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Valve Adjustment on the Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge Slant Six

[Later slant six engines do not require valve adjustment.]

The easiest way I know of to adjust valves on a slant six goes like this.

Mark the harmonic balancer in two more places around the edge so the marks and the timing mark divide it in thirds.

Start the engine and let it get good and warm.

Take off the valve cover and turn the engine until the timing mark is lined up and the front two rocker arms are a little loose. That is top dead center for no. 1

The valve right across from the exhaust runner is the exhaust valve. The valve right across from the intake runner is the intake valve.

Specifications for valve adjustment are .010 for intake and .020 for exhaust but with unleaded gasoline, I prefer to set my valves a little loose to help keep the valves from burning [this is only needed for early slant sixes without hardened seats].

Adjust the rocker arm screw so there is .022 play between the exhaust valve tip and the rocker arm. Next adjust the intake to .012.

Turn the engine in the normal direction of rotation until the first of your new marks lines up with the timing tab and adjust the next cylinder in the firing order. Firing order of a slant six is 1-5-3-6-2-4.

After you adjust each pair of valves, turn the engine to the next set of marks and adjust the next in the firing order. You will make two complete rotations of the motor to adjust all the valves.

Make sure the valve cover and head are clean and install the cover with a new gasket.

There are some short cuts that can be taken to do this but if it is your the first time what I wrote above is a relatively easy way to get it done.

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