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Chrysler fleet sales rose in January

Fleet sales accounted for nearly 30 percent of Chrysler Group’s January sales, That’s up from 24.4 percent in January 2011. Fleet volume was up 75.4 percent to about 30,000 vehicles while retail volume rose 34.2 percent to 71,100 units.

Among the top seven automakers, fleet sales accounted for 22.2 percent of total sales. That was an increase from 19.3 percent a year ago.

GM retail sales dropped 15.4 percent in January, leaving it with the highest percentage of fleet sales, but only about a half-point of share separated the Detroit 3 automakers.

Toyota had the highest volume, but Nissan had the highest percentage of fleet sales among the major foreign brands.

Hyundai-Kia was the only one of the seven reporting a decline in fleet sales.

Manufacturer 2012 Volume 2012 Share 2011 Volume 2011 Share Change
General Motors 117,700 70.1% 139,100 77.8% -15.4%
Ford Motor 96,400 70.5% 89,300 70.1% 8.0%
Chrysler Group 71,100 70.3% 53,000 75.6% 34.2%
Toyota Motor 102,500 82.3% 101,200 87.3% 1.3%
American Honda (est.) 81,300 98.0% 74,700 98.0% 8.8%
Nissan N.A. 59,900 75.5% 55,000 76.6% 8.9%
Hyundai-Kia 70,900 90.7% 56,500 86.9% 25.5%
Top 7 Companies 599,800 77.8% 568,800 80.7% 5.5%

Manufacturer 2012 Volume 2012 Share 2011 Volume 2011 Share Change
General Motors 50,200 29.9% 39,800 22.2% 26.1%
Ford Motor 40,300 29.5% 38,000 29.9% 6.1%
Chrysler Group 30,000 29.7% 17,100 24.4% 75.4%
Toyota Motor 22,000 17.7% 14,700 12.7% 49.7%
American Honda (est.) 1,700 2.0% 1,500 2.0% 13.3%
Nissan N.A. 19,400 24.5% 16,800 23.4% 15.5%
Hyundai-Kia 7,300 9.3% 8,500 13.1% -14.1%
Top 7 Companies 170,900 22.2% 136,400 19.3% 25.3%

Source: Automotive News Data Center

Fiat-Chrysler profits plunge in second quarter


Fiat S.p.A. announced its second-quarter results from Turin this morning for what could be the last time, if shareholders approve the Fiat-Chrysler merger on Friday. Worldwide shipments rose 2%, to 1.2 million, in the second quarter as revenues rose 5% to $31.2 billion NAFTA region shipments grew 10% while Asia Pacific (APAC) region jumped 42%....

Italian action could help Fiat-Chrysler


According to a report in Italian financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, the government is considering offering tax incentives to boost car sales in the country. “We are thinking of using fiscal levers to encourage a renewal of our car stocks,” Transport Minister Mauritzio Lupi said today. “We are evaluating this project because that is what it means to have an industrial policy for this country.” “We have the oldest fleet in Europe,” Lupi went on to say....

Charger squads: still 5-speeds?


Allpar’s sources tell us that, despite the clear acceleration and fuel-economy benefits of the eight-speed automatic, the police are demanding that Dodge stick with the old Mercedes five-speed on Charger squad cars. In 2014, both police and civilian Chargers had the five-speed, though civilians got the eight-speed with the V6 — and in 2015, the eight-speed will be the only transmission in any civilian Dodge Charger, including the SRT....

Ford’s towing claims: brag or bluff?


In today’s print edition of Automotive News, Larry Vellequette wrote about one more facet of the ongoing battle for bragging rights among pickup manufacturers. This time, Ram is engaged in a tussle with Ford over top towing rights. Ford claims the championship over the Ram 3500, saying its 4X4 crew cab heavy-duty pickup can tow 31,200 pounds, 1,200 more than the Ram 3500 regular cab 4X2, which Chrysler maintains has “best-in-class” towing....

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Fiat-Chrysler profits plunge in second quarter
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