler 100 rendering

Chrysler 100 and/or 100C, if it arrives in the US, is likely to be a true compact on the SUSW platform. There is already a Fiat Tipo (same body) sold in Mexico as the Dodge Neon, but the 100 was supposedly not just a Tipo rebadge/repower. Reportedly there is a team in Mexico trying to convert the Tipo-Neon into a car suitable for sale in the US, with a standard Fiat 1.4 turbo (that engine so unloved by Americans).

The new Jeep Compass, based on the same platform and architecture as the Renegade, is due for calendar year 2017, with a 2016 launch in Los Angeles. Redriderbob, historically a good source, wrote: “Jeep engineers are working closely with Fiat engineers on this project. We will more likely see a diesel version of the replacement Compass/Patriot here in the US and Canada. They are also making sure this new Jeep is more capable then the ones it replaces.”

2017 Jeep Compass: mini grand cherokee

We now believe it will look like a Fiat 500X with a Grand Cherokee/Compass front clip. Most likely, they are going to stick with the current “mini Grand Cherokee” look to differentiate it from Renegade. We believe it will be 2.4-powered in the United States; internationally, it will likely have the full panoply of Fiat engines, including the Multijet diesels, e.TorQ for South America, and 1.4/1.4 Turbo for the rest of the world. The nine speed automatic is likely with the same front wheel drive and all wheel drive setups as the Renegade.


We expect the Compass to be built in Toluca, Mexico, but it could have been redirected to the Italian Renegade plant by now (it’s possible they will build them in Italy until Toluca is free of the Journey and/or 500).

A number of other cars were discussed at the 2015 dealer convention.

The Jeep Cherokee is set for a model-year-2018 refresh as well, becoming more conventional in appearance; this is likely mainly a front and rear fascia swap, though we would not be surprised to see a more conventional AWD system put into place.

2018 cherokee rendering

2018 Jeep cherokee rendering

Dodge Viper

The current form of the Viper is being dropped after the 2017 model year. The name may return in the future, on a platform shared with the Alfa Romeo Alfieri or perhaps even the Giulia. In that case we suspect it would use the supercharged Hemi V8, which outpowers the current V10.

Past renderings

JackRatchett did a good job on this one, which was reasonably close to what was produced.


A Dart GLH was shown in Nevada in August 2015, using a four-cylinder Hurricane turbo generating 300 horsepower. The Dart is, however, to be replaced (with production stopping in September 2016), by an import from an un-named “partner.” So is the Chrysler 200 (production stopping in December 2016).

dodge dart srt4 rendering

With Alfa Romeo in full swing, Imperial seems unlikely, but who knows?

2017 imperial

2015 chrylser 300C

You can use your own judgment here.


2017 town & country minivan

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