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The Allpar 200,000 Mile Club: 4812 cars and trucks

We were the first 200,000 mile club on the Web, and we remain the largest. The average car on this list has 260,000 miles; and the most popular years are the 1990s. 1994 is the most popular year.

Featured high mileage cars and trucks

The latest cars and trucks with over 200,000 miles (current total: 4812)

(In order of modification, not entry).

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.7L HO V8, automatic transmission, dana axles)

2002 - Grand Cherokee

Owner: Known, not shownMileage: 381,745 Miles • Added: 2010-09-15 • Modified: 2015-07-23

Major Repairs: Front grill and lights replaced due to someone backing into me. Rear bumper replaced twice due to collision. Windshield replace due to flying rocks. Trip computer replaced.

Comments: Have used Mobile 1 and Z-max since day 1. Changed all fluids at 100K mark. Oil and filter changed every 5K.

Well it finally bit the dust. Dropped a valve at 381745. Cost to repair exceeded value. Sold for salvage 5/10/2015 Price $500. It served me well. But too much started going wrong. A/C died. Passenger door wires wore out, rear right side window died. Just could not make it past it’s 18th birthday.

2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager (3.3L V6, automatic)

Owner: Mark Bendorf • Mileage: 440,000 Miles • Added: 2013-05-13 • Modified: 2015-07-23

Major Repairs: Alternator, shocks/struts, fuel pump (precautionary), torque converter, shift solenoid pack, power steering pump, tie rods

Comments: This has been a good ol’ van. Can see several things have been replaced, but the lock-up on the torque converter was really the only major thing we had to replace at 396,000 miles. All the other stuff was easy comparitably.

Change engine oil every 3,000 miles, tranny oil/filter every 40,000 miles, fuel/air filters every 40,000 miles, spark plugs and wires every 100,000 miles. Still get 19-21 mpg with the ol’ girl and she still looks great! Daily driver for mom also as she really likes the van.

God sure has blessed us with this van and hope to see many more miles logged on her.

1999 Dodge Dodge Dakota Club Cab Sport 4x2 (3.9 V6 4 Speed Automatic/With Overdrive, and a 3.55 Limited Slip Rear Differential.)

1999 - Dodge Dakota Club Cab Sport 4x2

Owner: Brian Ratkovich • Mileage: 218,000 Miles • Added: 2015-07-17 • Modified: 2015-07-23

Major Repairs: Rebuilt the transmission at 172,500 miles, and rear differential bearings. 2 heater cores, 1 rack pinion steering, 2 water pumps.

Comments: This old iron horse can tow, pull, and haul it all. Going on 17 years old in October of 2015, I purchased this truck in 1998 as a 1999 model, and it was my first new vehicle, and I still have it to this day. This is my primary vehicle and only vehicle and means of doing everything. Fiat should consider making this truck again. I see a numerous amount of Dakotas and Rams with the 3.9, 5.2, and 5.9 engines still running strong on the road today. 200,000 up to 600,000 miles!!! I could not be more happier owning a well made vehicle. These trucks are built to last a long time!!!!

1998 Plymouth Plymouth Breeze (2.4L DOHC Automatic)

Owner: Nathan Bolis • Mileage: 235,000 Miles • Added: 2015-03-29 • Modified: 2015-07-13

Major Repairs: Repairs done since 2013
New Power Steering Hose
Replaced Master Cylinder
New Timing Belt/Water Pump

Comments: My Plymouth Breeze has definitely outlived many of its cloud car peers. The key to keeping it on the road has been routine maintenance and not pushing its limits. I enjoy driving it and keeping the Plymouth nameplate on the road.

1990 Dodge Omni (2.2 Chrysler K engine, 5 Spd Getrag with gated revers gear)

Owner: Robert Gruber • Mileage: 469,987 Miles • Added: 2015-05-13 • Modified: 2015-07-13

Major Repairs: Clutch, and replaced Radiator and radiator fan with light weight universal 3 core radiator as all parts stores stopped selling radiators for the Omni, Same with the Struts had to use 95 Neon RT struts.

Comments: all in all this little Dodge Omni is a beast of a car she's like Christine, still runs like she came off the build floor.

1995 Eagle Vision (3.3)

Owner: tammy snook • Mileage: 200,285 Miles • Added: 2015-06-11 • Modified: 2015-07-13

Major Repairs: none

Comments: regular check-ups,some suspension work,couple minor accidents,bearings for front tires,couple minor accidents.he runs good,great winter car.

1994 Dodge Dodge ram 2500 4x4 (360 5speed 4x4)

Owner: william joslin • Mileage: 270,720 Miles • Added: 2015-06-17 • Modified: 2015-07-13

Major Repairs: new trans in 2008.


2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport (3.3 V6 automatic transmission)

2001 - Grand Caravan Sport

Owner: Brian Robinson • Mileage: 482,907 Miles • Added: 2015-06-25 • Modified: 2015-07-13

Major Repairs: valve and head gaskets, rear main seal, cv axles, a/c compressor

Comments: I am the third owner of this reliable ride, she spent her first 460,000 miles under the care of her first owner, 5,000 miles with the guy who made all the repairs, and has just been good reliable transportation for me for these almost 18,000 miles

1987 Dodge Dakota (3.9, auto, 4x4)

Owner: John Bianco • Mileage: 343,000 Miles • Added: 2013-02-19 • Modified: 2015-06-10

Major Repairs: Torque Converter @ 145,000 miles
Rebuilt carb at 245,000 miles

Comments: Owned since new.

1999 Jeep Cherokee (4.0 AW4 NP242 8.25)

Owner: Andrew Knotek • Mileage: 203,000 Miles • Added: 2015-05-21 • Modified: 2015-06-01

Major Repairs: None!

Comments: Sure I'd like a newer vehicle one day. This just keeps running.

1997 Dodge Dakota (5.2 Automatic)

1997 - Dakota

Owner: Ken Allgood • Mileage: 200,020 Miles • Added: 2015-05-26 • Modified: 2015-06-01

Major Repairs: Replaced Transmission around 186,000 miles.

Comments: mods include cold air, f&b 50mm throttle body, m-1 instake, Positive Performance headers, Gibson dual side swept catback, Carsound Cat, 1.7 Crower rockers, hypertech PCM

2001 Dodge Grand Caravan (3.3L)

Owner: Rob Walczak • Mileage: 224,962 Miles • Added: 2014-10-10 • Modified: 2015-05-18

Major Repairs: Rebuilt transmission 109,000 miles.


Chrysler’s own High Milers club

If you travel 100,000 miles inside a Chrysler vehicle, the company they may reward you with a 100,000 mile license plate frame and a letter of appreciation. The frame appears to be made of a heavy pewter; there are different ones for people with higher mileage, e.g. the 200,000 mile club and on up. See Chrysler’s own instructions!

100,000 mile club

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