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NASCAR engine changes detailed

In a post at the Petty Racing site, “SpacemanSpiff” described why Petty Racing is not using the new Mopar NASCAR engine, as Penske is.

Several factors are involved. First, it appears that development was curtained by GEM for a time due to doubts about Dodge’s continued NASCAR involvement and Gillette’s commitment to Dodge.

The new engine, R6P8, is the sixth generation R-block and eighth generation polyspherical head; it is very different from the previous generation, and requires a major redesign to the car. The engine is also 100 pounds lighter, so the weight distribution in the cars needs to change, requiring more development time and making it inappropriate, again, to attempt to put the new engines into cars designed for the existing ones.

NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow, according to this source, is less forgiving regarding handling and weight distribution, and there is a ban on testing at NASCAR tracks, which makes the situation more difficult. Penske did run the engine last year in some races, but apparently does not share their information with other Dodge teams.

The R5 was a left-bank-leading engine, while the R6 is a right-bank-leading engine, due to NASCAR’s many specifications; the distributor moved to the front of the engine, and many parts were designed for an integral cable-driven fuel pump drive (electric pumps not being allowed). The R5 was retrofitted to allow this, but the R6 was designed for it. The R6 also has a shorter block, despite slightly wider bore spacing, and has a narrower head casting; some external oil lines were replaced by internal passages. There is now more coolant flow through the engine, and it can be directed by engine builders as needed via orifices (as can oil flow; there is room for oil restrictors as well). This engine therefore has more consistent horsepower for longer periods.

(Thanks to “Hemi Magnum” and “Mopar Bob.”)

Hellcat vs ZL1, GT500

Motor Trend recently dyno-tested a Challenger SRT Hellcat and Camaro ZL1. They found that the Challenger peaked at 635 horsepower and 591 lb-ft at the rear wheels, far more than the Camaro’s 472 hp and 482 lb-ft of toque....

Chrysler 300 one of the “Most Comfortable Cars”


The 2014 Chrysler 300 equipped with the Pentastar V6 has been named one of’s “10 Most Comfortable Cars under $30,000.” “For many car shoppers, comfort is among the top factors in their choice of a new vehicle, especially with so many Americans spending countless hours commuting,” said Jack R....

Supercharged Viper? (Updated)


With the supercharged 6.2 Hemi delivering 707 horsepower to the Dodge Charger and Challenger, the Viper boys are reportedly looking for ways to get back on top. While the Viper may be superior on a tight racing course, the straight-line performance of Charger and Challenger, in five-seaters with all the amenities, large trunks, and automatic or manual transmissions, is a challenge for Team Viper — as is the current series of Corvettes....

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Hellcat vs ZL1, GT500
Chrysler 300 one of the “Most Comfortable Cars”

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