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The Allpar 200,000 Mile Club: 4888 cars and trucks

We were the first 200,000 mile club on the Web, and we remain the largest. The average car on this list has 260,000 miles; and the most popular years are the 1990s. 1994 is the most popular year.

Featured high mileage cars and trucks

The latest cars and trucks with over 200,000 miles (current total: 4888)

(In order of modification, not entry).

1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab SLT 4x4 (5.2l Magnum V8 , 44RE Transmission, )

Owner: Ethan Gilbert • Mileage: 228,084 Miles • Added: 2016-12-16 • Modified: 2016-12-17

Major Repairs: Recently trying to repair the infamous P0505 code, did the intake manifold gasket, new head gaskets, fixed slight cracks in heads, new TPS, new IAC, new PCM(solved it!) runs great! I run full synthetic oil in it, and change it every 5,000 miles with Mopar filter.

Comments: A very stout, but comfortable pick-up. I bought it 7 months ago, put 15,000 miles on it already. Moves quick, pulls anything I ask, commutes great, and probably one of the best four-wheel-drives I’ve had. I owned only full size Fords before, but this is as good as a full size. I was a die-hard Ford man, and this truck has helped changed that! Just keeps running! I love my Dakota!

1989 Chrysler Voyager (2.5 T1, A555)

Owner: Brendhan Wood • Mileage: 497,163 Miles • Added: 2010-11-09 • Modified: 2016-12-11

Major Repairs: Complete engine/transmission overhaul at 360,000 miles by the second owner (I'm the 3rd owner) Still original long block and tranny. The pistons were replaced as well as the turbo.

Comments: This vehicle is still on the road going strong!The second owner was excellent about keeping the maintenance done on this car. He only did the rebuild at 360,000 because he was getting nervous.

1995 Dodge Caravan SE (3.3L V6, 4-Speed Automatic)

1995 - Caravan SE

Owner: Known, not shownMileage: 282,156 Miles • Added: 2011-10-06 • Modified: 2016-12-11

Major Repairs: 3 Transmissions, including 1 rebuild at 53,000 miles, a re-manufactured unit at 89,000, and another re-manufactured unit at 142,000 miles. Amount spent: About $5000. All work was done at the local Dodge dealership. These transmissions failed in spite of my annual fluid changes (also at the local Dodge dealership). With the last transmission, I quit changing the fluid and have driven nearly 80,000 miles with no problems! Go figure. (By the time we junked the car, the last transmission put in it was still running strong with 9 years on it and 140,000 miles driven).

Other repairs have consisted of items most people would likely expect to go after so long: radiator, fuel pump (174,000 miles), starter (65,000 miles), etc. While none of these is a "big deal" in and of itself, the fact remains that the van was in the shop on average twice a year from 1998 thru 2009.

Comments: My wife and I purchased this van used in March 1998 with 45,000 miles on it. It has carried us to California, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, and Montana. If it weren’t for the transmissions, I’d give this van an unqualified recommendation.

Currently, we still use the van to deliver newspapers in the morning and as a cargo carrier. It had been my daily commuter until the price of gas forced me to use something a bit more efficient. Naturally, if gas goes down, I’ll start driving the Caravan daily to work again.

On November 25, 2016, after discovering that the heater core was failing (my son had problems clearing the windows and when I checked, the "fog" on the glass was antifreeze droplets), and knowing that the van needed a new alternator and tires, we retired it to the local pick-a-part junkyard for $150.

We had owned the van for 18 years, 8 months and had driven it nearly 240,000 miles (the van had a total of 282,156 when we pulled into the junkyard). I actually felt pretty bad about junking it, but the cost of repairs was more than I wanted to deal with.

We purchased a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country (with 155,941 miles) as a replacement.

1997 Dodge Intrepid (3.3 v6)

1997 - Intrepid

Owner: Charles Lovern • Mileage: 234,796 Miles • Added: 2016-12-07 • Modified: 2016-12-11

Major Repairs: only repair 33,000 miles ago was oil leak at timing cover changed timing chain at that time,,,other than that EVERTHING ORIGINAL...bought new Sept 1997...

Comments: Great car and even here in the Hills of middle Tn it still gets 26-28 mpg...

1987 Plymouth Duster (2.2 L 4 cyd 5 speed manual)

Owner: Known, not shownMileage: 460,000 Miles • Added: 2010-06-03 • Modified: 2016-12-09

Major Repairs: several clutches, all A/C parts multiple times, alternators and water pumps several, engine head @ 420,000 mi, carb at 400,000 mi, entire shift linkage 410,000 mi

Comments: other than above no replacement engine parts, oil consumption is 3000+ mi/qt, fuel economy is 30 to 33 mpg on a half city half highway cycle, has been and still is a daily driver since I bought it new in April of 1987. ($12 in unscheduled maintanence in the first 104,000 miles)

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (4WD)

Owner: Chenelle Ells • Mileage: 235,704 Miles • Added: 2016-11-20 • Modified: 2016-12-09

Major Repairs:


1997 Dodge Dakota (5.2 v8 magnum)

Owner: Jared Oakes • Mileage: 259,886 Miles • Added: 2016-10-10 • Modified: 2016-12-01

Major Repairs: power steering rack, 1 water pump, serpentine assembly

Comments: 1997 dodge dakota with the 5.2 v8 magnum. never had a engine tear down runs valvoline 10w-40 synthetic blend high milage. no transmission work needed yet. still meets factory power specs

1999 Dodge Ram Van 3500 (extended) (360 / 46RE / 9 1/4" /4000 lb. front axle )

Owner: Steve Dougherty • Mileage: 287,000 Miles • Added: 2016-10-14 • Modified: 2016-12-01

Major Repairs: Transmission rebuilt at 265K (as a preventive measure; it wasn't worn out), one cylinder head and all 16 valve springs at 200K (a valve spring for cyl. #7 broke), total front suspension rebuild at around 180K; fuel pump at 260K; rear axle rebuild at 235K (only the pinion bearing was bad, though). Many smaller repairs were made along the way, but nothing too scary.

Comments: This van is in my personal vehicular hall of fame. You wouldn't believe what I have asked of this venerable Dodge. A lesser vehicle would've fallen apart under the strain. I worked for a trucking company for over 3 years using this thing, hauling freught that has no business being loaded into a passenger van. It was overstuffed daily, with every available square inch of space taken up. It was filled front to back, side to side, and floor to ceiling with all sorts of industrial supplies and/or medical equipment (depending on the day). Even the space between the seats and the passenger's seat itself were used to cram in as many boxes as I could. As you might expect, it was drastically overweight on a consistent basis, with the cargo sometimes exceeding 4000 lbs. I beefed up the suspension with coil-over shocks on every corner (Gabriel actually makes a set for the front for this van), polyurethane bushings, and the best quality parts I could find. My coverage area was New York City and Long Island, so the roads were basically bombed-out, crater-filled streets which pounded the suspension mercilessly....while the van was fully loaded. Add this to daily stop & go traffic, and you've got a recipe for disaster for any vehicle. Somehow, it has withstood everything. Even when I had the transmission rebuilt, it was only because I failed to adjust the bands, and the anchor for the front drum came loose. The band still had a good amount of friction material left, and things looked pretty good internally. It could have been repaired easily without a rebuild, but I decided the van had earned it. I still drive it daily for work hauling medical equipment, but my current job is a lot easier on the van (I haul about 1000 lbs. daily, and the roads are a lot better in my new territory).

2000 Dodge Ram Van 3500 (extended) (360 / 46RE / 9 1/4" /4000 lb. front axle )

Owner: Steve Dougherty • Mileage: 292,000 Miles • Added: 2016-10-14 • Modified: 2016-12-01

Major Repairs: A burned valve at 185K, a transmission rebuild at 235K (only because of a broken snap ring for the overdrive unit), two rebuilds for the rear axle (at 125K and 280K), various kinds of suspension work.

Comments: Much like my '99 van which is also listed here, this one has been dealt a tremendous amount of punishment. It too was pressed into service for the same trucking company I worked for a couple of years ago, and has gone way above and beyond what a typical cargo van would normally do. It holds my record for the most weight hauled by a van in a single trip (about 5500 lbs., for an 80 mile trip). Both times the rear was rebuilt, it was the pinion bearing that went, and ONLY the pinion bearing. I have heard that they are the weak link in the 9 1/4 rears, but I suspect that an upgraded bearing would effectively eliminate this issue. When the transmission was rebuilt, it was because the snap ring for the overdrive unit had fractured, and a small piece of it fell into the pan. Everything still worked just fine, but I thought it best to go though it before anything nasty happened. I believe these transmissions are woefully underappreciated....they have a couple of shortcomings, but are extremely stout overall. Lots of suspension work has been carried out on this van as well, and it has also received upgrades in this area. The steering gear and inner tie rod ends are still original (as they are in the '99 van).... everything else up front has been changed one or more times. The leaf springs out back are still original (again, same as the other van). It now sees very limited duty as a back-up van, in case my '99 is down for maintenance or repairs. Though seldom used, it certainly has enough life left in it to be brought into full service for an extended period if the need ever arises.

2001 Dodge Durango (4.9 V8 automatic 4 wheel drive)

Owner: Michael Middleton • Mileage: 258,784 Miles • Added: 2016-10-14 • Modified: 2016-12-01

Major Repairs: Starter and alternator


1999 Dodge Durango SLT+ 4x4 (5.9L, 46RE transmission, NV231HD transfer)

Owner: Jimmy N. Nichols • Mileage: 380,250 Miles • Added: 2009-12-19 • Modified: 2016-10-03

Major Repairs: Rebuilt tranny 2x, computer replaced 2x, ABS control module 1x, left and right rear inner axles 1x, Rear main seal (2x)

Comments: Purchased in February 1999 with 6 miles on the odometer.
The best vehicle I have ever owned!!!

2004 Dodge Grand Caravan SE (3.3L V6)

Owner: Duane Murphy • Mileage: 279,535 Miles • Added: 2016-10-03 • Modified: 2016-10-03

Major Repairs: - valve cover gasket
- A/C compressor / condenser
- CV joints
- strut mount
- radiator

Comments: Bought vehicle "certified pre-owned" with 8,000 original miles in 2004. Vehicle was used as a delivery vehicle for the family business. Original engine and transmission. Transmission just went out. Lost 2nd gear. Vehicle will not pass PA state inspection due to body rust in front of rear wheel wells, and along rocker panels on both sides of vehicle. With Chrysler / Dodge mini-vans being notorious for transmission issues, I'd say we got a good one! Solid, dependable vehicle. Sad to see it go.

Chrysler’s own High Milers club

If you travel 100,000 miles inside a Chrysler vehicle, the company they may reward you with a 100,000 mile license plate frame and a letter of appreciation. The frame appears to be made of a heavy pewter; there are different ones for people with higher mileage, e.g. the 200,000 mile club and on up. See Chrysler’s own instructions!

100,000 mile club

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