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Dodge Dart automatic gas mileage

Dodge Dart gas mileage with the automatic transmissions has been released to Canadian dealers. Gas mileage in Canada is calculated differently, with imperial gallons and a different testing method, but we can make rough estimates of US miles per gallon from Canadian figures. (This method assumes differences in testing methods will scale in a linear fashion).  These estimates (in pink, below) are based on the proportions of known US mileage figures to known Canadian mileage figures.

Overall, the computed numbers tell us what we can see from the official Canadian figures: that the dual clutch automatic has similar city mileage, but loses ground on the highway; and that the conventional automatic used with the 2.0 engine loses ground on both city and highway, as one would expect. Given the large size of the Dart’s interior, these figures seem reasonable, though not top of class. (Thanks, oh2o, for the gas mileage.)

CA City
CA Highway
US City
Est. US
1.4 Manual 7.4 4.9 38 58 27 39
1.4 Dual Clutch Automatic 7.4 5.3 38 53 27 36
2.0 Manual 8.1 5.4 35 52 25 36
2.0 Automatic 8.7 5.8 32 49 23 33

New fours coming

Recently, Ralph Gilles commented that a new family of four-cylinder engines was coming to Chrysler in around eighteen months— just in time…

Chrysler plant cut energy use, got $1mm

Belvidere Assembly

Nicor Gas gave Chrysler’s Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois a rebate check for $1.3 million, the result of savings from three projects…

Dodge and Mötley Crüe kick off “Chance to be Bad”


Dodge is kicking off the “Dodge Chance to Be Bad Giveaway” to tie in with its sponsorship of rock band Mötley Crüe’s…

V6: direct injection, turbos?

According to Allpar sources, Chrysler has resumed work on its original plans for the Pentastar V6 engine series: direct injection and forced…

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New fours coming
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