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SRT: Core, Header Orange, more

The Super Bee experiment (cutting some frills but leaving the performance intact) has apparently worked; all three large SRT cars will be getting a lower-priced variant for 2014. The Challenger SRT 392 will be accompanied by the SRT Core, slashing $5,000 from the price; Charger SRT will have SRT Premium and SRT Super Bee, the latter at $3,000 less; and buyers can special-order a Chrysler 300C SRT Core, saving $4,000 off the SRT Premium. Dealers have been warned not to buy an SRT Core 300C for their lots — it’s custom order only.

(All SRT prices quoted here include gas guzzler tax of up to $1,000, but not destination, which is $995.)

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee

The SRT Challenger comes with a manual transmission standard; an automatic transmission is a $1,200 option. The other SRT cars, except Viper, all have automatics. The two Dodges have similar pricing for the standard SRT models ($45,159 for Challenger, $46,895 for Charger), while the Chrysler is a bit higher ($49,495). The next leap upwards is to the Grand Cherokee at $64,195.

Challenger SRT Core strips out the HID headlamps, leather upholstery, adaptive damping suspension, stripes, and forged wheels to slash the price; it remains a strong muscle-car value, and Dodge/SRT expect about half of sales to be this version. Charger Super Bee gives up the HID headlamps, leather, adaptive damping, forged wheels, and vented hood. Seats remain SRT style, but in cloth. For both, the first cars will be painted Header Orange, with more colors coming later.  The seats are covered with cloth, but are still the SRT style with extra support.

For 2014, Charger SRT Premium will have an optional Laguna leather interior in sepia, the same leather used in Viper. Super Bees can be purchased with optional 8.4” stereos and paddle-shift steering wheels.

300C SRT Core eliminates the fog lamps, HID headlamps, heated/cooled leather seats, adaptive damping, and forged wheels; instead it comes with the SRT cloth seats and dark grey/black interior trim. The 8.4” stereo is standard as are 20” cast aluminum wheels. It, too, has the Laguna leather option… on the premium model only.

For 2014,  the Black Vapor Chrome package includes the trim around the side windows; black tail lamps are standard.

Grand Cherokee SRT8 was announced separately; and there is no word on changes to Viper, if any.

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