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We were the first 200,000 mile club on the Web, and we remain the largest. The average car on this list has 260,000 miles; and the most popular years are the 1990s. 1994 is the most popular year.

Featured high mileage cars and trucks

The latest cars and trucks with over 200,000 miles (current total: 4765)

(In order of modification, not entry).

1998 Plymouth Plymouth Breeze (Original 4 Cylinder, 2.0 engine; Automatic Transmission.)

Owner: Jonathan Long • Mileage: 206,600 Miles • Added: 2014-01-08 • Modified: 2014-11-21

Major Repairs: When purchased from the GSA Auction in 2001 with around 55,000 miles, it was found to have a blown head gasket. The government repaired it, and I put in a new TIMING BELT at the same time. Front Brakes and Rotors Replaced a few years later; Original BATTERY replaced in 2008!! FUEL PUMP failed about two or so years ago(near home after driving all the way back from Reno and parking); Replaced the TIMING BELT for Preventive Medicine again; RIGHT-REAR BALL JOINT broke with a full load in the car while on the highway less than a year ago (it had been loose and out of alignment for years, trying to warn me), I was able to limp along the shoulder with the tire rubbing the spring, to the next exit and found a garage (at that time they also lubed the Chassis, I had been told many times that it had been "sealed for life", but how long is "life"?? At 206,600 miles the ALTERNATOR was replaced. Most of these repairs, done professionally cost under $500. The car is still running well!!! (Knock on wood it will keep going for quite a while??)

Comments: In addition to the above "MAJOR REPAIRS", the OIL and FILTER were regularly changed at 3,000 to 5,000 mile intervals; AIR FILTER changed when needed; SPARK PLUGS and WIRES replaced; TIRES replaced when worn; COOLANT and TRANSMISSION Fluid changed Periodically; SERPENTINE BELT and RADIATOR HOSES replaced (rubber parts deteriorate over time). More or less I try to follow the recommendations found in the OWNER’S MANUAL. I also try to keep the RPM’s under 3,000, although I do "rev" it up now and then to blow out excess carbon.
This has been my very reliable DAILY DRIVER for the last 12-1/2 years and over 145,000 miles!! This has involved a few THOUSAND trips to the local Post Office; a few HUNDRED round-trips between San Francisco and Sacramento; Several trips up to the Sierra Mountains, and countless local trips.. Many of these have been HIGHWAY MILES, also there have been many Short trips as well. Sacramento is a very dry climate (especially so lately, can you say "drought")?? So far that I know, salt is not used on the roads in this part of the country, and the car rarely sits near the salt-air seaside. It is still virtually RUST FREE with its original paint and still looks great!!! The paint is starting to fade on the front bumper, as it lives in a carport facing south. Headlights have fogged over somewhat, although I have buffed some of that out. Original Cloth interior is still in great shape having only a couple of small tears, this despite hauling numerous loads to and from auctions. It has some scratches and dings, the battle-scars from years of California driving, and loading and unloading goods. I wax it roughly once a year. Over the years I have used this car more like a truck, and except for only a handfull of times, I have always been able to fit everything in!!!! It remains quite fun to drive and reliable (knock on wood!) and still looks nice. I (hope) we still have a lot of good miles left together!!

1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Lariat SLT (5.2 automatic 4x2)

Owner: Sarah Hays • Mileage: 208,810 Miles • Added: 2014-11-15 • Modified: 2014-11-21

Major Repairs: replaced water pump 2009, radiator 2010, transmission 2010, alternator 2014

survived hit and run driver 2011, 2012

Comments: Love this truck. Need paint, windshield & radio to go another quarter-million miles.

2001 Dodge Ram 1500 (3.9 v6 5speed standard trans)

Owner: james atkisson • Mileage: 301,300 Miles • Added: 2014-11-19 • Modified: 2014-11-21

Major Repairs: new clutch at 280000

Comments: best truck ive ever had but please fix this dash

2000 Dodge Dakota QC SLT (3.9V6 auto 3.55 track lok )

Owner: Thomas Trowbridge • Mileage: 200,013 Miles • Added: 2014-11-19 • Modified: 2014-11-21

Major Repairs: Rear end replaced with 2003 disc brake rear end, rebuilt. Transmission rebuilt, timing set, cat converter.

Comments: Bought new 2/29/2000 at Huntington Beach Dodge

2000 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan (V6)

Owner: Jonathan Long • Mileage: 200,100 Miles • Added: 2014-11-21 • Modified: 2014-11-21

Major Repairs: Routine Periodic Maintenance.

Comments: My parents bought their van new in 2000 in New Hampshire and have used it as their dependable daily driver ever since. Along the way it was driven across country 27 times with the only known problem being the parking brake getting stuck (from dust and later rain which dried to form mud on the components, it was easily fixed). My father says this is the most dependable and reliable vehicle he has ever owned, never having achieved such a high mileage before!! They continue to use it as their only vehicle.

2005 Dodge Magnum RT (5.7l Hemi, 5 speed Autostick)

2005 - Magnum RT

Owner: Jim Weiskotten • Mileage: 330,000 Miles • Added: 2010-04-05 • Modified: 2014-11-13

Major Repairs: Added Quaife limited slip differential for performance (not a repair)

Comments: Ordered through Pete’s in Great Barrington MA. in September 04 (RIP dealership) Sister car to a Limerock pace car, Thank you my friend! Sidewinder cam installed in February 2010 (crosshatch still showing in the cylinder walls during install).

1993 Dodge Dakota LE Club Cab (3.9L V-6 Automatic 2WD)

Owner: MARK MOSS • Mileage: 218,500 Miles • Added: 2012-11-29 • Modified: 2014-11-13

Major Repairs: Water pump, alternator, radiator


2000 Chrysler 300M (3.5 V6 / 42LE)

2000 - 300M

Owner: James Mina • Mileage: 295,274 Miles • Added: 2009-01-26 • Modified: 2014-11-05

Major Repairs: Radiator replaced at about 180,000 miles, A/C evaporator replaced after five years. Just replaced the dreaded coolant pipe which runs alongside the driver’s side cylinder head.

Comments: This car is insanely reliable! It has never failed to start once, never missed a shift, never hesitated, never stalled - ever. Original starter, alternator, A/C compressor, power steering pump, drive axles, front hub bearings, radiator fans. Uses 1/2 qt of oil in 3000 miles. No rattles or squeaks. The first time the "Check Engine" light came on was at 204,000 miles due to an upstream O2 sensor heater failure. I cleared the code and the light stayed out, but I replaced the sensor anyway. The only thing that does not work is the driver’s seat heater, and that is because the replacement cushion is NLA. The car is cosmetically beautiful with very few nicks, no dents, no rust. We bought this car new in May, 2000 and have no plans to replace it in the foreseeable future. We also have a 1999 300M with only 134,000 miles. I didn’t hesitate to buy this car used because our original one is so good.

2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser (2.4L, N.A. 40TE transmission)

2004 - PT Cruiser

Owner: Doug Samuel • Mileage: 316,200 Miles • Added: 2010-12-10 • Modified: 2014-11-05

Major Repairs: Front wheel bearings. Lower Control Arm Bushings. new Half Shafts. New radiator and fan. New rear wheel bearings. New struts. Cylinder Head replaced at 280,000 miles and transmission at 292,000 miles. Alternator changed at 315,500 miles.

Comments: Made it to my goal of 300,000 miles. At 316,200 miles car continues to run great. Finally had to change the cylinder head at 280,000 miles and the transmission at 292,000 miles. Now, the cars continues on, running good. Oil consumption, 1 quart every 2000 miles.

1999 Chrysler LHS (3.5 liter V6 motor)

Owner: Known, not shownMileage: 360,000 Miles • Added: 2011-09-03 • Modified: 2014-10-28

Major Repairs: Radiator and transmission and that’s it. The rest is all original. Just replaced the front struts and spring on 10/27. The shop said they had never seen a car that looked this good with over 350,000 miles. Still going strong!!!!

Comments: I purchased this car at an auction where it had been donated by it’s original owner. Chrysler dealer maintained for everything from oil changes to wiper blades and still looks and runs like the day it was driven off of the showroom floor. This is one amazing car!

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 big horn (Hemi,auto)

Owner: Jacob Townsend • Mileage: 232,000 Miles • Added: 2014-10-16 • Modified: 2014-10-28

Major Repairs: None


2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport (3.3 v6. 4 spd auto)

Owner: Richard Clark • Mileage: 205,658 Miles • Added: 2014-10-17 • Modified: 2014-10-28

Major Repairs: None.

Comments: Love it, best car I've owned.

Chrysler’s own High Milers club

If you travel 100,000 miles inside a Chrysler vehicle, the company they may reward you with a 100,000 mile license plate frame and a letter of appreciation. The frame appears to be made of a heavy pewter; there are different ones for people with higher mileage, e.g. the 200,000 mile club and on up. See Chrysler’s own instructions!

100,000 mile club

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