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The Allpar 200,000 Mile Club

We were the first 200,000 mile club on the Web, and we remain the largest. The average car on this list has 260,000 miles; and the most popular years are the 1990s. 1994 is the most popular year.

Featured high mileage cars and trucks

The latest cars and trucks with over 200,000 miles (current total: 4759)

(In order of modification, not entry).

1988 Plymouth Gran Fury (318 V8 w/ Auto Trans)

Owner: Tony Andropovich • Mileage: 274,884 Miles • Added: 2014-10-12 • Modified: 2014-10-16

Major Repairs: Tore the front end off the thing with my Ram back in 96, Fixed that in 02.
Painted it like 3 times depending on what is being used for.
Rebuilt the motor in 00 and trans in 01, New front seat in 07.
Basic stuff
New Bateries, plugs, gas tank, alternator, radio.

Comments: Bought this thing in 1994 when it was decommissioned as a police car from the department my Dad was at. Payed $1050 for it when I was 16 that was a lot of money but thing is till running. Only had 94,000 Miles on the thing. Anyway I drove it every day to school when I was a kid and until I was 19 when I started doing security on my own, that's when it went from Baby blue and white to Dark Navy Blue with security lettering, Had it like that till I got hired on with the PD and it sat in my barn for a while when it got repainted white with no lettering and I worked security on the side. stayed that way until I parked it in 1996 when I hit it with the truck. after that I slowly rebuilt the thing now with over 200,000 miles and beat to hell I put my heart into rebuilt it. by 2002 She was Black with white top and silver lettering. she was used sparingly as a backup fleet car with the security firm, she wasn't fully put back together when I put a new front interior and computer deck in it in 07 when she officaly retired as a security car. Now my son uses her as a DD even with a cage still in it. Fun to see her going down the road like that.


Owner: FERNANDO DURAN • Mileage: 170,877 Miles • Added: 2014-10-13 • Modified: 2014-10-16

Major Repairs: ??


1998 Dodge Dodge ram 1500 4wd sport (5.9Lv8 4speed automatic transmission 4wd )

Owner: Jeremy hoenig • Mileage: 242,389 Miles • Added: 2014-10-15 • Modified: 2014-10-16

Major Repairs: need the reverse gear replaced and the dash gauges fixed they dont work non of them do


2001 Jeep Jeep Cherokee Limited (Straight 6, 4L, 2W/4WD)

2001 - Jeep Cherokee Limited

Owner: Roland Kovacs • Mileage: 200,534 Miles • Added: 2014-10-16 • Modified: 2014-10-16

Major Repairs: Nothing major. New brakes front and rear, new muffler and starter.

Comments: I bought this car used back in 2008. It was in near mint condition.(California). Added trailer hitch, front and back and roof rack that I made. Not much I can’t push pull or carry. The fron hitch I installed for my snow plow. It’s not comfortable, terrible on gas but I wouldn’t trade it for anything other than the same thing.(so I can reuse my hitches and rack). It’s a fun ride.

1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic (4.0 Litre In Line 6, Aisin-Warner AW-4 4-speed automatic 2WD transmission, Dana 35 rear axle)

1996 - Cherokee Classic

Owner: Nick Rueter • Mileage: 250,000 Miles • Added: 2014-10-11 • Modified: 2014-10-11

Major Repairs: Simple maintenance & a few water pumps, thermostats, & alternators over the years.

Comments: I picked the old girl up two and a half years ago with 214,000 on the clock already. She was bone stock when I got her & I, of course, had plans of future modifications. As much as I wanted to lift it, the 2WD aspect made me see no point in doing so. So, I left it at stock height & made her fit my vision & personality just the way she was. After I graduated high school, I loaded up all of my stuff & hit the road for southern Illinois. I left Washington state with somewhere around 224K on her without any second thoughts. She was weighed down to the point of getting some serious tire rub if I’d bounce a little & she made the grueling eight state trip in just a little over two days without any problems ever. Not even once. I’ve maintained her with regular oil changes every 3,000 miles on the dot using standard mineral based oils & have only had a few minor hiccups over the years. The unavoidable water pump failure has gotten me a couple times (just put a new one in two days ago!) & she’s burned through two different alternators. Most people give me a hard time about it being two wheel drive, but I wouldn’t change her in a million years. Never once have I been in any instance of being worried of getting stuck. Plus, the 16 mpg in town doesn’t hurt too bad! After getting her, I have made a number of mods & have more to come. Over the years, she’s had a lot of looks & she’ll continue to grow & keep on clocking up the miles on this all original drivetrain! She’s just getting broken in with her quarter million miles!

1996 Dodge Grand Caravan LE (3.8L V6, Automatic)

Owner: Chris Soprych • Mileage: 200,004 Miles • Added: 2014-10-09 • Modified: 2014-10-10

Major Repairs: Crank Pulley
Water Pump
Fuel Pump
Belt Tensioner
Rear Brake Line


1997 Dodge Neon (2.0 DOHC, 5-speed - 3.94 final drive)

Owner: Steve Stephens • Mileage: 284,000 Miles • Added: 2014-03-30 • Modified: 2014-09-30

Major Repairs: After 248,000+ miles the original SOHC broke a piston so I ended up swapping in a DOHC with unknown but over 150,000 miles on it and swapped the original 3.55 5-speed for a 3.94 5-speed.

Comments: Car started life as a base model. I bought it with 68,000+ showing on the odometer which was suffering from the usual Neon electrical glitch so I have no idea if that is actual miles or not. Since purchase it has taken my wife and I on multiple trips from Oregon to Anaheim, CA; the UP of Michigan; and once to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.

1989 Dodge Caravan-LE-v-6 (Fwd)

Owner: Known, not shownMileage: 190,000 Miles • Added: 2011-07-28 • Modified: 2014-09-30

Major Repairs: Transmission cyl-heads

Comments: Lee Iacocca and crew turned Chrysler-dodge around with the mini-van. A first owner of one, I took early retirement at 55now 60 on may 19th, I understand why so many people loved them, having been mostly a ford owner and collector having 13 different classic vehicles at one time that did in fact include two dodge model's.

1974 Dodge D (Slant 6 225, 3 on the tree)

Owner: Known, not shownMileage: 556,894 Miles • Added: 2011-09-29 • Modified: 2014-09-30

Major Repairs: Overhauled Engine Once

Comments: Grandson is now the owner of Ol' Blue.

1996 Dodge Grand Caravan (3.3 L 4 speed automatic)

Owner: Peter Junker • Mileage: 401,000 Miles • Added: 2014-09-19 • Modified: 2014-09-30

Major Repairs: 2 transmission rebuilds


1992 Dodge Grand Caravan SE (front wheel drive)

Owner: tom givens • Mileage: 301,000 Miles • Added: 2013-09-13 • Modified: 2014-09-24

Major Repairs: front axles, steering rack, fuel pump, radiator, water pump

Comments: Good runner, interior good, finish coat peeling

1999 Dodge Dakota R/T (5.9 Magnum V8)

Owner: Andrew Turman • Mileage: 280,000 Miles • Added: 2013-09-18 • Modified: 2014-09-24

Major Repairs: Transmission 120,000 miles


Chrysler’s own High Milers club

If you travel 100,000 miles inside a Chrysler vehicle, the company they may reward you with a 100,000 mile license plate frame and a letter of appreciation. The frame appears to be made of a heavy pewter; there are different ones for people with higher mileage, e.g. the 200,000 mile club and on up. See Chrysler’s own instructions!

100,000 mile club

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