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What do you think of the “Chief” blue?

Jeep is set to launch a new color, “Chief,” according to James Mooney — who backed up his assertion with an image from the Jeep brochure available on-line.

2017 Jeep Wrangler in Chief Blue

The color hasn’t hit the Build & Price system yet. It seems to hearken back to the popular bright blues of the 1990s, but without the metallic glitter; similar colors were also available in the 1970s, and we have seen a 1920s Chrysler in a slightly more aquamarine, but still factory, tint.

Erik Latranyi said there would be a Chief Blue Wrangler with a white stripe and white hard top, not shown above.

What are your thoughts? Is it time for lighter, more vibrant blues to return to the mainstream?

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FCA inventory under control

FCA has gotten inventory levels under control in the US, according to Automotive News.  The company has 73 days of stock, versus GM’s 79 days and Ford’s 80 days. It’s above any major import’s inventory, but the wide range of pickups tends to swell American lots.


As the car market drops, dealers have 19,900 Chrysler 200s and 16,500 Darts on their lots; but these will have to last them a good long time, as no replacements seem to be in the works. The outlook for the large cars is better, with 40 days of the 300, 44 of the Charger, and 90 of the Challenger.

Town & Country has just about sold out, with 1,600 sitting around; there are 62 days worth of Pacificas at current sales rates, and 45 days of Caravans. The company also has 55 days worth of Journeys.

At Ram, the main stock — pickups — is mildly healthy with an 81 day supply, similar to Ford (which will suspend F-series production) and better than GM’s 91 days of Silverados. The ProMaster City has 141 days of supply but that’s less than 5,000 vans; the big ProMaster has 53 days’ supply (around 7,000).

fleet of hellcats

Over at Jeep, the only oversupply is with the Renegade, a hot seller in Europe but not so much here, with 114 days supply and slow sales. The Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are starting to stack up (78 days each) while Wrangler and Compass are healthy, in the 50s; there aren’t so many Compasses and Patriots as to present a problem when the new Compass shows up, and Renegade sales may pick up when the Patriot leaves.

Fiat inventories are still quite high, with 97 days worth, largely because sales of the 500L are practically invisible, the 500X is not much better, and the 500 slumped.

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Rendering the Grand Cherokee

DarkSky envisioned a somewhat Range Rover-influenced 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, keeping roughly the same body shape but altering the front. This design makes the front end both more conventional and more aggressive, while separating it from the Cherokee and Compass alike.

2018 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

This goes along, somewhat, with the photos recently seen on a Jeep display, assumed by many to be a Wagoneer. Once the size is corrected for, as suzq044 did, it’s remarkably similar in front end placement.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The photo above is an exploration of the design from the Jeep display, going for a fairly conventional look; It keeps the shorter grille and some of the Land Rover influence.

JGC or Wagoneer

The image above was created along the lines of a Grand Cherokee-based Wagoneer, particularly in the body itself. It too replaces the obvious LED headlights with traditional ones. The grille shape in both drops the mid-grille bend, which we suspect will soon be universal Jeep styling cue to differentiate the brand from Mahindra, Land Rover, and any possible Hummer resurrection.

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Where are Wranglers sold?

The Jeep Wrangler is an American staple, but it’s sold around the world. Recently, as part of a recall, FCA revealed the sales distribution of the 2016-17 Wrangler.

2015 Jeep Wrangler Altitude

The great bulk of vehicles — 182,743 — were sold or distributed to the United States. Around 10% of those, 18,011, were in Canada. Accounting for around 20% of the Canadian number were 3,087 in Mexico. Finally, 20,948 were sold outside North America — a bit over 10%.

FCA is planning to boost Wrangler sales soon, with a larger plant; part of that may be greater worldwide sales, aided by a more fuel-efficient powertrain. Part may be building more variants, such as a pickup.

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Which Rams and Jeeps will we see?

The last few days have brought numerous photos to the fore; but which will we see?

The big truck-based Wagoneer, so far as it’s based on the photos above, seems least likely, at least in that form. Looking at it after the two images were set to the same scale, you can see that the “new Jeep” is likely closely based on the Grand Cherokee, which is in line with past company statements.

Insiders have said that the Ram 1500 shown above is probably roughly what we will see in 2019, when production starts. The tailgate styling looks like a welcome change; while reactions to the grille have been positive, it will be interesting to see in person. It’s likely that there will be different front end treatments as people get LED or conventional headlights, Rebel, Limited, and Tradesman models, etc.

There really isn’t much they can do with the Wrangler’s basic appearance without alienating the Jeep world, but you can see in this image several traits Allpar insiders mentioned last year, including the “bent at the top” grille (used in the Cherokee too).  Sidelights have been in the fenders before, and the windshield tilt is fairly small; the current Wrangler already has an LED headlight option.

Chrysler SUV

The Chrysler SUV was seriously considered, we believe, but looking at the styling (echoed in the above rendering), it seems unlikely.  Chrysler has changed its design language, which shows that the images of a truck-based Chrysler are likely from a dated pitch. Yes, we could see it, but don’t put serious money down on the idea.

What’s coming next? We have to wonder. We just know this isn’t coming:

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The Renegade-influenced Wrangler

Reddit member “arcsreddit” recently shared this photo of a Renegade-fronted Jeep Wrangler was photographed, in part-size clay-model form (which looks incredibly real).  While it’s hard to criticize on its appearance, it could send the wrong message — that the Wrangler has been “Renegaded” and lost capability.

2018 Jeep Wrangler clay model

Sources have told us that the next Wrangler will be as capable as the current one, if not more so; and that this look was not approved, most likely because leaders realized how much blowback they’d get from loyal Jeepers.

Thanks to Texmarshfellow for the tip and arcsreddit for permission to use the image.

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Could we see a Chrysler SUV?

With the Warren plant soon to be emptied of mainstream Ram production, FCA will be able to create derivatives of the popular pickups without fear of disrupting production. The question is, will they do it? If so, what will we see?

Chrysler SUV

There has already been some speculation about whether the Jeep Grand Wagoneer would be based on the Grand Cherokee, as statements from Mike Manley would lead us to believe, or whether it would be Ram-based (the “just plain” Wagoneer would still come from the Grand Cherokee).

The original 1960s Jeep Wagoneer was co-developed and shared a great deal with the Gladiator pickup; both lasted into the 1980s, the Jeep Gladiator renamed to “J-series.” What’s more, Chrysler was clearly looking into the possibility when it developed the Jeep Rescue concept — which rode on a Ram chassis.

For now, all we have is speculation, especially since suzq044 rescaled the recently discovered image of the “new Jeep.” We now believe that the “new Jeep” may have been a design study for the current Grand Cherokee Trailhawk or SRT8, or could be a study for the next generation Grand Cherokee.

Pairing Chrysler and Jeep might make sense. Ram is going for a “work truck” image, which the SUV probably would not fit; and a Dodge Ramcharger, though historically accurate, would not fit well with the current Dodge image. Perhaps there really is a truck-based Jeep and Chrysler a few years in the future?

(…or perhaps not. There are many design studies that never progress past drawings or renderings. But it’s an intriguing possibility, especially as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Lincoln, and Ford all  have big, traditional SUVs.)

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Spy shot: is this the 2019 Ram?

2019 Ram 1500 DT spy shot
Spy photographer Glenn Paulina wrote:

We may have just gotten a look at the face of the 2019 Ram 1500 pickup, thanks to new camera phone images snapped at a dealer meeting.

The Ram images were on a print-out posted on the wall, entitled “Ram Brand Lit Signatures.”  … it seems logical to assume that this Ram presentation also shows a truck that currently resides in the future product pipeline.

2019 Ram grille

Judging from Ram truck in these images, the crosshair grille is still alive and well [as Allpar has reported].  The overall grille shape … looks more streamlined than the face of today’s Ram trucks—perhaps in a nod to the realities of aerodynamic efficiency.  There are still elements of the Ram’s Big Rig hood design, providing a properly brawny pickup truck aesthetic.  The headlights look narrower.  We see a more modern LED “Lit Signature” on the headlamp, with bright lighting elements on the top and bottom of the headlight assembly.

2019 Ram tailgate

On the rear, we see more chiseled surface development for a more detailed tailgate design.  The tailgate has some similarities to the direction taken by Ford on the current F-150.  The tail-lights, and its LED signature outlines the outer edge of the tail-light, with an unlit cut-out in the light signature—likely containing the backup lights and turn indicators.

Notes from the dealer meeting reportedly point to a return of the console shifter on some trim models (consumer clinics have reportedly revealed complaints about the rotary dial shift selector. )