707-hp, 204-mph Charger Hellcat (updated)

It’s official: the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat has a 707 horsepower Hemi engine, eight-speed automatic, and Dodge Performance Pages to measure just how fast it goes (straight and around turns).  It has somewhat different front styling from the standard Chargers, to fit the massive supercharged 6.2 liter V8, and to use the cooling and aerodynamics work from the Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Tim Kuniskis, head of the Dodge brand, said, “This is a car that has no business case… that no customer has asked us to build… but sometimes you need to disregard the data…. to built a car that defines itself.”

He called it the quickest, fastest, most powerful four-door sedan in the world, with a 204 mph top speed, and an NHRA-certified 11.0 second quarter mile time with street tires, “bone stock.” Mr. Kuniskis called it “redefined practicality.”

The 0-60 time is 3.7 seconds.

The Challenger Hellcat boasts a 199 mph top speed and 11.2 second quarter miles with street tires. The main difference, according to SRT’s Russ Ruedisueli, is aerodynamics. Thus, despite being larger than the Challenger, the Charger actually faster.

Mark Trostle said the face had to have presence, and to be “as outrageous” as the 707 horsepower in the car. There are SRT badges hidden in the fascia, and a larger lower area for airflow; there was a lot of work in the wind tunnel to provide for the top speed of 204 mph without sacrificing cornering by losing downforce.

The lower splitter shapes have been integrated into the fascia, and there are lower air feeds. The hood both helps control downforce and increase cooling with both intake and exhaust vents.

Mr. Trostle said, “Something we’re really proud of is the Hellcat badge” on the fender, which will make its way to the Challenger;  he pointed to the Plymouth Road Runner as inspiration for this. There is also a new seemless-glow racetrack tail-lamp.


Inside, buyers have a choice of black or sepia colored Nappa leather, with optional red belts (as on Challenger). The Hellcat has its own gauge cluster graphics.

The fuel lines had to be increased to half inch diameters, according to SRT’s Russ Ruedisueli. There are two charge air coolers, one on each side of the engine, with their own coolant systems. One design goal was running a 20 minute track cycle on a day with 100°F temperatures without problems.

As with the standard Charger, there is no manual transmission; and as with Challenger Hellcat, it is rear wheel drive only, not AWD.


Production is not to be limited, despite past rumors (not posted by Allpar). The company expects to sell more than the 1,200 “limit” in the rumors. The goal is to get as many people talking about Dodge as possible, according to Mr. Kuniskis, so limiting production would be self-defeating.

Most of the Challenger Hellcat’s features are shared, including the oversized brakes, heavy-duty suspension, wheels, tires, and dual key fobs (500 and 707 horsepower). Pricing has not been released (it should be out “in a few months,” with sale scheduled for the first quarter of 2015; the Challenger starts at around $60,000, in line with competitive cars from GM and Ford. Ordering for Challenger Hellcat has not yet begun.)

For more photography (new photos added 1:11 pm, EST) and information, see our main 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat page.

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FCA inventory under control


FCA has gotten inventory levels under control in the US, according to Automotive News.  The company has 73 days of stock, versus GM’s 79 days and Ford’s 80 days. It’s above any major import’s inventory, but the wide range of pickups tends to swell American lots.

As the car market drops, dealers have 19,900 Chrysler 200s and 16,500 Darts on their lots;

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Rendering the Grand Cherokee

DarkSky envisioned a somewhat Range Rover-influenced 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, keeping roughly the same body shape but altering the front. This design makes the front end both more conventional and more aggressive, while separating it from the Cherokee and Compass alike.

This goes along, somewhat, with the photos recently seen on a Jeep display, assumed by many to be a Wagoneer. Once the size is corrected for,

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Where are Wranglers sold?

2015 Jeep Wrangler Altitude

The Jeep Wrangler is an American staple, but it’s sold around the world. Recently, as part of a recall, FCA revealed the sales distribution of the 2016-17 Wrangler.

The great bulk of vehicles — 182,743 — were sold or distributed to the United States. Around 10% of those, 18,011, were in Canada. Accounting for around 20% of the Canadian number were 3,087 in Mexico. Finally, 20,948 were sold outside North America — a bit over 10%.

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Which Rams and Jeeps will we see?

The last few days have brought numerous photos to the fore; but which will we see?

The big truck-based Wagoneer, so far as it’s based on the photos above, seems least likely, at least in that form. Looking at it after the two images were set to the same scale, you can see that the “new Jeep” is likely closely based on the Grand Cherokee, which is in line with past company statements.

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The Renegade-influenced Wrangler

Reddit member “arcsreddit” recently shared this photo of a Renegade-fronted Jeep Wrangler was photographed, in part-size clay-model form (which looks incredibly real).  While it’s hard to criticize on its appearance, it could send the wrong message — that the Wrangler has been “Renegaded” and lost capability.

Sources have told us that the next Wrangler will be as capable as the current one, if not more so;

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FCA inventory under control

Rendering the Grand Cherokee
2015 Jeep Wrangler Altitude
Where are Wranglers sold?

Which Rams and Jeeps will we see?

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