The 3.2 Liter V6 Mopar (Chrysler-Dodge) Engines

2.7 liter engine vs 3.3 liter engine3.2 liter vs 3.5 liter

Chrysler's 3.2 liter V-6 engine was a new design, using aluminum blocks and heads, based on the original 3.5 liter V6; it was discontinued in 2002 to simplify the engine lineup.

Chrysler V6 engine comparison chartThese engines could be shipped with a variable intake system, building on Chrysler's work back in the 1950s and 60s (to be fair, other automakers have used variable intake systems). It varies the length of the intake manifold tubes to create a small, but useful, supercharging effect at different engine speeds. In the past, tuning the air tubes for a boost at one engine speed sacrificed power at another; this is similar to variable valve timing in that it avoids choosing one engine speed over another for performance increases.

Bob Sheaves suggested that the 3.2 was derived from the larger 3.5 engine, with creation in this order ("I refer to the development design and components, and not what eventually became production.")

  • 3.8L pushrod engine for more torque in minivan AWD and New Yorker/Dynasty (bored/stroked 3.3)
  • 3.5L first generation: high output 3.3, all aluminum, overhead cam (3.3 was cam-in-block pushrod)
  • 3.5L second generation - higher output 3.5; SOHC, where the 2.7 was DOHC.
  • 2.7L - higher efficiency, smaller displacement version of the second generation 3.5 (DOHC)
  • 3.2L - increased torque 2.7, midline engine between current 3.5 and low end 2.7 (SOHC)

According to Bob, the 3.2 was developed from the 3.5. Willem Weertman’s Chrysler Engines book suggests that the 2.7 was based directly off the 3.5, but should be considered to be in its own engine family.

The following information was provided by Chrysler.

Chrysler V6 engines compared with those of competitive cars, 1998

Vehicle Engine hp @ RPM Octane Cost As Tested
Acura 25TL, 19972.5L1766300Premium$30,478
Nissan Maxima, 19973.0L1905600Regular$24,675
Ford Taurus, 19963.0L2005750Regular$24,205
Intrepid/Concorde, 19982.7L2005800Regular$21,000
Cadillac Catera, 19973.0L2006000Premium$34,750
Mitsubishi Diamante, '973.5L2105000PremiumN/A
LH series, '93-'973.5L2145850Mid-Grade$24,270
Intrepid/Concorde, 19983.2L2206600Regular$24,000
Ford SHO, 19963.4L2356100Premium$28,250
LHS/300M, 19983.5L2506600Regular$30,000

Competitive information from manufacter's press kits and data books.

For those who think the Chrysler 3.5 is made by Mitsubishi, here is a comparison:

Engine Chrysler 3.5 (e.g. 300M) Mitsubishi 3.5 (e.g. Diamonte)
Power 250 hp @ 6400
250 lb-ft @ 3900
205 hp @ 5000
231 lb-ft @ 4000
Bore x Stroke 3.78 x 3.19 3.66 x 3.38

Chrysler V6 engine specifications - “LH” series, 1998-2007

Category 2.7 Liter 3.2 liter 3.5 Liter (LX)
Bore x Stroke 3.39 x 3.09 (86 x 78.5mm) 3.66 x 3.19 (92 x 81mm) 3.78 x 3.19 (96 x 81mm)
Valves 24 valves (4 per cylinder)
Compression 9.71:1 / 9.9:1
9.5:1 9.9:1
Power (hp @ rpm)

200 @ 6000 / 190 @ 6,400

220 @ 6600 250 @6400
Torque (lb-ft@rpm)

188 @ 4900 / 190 @ 4,000

222 @ 4000 250 @ 3900
Max. RPM 6464 or 6,600 6800 rpm ?
Fuel 87 octane (regular) 89 preferred

Emissions: all use at least one three-way catalytic converter, quad-heated oxygen sensors, EGR, and internal engine features. 3.8 meets Tier 2 bin 5 (federal) and LEV 2 (CA) specs; 4.0 meets Federal tier 2, bin 8 and ULEV1 (CA) specs.

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