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Make Model Year Owner Mileage Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
Dodge Stratus 0-Provided; not entered-225,500 miles/360,800 km2.4 Liter 4 speed Automatic A/C Compressor went out at 210,000 miles.
Dodge Caravan 1989Randy Smith222,778 miles/356,444.8 km2.4 liter, 4 cynlinder (Auto) Head replaced around 150000 mils. Sucked a valve, Engine still runs, -lots of noise- Transmission slips in first -uphill only- Like Mopar so well had to find another Mopar product.
Dodge Dynasty 1988Frank Sharier228,000 miles/364,800 km2.4L 4CYC. Auto This Car Has Been the BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED. Engine Replaced at 221,000 due to water pump failure causing lost compression.Original Transmission still working.
Plymouth Voyager 2000James456,000 miles/729,600 km2.4L Automatic Original engine/trans... most other things have been replaced! original engine and trans and drives like a dream! doesn't smoke/knock/hesitate at all!
Dodge Stratus 1997Name Withheld204,262 miles/326,819.2 km2.4, automatic Head gasket at about 98,000 miles
Timing belt idler pulley 180,000 miles
Dependable, no complaints, other than dash board odometer, and tach do not always work.
Dodge Stratus 1995Scott Fisher208,917 miles/334,267.2 km2.4l 4 cyl Transmission at 204,000, 2 belts, 4 batteries
Plymouth Voyager Mini Van 1999Name Withheld261,000 miles/417,600 km4 cylinder, 2.4 liter drive train- I change the oil once a month-NORMAL MAINTENANCE, pretty good luck with it

I would be a good person to do an add for this van.
Jeep Cherokee 1993John Wagner289,000 miles/462,400 km2.4L, 5 Speed manual The transmition has been replaced twice, New leaf springs, numerous other repairs like water pumps, alternators, brakes, bearings etc... I love my jeep
Dodge stratus 1996charles maynard204,175 miles/326,680 km2.4 4cyl, at none that i am aware of besides normal timing belts and tune ups great car have owned three different stratus vehicles and loved them all
Dodge Stratus 1997Rod Clement214,309.37 miles/342,895 km2.4, 4SP AT, air, ABS Replaced engine at 196,000kms(head gasket/meltdown) with rebuilt. Lasted 20,000kms. Upon teardown, found re-used headbolts. Rebuilt top end. 3 complete sets of pads/rotors 1 drum/linings, plus 2 additonal sets of pads/linings. Fan motor, seat, timing belt, a/c charged, 4 sets of tires, 2 coils, drivers mirror(goose), windshield(duck), battery. Now I need 2 ball joints, cv shaft, sway bar kit, rad fan motor(mud), end links,etc. I abused this car. Driven it very hard and very fast. It has stood up very well considering all things. DCX should take this one back and tear it down to see what real world driving does to their product. Car&Driver can kiss my butt. The only gripe I really have is that it won't start by turning the key below -20 Celsius. I have always since new had to push the gas pedal to start it at these temps. Great site. Keep up the hard work! Put me on the list for testing development!!
Jeep Comanche Pioneer LB Metric Ton 1990Jason Schmidt320,658 miles/513,052.8 km4.0 6 in-line ( 2.4 an 2.8 are for the scrap yard.) New mot @ 248K but all else orig less u joints and regular service like brakes and tires. Quaker State 5/30 @ 3K every time. NEVER STRANDED in 15 years. Driven to Canada to Mexico and back. (+ Tahoe many many times....) Lives near S.F and will forever.
Dodge Stratus 1996Clark Sackett202,000 miles/323,200 km2.4 I-4, Automatic At about 140,000, while pulling a volvo out of a snow bank the trans made a bad noise and about a week later a chunk of the spider gear flew through the back trans cover and the fluid leaked out all over my buddy's driveway. Replaced it with a used tranny. The egr valve went around 150,000. The used tranny i put in at 140,000 went at about 184,000. Replaced it again with another used tranny (but this time, the replacement tranny feels good compaired with the first). The fuel pump went about a month ago at 198,000. I actually enjoyed pulling the gas tank out! It was a fun little job to do on the old girl. But all-in-all, if i wouldnt of pulled my buddy's 240 Volvo out of the snow bank i think i would still be driving it with the original trans. This Stratus was my grandmother's. She gave me an awesome deal in 2003. I only paid $1000 for the 122,000 mile car. 3 years and 3 months later I have driven it about 80,000 miles. It is my first car, and like any 16 year old kid i beat the shit out of this thing! But she has held strong, and i love her for it. Now a days i rarely push the tach over 4500. She doesnt owe me a single cent and im just happy with every mile i get out of her. My mountain bike fits in the back with the rear seat folded down and my kayak sits perfectly on the roof; and thats all i ask for in a car! Well also the 30 mpgs are nice too! My experience has been so great with her, that im pretty sure i will be driving another newer one when i graduate from college and have money to buy a nicer one! I have been a Dodge fan for as long as i can remember and my car just solidifies my loyalty to this brand.
Dodge caravan 1998sean fawbush233,000 miles/372,800 km2.4L auto tranny rebuilt @ 110,000 new tranny @ 185,000. timing belt somewhere between those. bought with 6 miles on the odo. been to almost every state and far north eastern canada for skateboarding. anyone at dodge reading this, feel like sponsoring a skateboard company??
Dodge Stratus 1997Ronnie Cromer228,326 miles/365,321.6 km2.4 DOHC, Automatic Had it's first, and only, major repair at 197,000 miles when I changed a blown head gasket. While it was broke down, I decided to replace the water pump and timing belt in an effort to save any future labor costs. Purchased this vehicle 3 years 2 months ago with 74,000 miles for $4,100. There are not many things (especially vehicles) that I have found that one truely gets their money's worth but after 150,000 + miles of some pretty hard driving, I have found this vehicle's worth to have been a steal.
Jeep Cherokee 1986Benjamin P. Carson200,001 miles/320,001.6 km2.4L L4 TBI OHV / 5 Speed Manual / 4WD
Plymouth voyager 1997 A Hiltz212,500 miles/340,000 km2.4 liter 3 speed auto Rebuilt tranny @ 200000 kms .Had lots of trouble with Oem plug wires
in wet eastcoast climate fixed with quality after market set.Oem antiroll bar bushings are garbage ,fixed with after market polys
Engine needed no repairs until 300000 kms ,waterpump started leaking replaced timing belt as precaution at same time.Have to replace original muffler @ 340000 kms . Suspension is original except ball joints and outer tie rod ends.
Reliable! Reliable! Reliable ! The thing just wants to go and go. rocker panels need a little TLC and the side door lack acts up in cold weather.
Plymouth Breeze 1996Scott Mabee243,750 miles/390,000 km2.4 Automatic wheel bearings, waterpump,timing belt Car has been awesome other than road noise, it is just now dead with a bad fuel pump. Not sure IF I'll fix with the mileage!
Chrysler Sebring Sedan 2001Donna200,000 miles/320,000 km2.4L DOHC 16-Valve 4-Cylinder, A-604/41TE Transmission Transmission overhauled for the first time at 150,000 miles, (converter splines sheared apart, and lost all gears) - $2,700. At 173,000 miles, (only 23,000 miles after rebuild) the "new" converter went bad again... and was charged an additional $1,000 for labor and parts again... Timing belt and water pump at 120,000 miles for maintanenace. Has been the most reliable vehicle I evered owned. I bought the car with only 18,000 miles on it and currently have approx. 201K on it.
Dodge Caravan 1996Patrick203,000 miles/324,800 km2.4L Engine, 41te Automatic Transmission Haven't had any to date, but I purchased the vehicle used so I don't know whats been done in the past.
Dodge Caravan 2000Bob Brobst339,000 miles/542,400 km2.4L / 3 SPD Transmission Rebuild x3 approx each 100k, Radiator/waterpump replace approx. 240k, rear hubs replaced approx. 260k
Dodge stratus 2000Greg walker241,000 miles/385,600 km2.4 automatic 4cyl. timing belt far so far so good ,have owned this car 8 yrs.,second owner
Chrysler PT Crusier 2001Paul Kling200,100 miles/320,160 km2.4L, Automatic Couple of time belts & water pumps Purchased new, one of the the best cars I ever had. Still looks like it came off the showroom floor. However, time and mileage taking a toll on drive train as it is getting tired as it rolled 200K. Sure have gotten my money’s worth out of it.
Dodge Stratus 1998Brian Droscha200,000 miles/320,000 km2.4, Auto Transmission replaced with used unit at 194k, Head gasket, water pump and timing belt at 104k, 2nd timing belt and idler at 197k. Both front bearings at 198k Great comfortable car, still very reliable, air, cruise and power windows work; power locks quit around 188k. My current daily driver. White with green/gray interior.
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2001David Fillis270,000 miles/432,000 km2.4L, Auto lower control arms & bushings, new radiator, water pump I special ordered my PT and took delivery in Sept 2000. Went to the factory in Toluca, Mexico to see them assembled. Been a great car, fun to drive, very reliable.
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2004Doug Samuel300,030 miles/480,048 km2.4L, N.A. 40TE transmission Front wheel bearings. Lower Control Arm Bushings. new Half Shafts. New radiator and fan. New rear wheel bearings. New struts. Cylinder Head replaced at 280,000 miles and transmission at 292,000 miles. Made it to my goal of 300,000 miles. At 300,030 miles car continues to run great. Finally had to change the cylinder head at 280,000 miles and the transmission at 292,000 miles. Now, the cars continues on, running good. Oil consumption, 1 quart every 2000 miles.
Dodge neon 2000Stephen McLendon305,000 miles/488,000 km2.4 automatic had the transmission replaced
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2004Name Withheld200,255 miles/320,408 km2.4L normally aspirated with 5-speed transmission One of the front wheel bearings got noisy, so I changed both front wheel bearings at that time. I have replaced the timing belt twice, replacing the idler, tensioner, and water pump with the second belt change. It has not really had any major unscheduled work. We have had very few failures with this car. I changed out the radiator fan assembly around 80K miles, changed the knock sensor and cam position sensor well over 100K and not at the same time. I recently changed out the cruise control actuater and the oil pressure sender. The front wheel bearings as mentioned above were the most major repair I had to do. My wife drives this car fifty plus miles each way to work each day, it has never stopped or failed to complete it's trip to work and back. It is extremely reliable. We use Mobil1 oils, we always purchase premium gasoline, and we change out transmission oil and brake fluid as a preventative measure. I expect to change out the struts and shocks in the not too distant future. It is a great car, we don't anticipate replacing it any time soon.
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2001Name Withheld200,300 miles/320,480 km2.4lt 4 cil. Turned rotors, new break pads, new watts link bell crank. I have looked this car over from end to end and I dont see where anyone has done any major repairs and all parts look factory to me. Im doing all repairs myself. I just got this car off a used buy here pay here lot. It was a bit over priced but I wanted a PT and this was the loaded limited edition and I needed a car to drive to and from work.
Chrysler pt cruiser ltd 2001Name Withheld231,355 miles/370,168 km2.4 motor / auto,trans replaced water pump twice also timing belt twice.replaced motor mounts,rear shocks watts link,front struts,brakes,roters,power steering hose valve cover gasket. engine still runs strong
Dodge Magnum XE 1979Name Withheld216,895 miles/347,032 km360-4, 727, 8.25 (2.41) Engine rebuilt w/edelbrock parts. 904 replaced with 727 w/shift kit. This took place in 2006.
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2002Name Withheld237,000 miles/379,200 km2.4L Had the timing belt replaced at 120k by a dealer. I replaced the clutch twice and just replaced the water pump and timing belt again myself. Bought it from a friend who was moving back to Australia. Had 12k on it when I bought it. Only issues I have had with it is the crankshaft sensor, but the last time I started investigating further and there was a small crack in the sheathing of the orange 5 v feed that was causing the problem. Fixed that and problem gone.
Chrysler Sebring 2003Name Withheld216,000 miles/345,600 km2.4 automatic 3 timing belts - water pump This is an amazing car. It just keeps going. It uses no oil and shift beautifully. 2.4 is the way to go with this car. I came close to ordering this car with the 2.7 which would have been a huge mistake. Oil changes at 2500 miles and the use of Mobil 1 10w 30 are part of the reason this engin has done so well.
Chrysler Sebring Sedan 2001Joe Rose265,000 miles/424,000 km2.4L DOHC 16-Valve 4-Cylinder - A604/41TE Automatic Transaxle Transmission Overhaul With New Torque Converter @ 150,000 Miles This vehicle is my mother's car. She added it here years ago when it just turned 200,000 miles. She bought the car in 2002 with 18,000 miles on it. Other than the trans. overhaul, it has just been regular maintenance such as brakes, tires, oil changes every 3K miles, Tune-Up every 30K miles, trans. filter and fluid change every 15K-20K miles, timing belt/water pump/cam & crank seals evey 100K miles. etc.... This has been one reliable car that she and I will truely miss when it finally goes...if it ever goes...
Chrysler PT Cruiser Turbo 2003Jack B204,004 miles/326,406.4 km2.4L Turbo Running on third transmission. Still love the car.
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2005Wayne Levangie200,252 miles/320,403.2 km2.4 L Automatic
Plymouth Breeze 1998Vince Auger257,187.5 miles/411,500 km2.4 4 cyl. with 41TE 4-speed No rebuilds AFAIK, original engine and trans. , replaced seals (rear main, axle, torque, oil pan gasket etc.) and the usual maintenance stuff. Sebring rear disk conversion on the way and Sebring front seats just installed. Upper balljoints and lower control arms + sway bar bushings are brand new now. For a Quebec, Canada car, it’s in an amazing condition. Body is pretty much rust free (and we’ve got horrible weather and winters). It’s been rust-proofed every 2 or 3 years since 1998. I’m the 2nd owner. The guy was a spokesperson for an insurance company and he travelled all over Quebec all year long from 1998 ’till summer 2011 with this car. It’s been in a small fender bender and it’s pretty much it. It also has an aftermarket manual sunroof and the A/C has been thoroughly deleted.

Otherwise, the transmission oil is now Redline C+ (works great!), it has a short ram intake for easier removal in maintenance and the whole exhaust system is replaced with Dynomax components. Growls just a bit more and looks better. Got a rear disk swap from a Sebring and front seats too.

Update : Now after many more kilometers, it was sold to a friend of mine who loves cloud cars. Could not asked more out of it.

Update 2 : Friend of mine lend it to somebody not trustworthy and the car is now a total loss.. Sad indeed.
Dodge Ram Van (eu) / Voyager SWB 1998Jeroen van den Brand205,000 miles/328,000 km2.4 4 cyl. 5-speed manual, LPG converted 125.000 km. Headgasket with o-ring replaced for the enhanced later version. To commercial vehicle converted Voyager, named (mini) Ram Van here in Europe.

Converted to run on Liquified Petrolium Gas through injector system from 113.000 km onwards. Motor is solid and runs wonderfull on LPG. Manual transmissions (Getrag 5 speed) on these cars (only as-built by Magna Steyr with diesel and 4 cyl petrol versions) is a bit rough, as all get with age (synchronizers wear).

Car is a solid performer that has driven me around Europe for 7+ years (30.000 km on avg/yr).
Dodge Caravan 1997Roland Walker231,000 miles/369,600 km2.4L DOHC, 3 Speed Automatic Transmission NONE: Fuel pump failed after 200,000 miles and I shorted out the altinator after 210,000 during a jump start. I purchased this vehicle new, January 1997, with 10 miles on the clock. I have driven it to work 5 days a week and is our regular "Road Trip" vehicle. My 3 children learned to drive with this vehicle and two used it for their road test.
Chrysler Sebring 2004lacey saylor222,314 miles/355,702.4 km2.4l 4 speed automatic The biggest repair so far has been a head gasket cover.
Plymouth Breeze 2000Nathan Stoll235,000 miles/376,000 km2.4L, auto Transmission, steering rack.
Chrysler Seabring 2004Jesse Sweet237,922 miles/380,675.2 km2.4DOHC 4 speed automatic timing belt let go at round 198,000 replaced it and the battery because the battery was the original from the day it was sold in 04 other than that no problems looking forward to 300,000
Chrysler sebring 2006Jaymi Semona200,000 miles/320,000 km2.4 liter automatic I replaced the alternator at 190,000 miles I LOVE MY CAR. I just took it to Jersey and got me there and back! I have not been good at keeping the oil changed on time. As a matter of fact I ran it out of oil going 20 thousand miles without an oil change for the second time. She was much less forgiving this time and recently started to tick. For anyone that knocks Chryslers. I have not given this car the attention it needs and drive the daylights out of it. It has never broke down or left me stranded! I have however improved my care for it since the ticking started. It is warning me to be more responsible. I will continue to drive it until it cant go no more. Then time for an engine! Its all good though ! I love my car!
Dodge caravan (base) 1999mike maruska302,000 miles/483,200 km4 cylinder 2.4l 3 speed auto water pump/timing belt
1 electric fuel pump
not 1 shock or front end part ever
Dodge Stratus 2000Robert Young300,000 miles/480,000 km2.4 Engine 604 Transmission Replace water pump and timing belt every 100,000 miles Best car I ever had, still runs like new.
Dodge Stratus 2005shawn McGrory224,540 miles/359,264 km4 cylinder 2.4L No real major repairs.
Dodge Stratus 2003Andrew Kettler226,217 miles/361,947.2 km2.4L I4, 41TE Used to be a rental/fleet car, got flooded with about 140k miles on it, replaced the engine and transmission at that time due to water damage and I got a steal on the used replacement engine and trans. It's been a great car. It just keeps going and going without any problems. All I do is put fuel in it, change the oil and away it goes, easy as that. Engine runs strong without skipping a beat and the transmission shifts like brand new, can't ask for much more form it.

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