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The Cross-Ram Wedge (Long Ram 413): 1959 Dyno Tests

Max horsepower across both tests was 289 - not bad for a 1959 engine. (Note that corrected horsepower reached 303 hp - at 4,400 rpm. Corrected torque reached a whopping 464 lb-ft at a mere 3,000 rpm.)

It should be noted that this is not necessarily a test from a production engine. Our source wrote: “the dyno tests were conducted in cells 12 and 13 of Building 135 in the old Highland Park complex.” The test sheets were found nearby, apparently discarded.

John Veatch wrote: "I suspect the info you posted to show 1959 dyno test results is actually a long ram intake setup (i.e. '60-'61 Chrysler 300), not a Max Wedge engine. I am basing this opinion on the date (1959) and the results. I believe the Max Wedge program was started in late '61 or '62, long after these tests took place. The other clue is the tremendous torque generated in these dyno runs at low rpm, typical of these long ram powerplants." John, you're right, we checked with our source and he had actually informed us that this is the cross-ram wedge engine - as you say, the long ram.

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