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The Allpar 200,000 Mile Club: 4795 cars and trucks

We were the first 200,000 mile club on the Web, and we remain the largest. The average car on this list has 260,000 miles; and the most popular years are the 1990s. 1994 is the most popular year.

Featured high mileage cars and trucks

The latest cars and trucks with over 200,000 miles (current total: 4795)

(In order of modification, not entry).

2008 Dodge D-1500 2 wheel positive traction (3.7 v-6 automatic transmission)

Owner: John Countryman • Mileage: 287,564 Miles • Added: 2014-12-27 • Modified: 2015-04-05

Major Repairs: fuel pump 210000 miles
wheel bearing 280000

Comments: Very reliable, still drive everyday 150 to 200 miles. 100000 mile between brake jobs

1998 Plymouth Plymouth Breeze (2.4L DOHC Automatic)

Owner: Nathan Bolis • Mileage: 231,000 Miles • Added: 2015-03-29 • Modified: 2015-04-05

Major Repairs: Repairs done since 2013
New Power Steering Hose
Replaced Master Cylinder
New Timing Belt/Water Pump

Comments: My Plymouth Breeze has definitely outlived many of its cloud car peers. The key to keeping it on the road has been routine maintenance and not pushing its limits. I enjoy driving it and keeping the Plymouth nameplate on the road.

2000 Chrysler 300M (3.5 V6 / 42LE)

2000 - 300M

Owner: James Mina • Mileage: 300,017 Miles • Added: 2009-01-26 • Modified: 2015-03-27

Major Repairs: Radiator replaced at about 180,000 miles, A/C evaporator replaced after five years. Just replaced the dreaded coolant pipe which runs alongside the driver’s side cylinder head. Had a rodent chew the engine wiring in June 2014 but that’s not the fault of the car.

Comments: This car is insanely reliable! It has never failed to start once, never missed a shift, never hesitated, never stalled - ever. Original starter, alternator, A/C compressor, power steering pump, drive axles, front hub bearings, radiator fans. Uses 1/2 qt of oil in 3000 miles. No rattles or squeaks. The first time the "Check Engine" light came on was at 204,000 miles due to an upstream O2 sensor heater failure. I cleared the code and the light stayed out, but I replaced the sensor anyway. The only thing that does not work is the driver’s seat heater, and that is because the replacement cushion is NLA. The car is cosmetically beautiful with very few nicks, no dents, no rust. We bought this car new in May, 2000 and have no plans to replace it in the foreseeable future. We also have a 1999 300M with only 134,000 miles. I didn’t hesitate to buy this car used because our original one is so good.

2005 Dodge Magnum RT (5.7l Hemi, 5 speed Autostick)

2005 - Magnum RT

Owner: Jim Weiskotten • Mileage: 333,333 Miles • Added: 2010-04-05 • Modified: 2015-03-27

Major Repairs: Added Quaife limited slip differential for performance (not a repair)

Comments: Ordered through Pete’s in Great Barrington MA. in September 04 (RIP dealership) Sister car to a Limerock pace car, Thank you my friend! Sidewinder cam installed in February 2010 (crosshatch still showing in the cylinder walls during install).

2001 Dodge Neon (2.0l auto transmission)

Owner: Conan Shatzer • Mileage: 426,500 Miles • Added: 2015-02-26 • Modified: 2015-03-27

Major Repairs: No major repairs.

Comments: The first 250000 miles where mostly highway miles. Now I drive it mostly local to and from job sites. It's on it's third round for waterpump and alternator. And it still has second starter. On thing I can say for sure is it's due for an all new suspension.

1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Extended Cab (5.2L, Automatic, 2WD)

Owner: Torvald Knudson • Mileage: 235,552 Miles • Added: 2015-03-25 • Modified: 2015-03-27

Major Repairs: Complete transmission rebuild at 213K, differential replaced, new bearings and axles, A/C went out. Routine; timing chain/gears changed, plenum gasket as well at 213K, regular Valvoline 5/30 and oil filter changes, water pump. Changed radiator fan clutch, thermostat, coolant temp sensor when transmission was rebuilt. All maintainance work and NOT REPAIR work.

Comments: No oil leaks, no ticks, knocks, oil burning. Very SOLID running Truck.

2002 Dodge Stratus R/T Coupe (3.0L, V6, 5 Sp Manual Trans,)

2002 - Stratus R/T Coupe

Owner: Robert Mark Smith • Mileage: 294,253 Miles • Added: 2010-06-15 • Modified: 2015-03-25

Major Repairs: Cam Shaft Rear and Front Seals just replaced. All Gaskets replaced. New Spark Plugs & Wires at 281,000 mis. New Water Pump and Timing Belt changed along with Tensioners. Altenator replaced. Had to replace Back-up Light Switch at 217,312 miles. Right Front Axle and Front Motor Mount replaced that fixed a Vibration issue (248,980 miles). New Firestone Champion HR tires put on (249,602 miles). Replaced Catalytic Converters off each bank of Engine at 292,000 miles. New Front Calipers at 293,000 miles.

Comments: Exterior and interior looks like new. Titanium Grey Exterior and Grey/Black interior. Leather seats. Moonroof still works. i just hit 200,000 miles last Friday June 11th, 2010 between Monongalia and Marion county line on I-79 South. I took a picture of odometer when it changed to 200,000. Oil changes every 3,000 - 5,000 mis. Now have over 217,000 miles on car. Still running great! Have a small oil leak in Head Gasket. That is next major repair. I just hit 250,000 miles this morning October 31st, 2012. Still going strong. Now have 294,000 miles on March 25, 2015. Now have many Oil leaks. Had it in Country Club Chrysler this morning and they say there are some holes in Exhaust. Needs new exhaust. They say it is leaking oil badly. They wanted to sell me new 3.0L Engine.

2003 Dodge Dodge caravan (3.3 V6)

Owner: larry kaufer • Mileage: 400,624 Miles • Added: 2015-03-24 • Modified: 2015-03-25

Major Repairs: Transmission rebuilt new gaskets

Comments: This van has been very good to me I'm a traveling salesman and I'm on the road all the time its took me wherever I needed to go without a problem ever it's a great Van I've also noticed in this van it runs very cool cooler than other caravans which I think helped a lot over the years

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser (4 cylinder, 5 speed manual transmission)

Owner: Paul Blake • Mileage: 200,010 Miles • Added: 2015-03-13 • Modified: 2015-03-21

Major Repairs: Timing belt @ 120,000 miles.

Comments: Second owner, bought the car used in 2009, previous owner had done little maintenance other than oil changes. Slowly replaced typical wear out parts (shocks, brakes, etc.), and car has been a dependable and comfortable ride ever since. I'm 6'5" and this is one of the most comfortable cars I've ever had. Trips from NY to Seattle, multiple trips NY to Houston, NY to Florida, all easy, carefree trips. Great car, wish Chrysler had figured out a way to do a "PT2", perhaps on the Journey platform. Oh yeah, since the PT was supposed to be a Plymouth, I re-badged mine with Plymouth in script on the tailgate, and a round Plymouth badge on the front hood.

1992 Jeep Cherokee (4.0 ax15)

Owner: Jason Need • Mileage: 251,307 Miles • Added: 2015-03-13 • Modified: 2015-03-21

Major Repairs:


1996 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 (5.9 360, 4speed auto, 925 rearend, 3.55 front end)

1996 - Ram 1500 4x4

Owner: Nathaniel Sallee • Mileage: 203,250 Miles • Added: 2015-03-20 • Modified: 2015-03-21

Major Repairs: Front Hub bearing,
Track bar
Both front axle 4x4 U-joints
Rear driveshaft U-joint

Comments: All stock besides spectra Cold air intake,

1985 Dodge Ram 100 (225 4 speed manual)

Owner: chris crossley • Mileage: 316,700 Miles • Added: 2015-03-20 • Modified: 2015-03-21

Major Repairs: Rebuilt steering system, new water pump, alternator, starter, and normal maintenance parts

Comments: The best and most reliable truck i’ve owned. Its been my daily driver for almost 9 years.

Chrysler’s own High Milers club

If you travel 100,000 miles inside a Chrysler vehicle, the company they may reward you with a 100,000 mile license plate frame and a letter of appreciation. The frame appears to be made of a heavy pewter; there are different ones for people with higher mileage, e.g. the 200,000 mile club and on up. See Chrysler’s own instructions!

100,000 mile club

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