Mopar taxis, 1935-2003

The reliable 3.5 V6

1997 Plymouth Pronto
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Dodge Pro Stock second generation Hemi 99

See 1992-2014 Hemi crate engines

Introduced in 2006, the Dodge Pro Stock, second-generation Hemi 99 was designated DPS2; despite having to accept existing components and fastener locations, the new engine, developed by Bruce Phillips and David James, was a leap forward in technology. Created by Chrysler engineers using CATIA version 4, the new engine uses compacted graphite in the iron block, greatly increasing strength and stiffness, and allowing for rounder, straighter cylinder bores that have better sealing and, therefore, higher efficiency. Thinner wall sections could also be used.

With power levels near 1,400 horsepower, and valve lifts in the 28-29 mm range, engine breathing and sturdy, high-performance valve gear are extremely important. The engineers used CATIA to create a new Hemi head with canted valves, as well as ribs to strengthen the rocker arm attaching pad, and a thicker rocker stand with a new spread four-bolt design (the prior engine used three bolts). The intake and exhaust valves were both moved to try to make the valve train co-planar, reducing rocker arm side load and making the port trajectory more in line with the valve, improving the flow of fuel into the cylinders.

See 1992-2014 Hemi crate engines

Bob Glidden was called in starting in June 2005 to work on the challenges of making an engine that can push a car from 0-200 mph in just a quarter of a mile (and under 7 seconds); the NHRA was also called in for approval on the direction the engineers were taken. Cylinder head samples were provided by November 2005, and the first sample block showed up in December, with initial testing taking place in January 2006. Early testing showed an improvement of 15-20 hp over the previous design, a fairly substantial gain; and that was before optimization by the racing teams.

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Mopar taxis, 1935-2003 The reliable 3.5 V6 1997 Plymouth Pronto