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Make Model Year Owner Mileage Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
Dodge B- 100 Tradesman Van 1977Kevin Black889,000 miles/142,2400 km360, 727 auto, 8 3/8 rear (originally) Virtually nothing has not been replaced, the van has parts from over 45 other vans on it. Presently, it has a 318 (its fifth engine), 727 (seventh trans, although several were the junk A 833 OD, which did not hold up well), sixth rear end, etc. Even the body has had extensive surgery. This van was bought with 330,000 miles already on it, 11 years ago. Since then, she has been driven HARD as a work truck, and trailer puller. She has carted over 300 cords of firewood, been lived in for a year at a stretch, been rolled once, and seen 41 states and 3 countries. Surprisingly, she is now in better shape than when I bought it! While she will never be a show truck, she may be shown locally, as it is undergoing a rolling restoration/ customization. ALLPAR CANNOT VERIFY - CALLED - LEFT MESSAGE - NO REPLY
Dodge B 250 Ram Van 1987Yvetta Black234,000 miles/374,400 km360 4bbl, 727 trans, 8 3/8s rear with 3.21 gears 360 replaced with 318 at 233,000 miles. Otherwise nothing major. This van was from Illinois, and was bought for cheap, people had to move. It is used not very often now. We piled about 50,000 on it as a backup vehcile for my 77 van (business). I loved the 4 bbl 360 setup- 15 miles per gallon with a trailer, tons of power. The 318 gets 8 mpg and wont get out of its own way!
Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 1997Jackie Golec202,598 miles/324,156.8 km5.9L, 360 replace radiator @ 199,789, replace alternator @ 202,598 Strong, dependable, maintained regularly. I get lots of grief from all my guy friends about owning a Dodge but it's the one that has always been able to pull their Chevy, Ford and Toyota's out when they were stuck and eating my mud.
Dodge durango R/T 2001ed202,886 miles/324,617.6 km5.9 360 none yet just bought it and the check engine light came on but dont think its anything major
Dodge Ramcharger 1986Name Withheld392,000 miles/627,200 km360 v8, 3 speed auto Engine rebuild at 320,000. Trans Rebuild at about 200,000. What a truck. It'll never die.
Dodge 1500 ram 4x4 1997MARK WEAVER205,234 miles/328,374.4 km360 cid auto limited slip trans rebuild starter replaced light switch replaced atl. replaced still runs strong holds 40 psi oil ice cold air hot heater paint still good i might drive it until it just falls apart i love my truck and is still worth every penny i paid for it new. I had a 87 1500 ram van with 216,000 sold it to a friend in 98 he sold it in 06 that guy tuned it up and said it still runs like crazy
Dodge Ram 350 15 Passenger Van 1995Gregg Seigfried304,986 miles/487,977.6 km360 Magnum, A-518 automatic Transmission rebuilt at 218,000 and timing chain replaced at 235,000 and yes that is the only time they were done. The engine has never been apart, except for replacing the timing chain. I have had a problem with fuel pumps, have replaced 4 times. It recently lost spark from the distributor, but I have refused to fix it this time as the frame rails are rotted through and it is about ready to literally break in two. I really wanted to see 350,000 plus but the van is no longer safe to drive. I just hope my next one gives me the service this one has.
Dodge D100 Adveturer 1978Name Withheld314,000 miles/502,400 km360 automatic wipers don't work, heater fan don't work, drivers side motor mount is gone, steering box ripped loose from the frame (a torch, a big hunk of steel plate, and twenty minutes fixed that)frames bent, replaced most of the wiring air conditioner pump is now an air compressor, and most of the body has rusted off, but ir runs like a champ, and starts in -20F weather Bought this truck 3 years ago for $275, and have worked it like a rented mule ever since. A cutting torch has rode in the back every day, and its ripped apart a lot of iron with a chain and a lot of slack. I've pulled a baler and 2 over loaded racks of hay at the same time,despite what the "rated" tow load is it handled 18,000lbs fine (though I did have to chain the engine to the frame for that one to keep it from ripping loose)It's been sunk in mud past the bumpers and yanked out with bus, pulled down corn cribs, and generally been a red necks dream.
Dodge b350 1985Name Withheld204,000 miles/326,400 km360 727 bought used
Dodge ram 1500 1997Steven G. Weber222,000 miles/355,200 kmv8 360 auto 4x4 transmission
Dodge B350 EXTENDED VAN 1987KENNETH KATZMAN433,000 miles/692,800 km360 4V AUTO 727 410 REAR Around 31,000 the rear end gears broke -replaced under warrentee at 68,000 the power steering box started leaking - replaced under warentee around 221,000 the air cond compresser went and was replaced with new one 270,000 the radiator started leaking and was replaced and 2 or 3 starters have been replaced with 1 battery- The oil and filters are changed every 3,000 miles and brakes are replaced every 25,000 - everything else is from the factory as i am the only owner-driver - muffler system is still from factory this van owes me nothing i still use it but the gas milage is not good
Dodge RAM 2500 1993Greg West254,000 miles/406,400 km360 Transmission rebuilt at 180,000. Replaced factory radiator at 251,000. Truck runs great! People that look under the hood swear that I have had the motor replaced. Needs front end rebuilt, front brake rotors & pads etcc. I use the truck as is and never have any major problems. Uses about a quart of oil a month, sometimes not that often. Gets GREAT mileage for a truck this size. Dependable, durable - Dodge. (Just bought a 1979 Dodge Diplomat Medallion from original owner - garage kept. 80,000 original miles. HOOYAH!)
Dodge 1500 2001Name Withheld237,000 miles/379,200 km5.9 360 automatic no nuthen the best truck i have ever had
Dodge Ram 1500 pickup 2001Name Withheld328,000 miles/524,800 km5.9L (360 magnum) gas automatic Transmission rebuilt at 274,000. Headers, dual exhaust, throttle body spacer, K&N filter and electric radiators fans. Carbon fiber dash, 20" american racing black assault wheels with Maxxis Marauder II 285 50 20 tires. XRC brakes, slotted & dimpled rotors and braided stainless steel brake lines.
Dodge RAM 1500 1997Greg Williams301,500 miles/482,400 km360 / Auto / 4X4 No major repairs. I submitted this vehicle @ the 250XXX mile mark and is still running strong @ 301XXX. Engine and tranny are original and un-touched other than maint.
Dodge w150 custom 1981carl nikle367,900 miles/588,640 km360 engine with super low fourspeed manual drive train: new transfer case stroker kit. hand amde exaust. runs great and pulls trucks nice. found it in a feild.
Dodge D200 1970tom farrish279,000 miles/446,400 km1973 .030 over 360/4V, hedders ,crane cam -727- 4:10 dana 60 long bed. several engines, trans rebuilt,brakes,rear axle tightened up ,and routine maintenace. current eng is a 360/4 V from a navada highway patrol car.....rebuilt and bluprinted. owned this truck 21 years....had 318/340/360 engines in it...this is the ultimate in HD trucks of that era. solid front axle , front leaf springs ....i have pulled tremendous loads , carried a 12' camper all over, pulled car trailers, boats , been from tex to west coast several times, been in the snow, desert, floods and ice, and this big old beast has never let me down....its starting to rust and many want to buy it, but i just cant bring myself to sell it,,,i think it will just have to rust away in my yard.
Dodge ram 1500 1994jason dardar203,595 miles/325,752 km360 518a new water pump at 202000 and thats it the best truck i ever owned.
Dodge B200 1975chris christensen660,000 miles/105,6000 km360 a727 3rd engine and 2nd tranny rebuild. many, many tires it just keeps on going and going...have 2 other dodge vans [NOTE: NOT VERIFIED BY ALLPAR - COULD NOT CONTACT OWNER]
Dodge PowerRam W150 1989Shayeton245,000 miles/392,000 km360 V8 TBI 727 Automatic NONE FAST SHORT BOX PICKUP
Dodge B-100 1977Kevin N. Black907,000 miles/145,1200 km(presently) 318/ 727/8 3/8 (3.21)... (has been 318/ A 833, 360/727 and has had gears from 2.71 through 3.55 The wiper motor is (surprise) the only moving part that hasn't been replaced. Its had 7 engines, about that many transmissions and 7 rear ends. Pulled a trailer for most of its life, spends quite a bit of time off road. When I bought it, it had 330,000 and was sitting on blocks in a junkyard with blown valves. Drove it 1,650 miles in one 21 hour leg of the trip from NC to AZ the next week. I have racked up as many as 4,000 miles in a week's time on this van. [several years ago I posted my and my wifes (now X'es) vans in the 200k club. Her 87 and 93 were accepted. My 77 never made the list- I actually lowballed the mileage a little. Please verify this info, but post it!]
Pulled a trailer for most of its life, spends quite a bit of time off road. When I bought it, it had 330,000 and was sitting on blocks in a junkyard with blown valves. Drove it 1,650 miles in one 21 hour leg of the trip from NC to AZ the next week. I have racked up as many as 4,000 miles in a week's time on this van.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We could not contact the owner for verification. We did leave messages on his (correct) answering machine. We did get a VIN and, based on it and CarFax, believe this to be an accurate report.
Dodge Ram 1500 1997Tami Keanum242,900 miles/388,640 kmV8, 360 Rebuilt transmission, New Water Pump, New radiator, Brake Pads replaced every 6 months I wouldn't trade her for anything else!!! Love my baby dodge!!
Dodge Ram 350 1989Lonne and Terri827,000 miles/132,3200 kmV8-360 5.9 L transmission, rear end, It works like a dog and keeps on going [NOTE: NOT VERIFIED BY ALLPAR - COULD NOT CONTACT OWNER]
Dodge powerwagon w200 1975james flynn300,000 miles/480,000 km360 none
Dodge Ram 1500 Pick up 1997Name Withheld200,100 miles/320,160 km360 V8, automatic transmission, transfer case and differentials all original to the truck!. Still smooth!. No major repairs to the drive train, just strict routine mantainance. I did put a new bed on it due to rust over the wheel openings. This truck just seems to be getting better and better. I am getting the same mileage that I did when it had 70,000 miles on it. I love this truck and hope to put another 100,000 miles on it!.
Dodge Ramcharger W150 1989Name Withheld251,158 miles/401,852.8 km360/A727/4X4 new transmission in 2005
front axles in 2007
water pump and timing chain in 2008
ex-New Mexico State Police truck purchased at auction in 2001
Dodge Ram 1500 1997Lisa Krause228,000 miles/364,800 km5.9 - 360 AUTO WITH OD
Dodge Ram 1995James A. Cowan200,110 miles/320,176 km360 MPFI 2wd, automatic transmission. None.

No wrecks, no rust.
Engine and Transmission are factory original with no rebuilds. I change my oil every 5-7000 miles. Only use Quaker state 10W-30 with Fram filters. My miles per gallon averages 16.99 if I drive 55.
Dodge Ram 1500 1996Ramsey238,000 miles/380,800 km5.9 liter 360,auto,original everything. None whatsoever.Plugs and wires were the only things that have been changed. Bought from a friend around 200k miles.Slack in the rear end would be the only problem besides the cracked dash
Dodge Ram 2005Randy Krahenbuhl306,000 miles/489,600 km360 Engine, Automatic Fuel Pump,Right Ball Joint, and Water Pump Change the oil and keeps on running!
Dodge B350 Ram Wagon 1994Gregg Seigfried339,227 miles/542,763.2 km360 Magnum A518 Trans Transmission replaces at 225,000, Lots of fuel pumps(8) I attribute this to my wife always running on empty, timing belt at about 275,00. My kids call it Ricky T Lazarus, be cause he was rickety and kept coming back from the dead. Probably the best vehicle I have ever owned, next to my Colts and Champs. Bought it with 176,000 miles on it and it served us well. I retired it 3 times and then when I thought it was time for the bone yard we drove it from Pennsylvania to Texas on a move in 2005. It only had to get us there and nothing more but we drove it for another three years and finally retired him this past summer.
Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 1997Name Withheld256,000 miles/409,600 km5.9L 360 8 cylinder Automatic/ rebuilt transmission with aftermarket cooling system A new lift kit at 100,000 burned out my transmission. other than that its the same engine and the best truck/vehicle i have ever owned. Change your to can make it this far!
Dodge Ramcharger 1986Name Withheld381,325 miles/610,120 km360, 4 speed manule, dana 40 front and rear 4x4 ran fine till i got it i had to much fun and now the motors bad rebuilding it mostly stock uping the valves a little mopar purple shaft 340 clone cam performer intake and carb and small tube headers should be fun for a small street rod motor putin out around 320 hp and 305 tq at the crank
Dodge D100 1972Chris Sutton201,551 miles/322,481.6 km360 V8, 3 Speed Automatic New Carb. and Intake Manifold, Headers. Rebuilt Transmission Reverse band broke, so replaced the gears while it was open, gears were usable but very worn.
Dodge Ram sst 1998Jeffery sans206,000 miles/329,600 km360, auto rearend? 0 Bought it 2nd hand to use for my landscaping business and to keep the miles and wear and tair to a minimum on my 408, 450hp 01 Dakota rt. The front end is a little sloppy (it's been my experience that Dodge has yet to build a compitent front end on their trucks) but everything else is top notch.
Dodge Durango SLT+ 1999Jimmy N. Nichols333,450 miles/533,520 km5.9L, 46RE transmission Rebuilt tranny 2x, computer replaced 1x, ABS control module 1x, left and right rear inner axles 1x, Purchased in February 1999 with 6 miles on the odometer.
The best vehicle I have ever owned!!!
Dodge ram 1500 1997Chris244,800 miles/391,680 kmAutomatic 5.9 360 magnum just bought it so nothing yet. so far runs like a dream.
Dodge Ram 1500 1997G.F. Reid244,000 miles/390,400 km360 cid, 46RE trans None! Replaced timing set at 100,000 and repaired water leak behind cover. Leaking again at same spot at 243,000. This truck has just started consuming some oil in the last 20,000 miles or so.
Dodge Ram 1500 1999Name Withheld239,000 miles/382,400 km5.9L 360, 46RE auto Engine rebuild. Nothing else major other than regular maitanence Bought brand new in truck I have ever driven.
Dodge RAM 1500 5.9 L 360 quad cab short bed 1997John apanashk210,000 miles/336,000 km5.9L 360 long block replaced @150,000 miles due to hurricane katrina gas strike did not mean they would not still sell salted gas in New Orleans worked to rebuild. always pull a trailer this truck would go anywere love it florida truck then brought it to georgia and then to canada i bought it used in 98 and biult my company with her love it bullet proof
Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 1997Name Withheld201,126 miles/321,801.6 km360/auto tranny just general service, It's going into limp mode after a couple of minutes.
Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1984Michael Andrews211,362 miles/338,179.2 kmAMC 360, Chrysler 727, AMC 20 rear axle, Dana 44 front axle Engine rebuild about 60k ago, New fuel pump, U joint, balls joints, brake lines, fuel lines, alternator, window seals, more to come Great classic and proof America could build a car that could stand the test of time
Dodge ram 1500 4x4 2001christopher beem210,118 miles/336,188.8 km360, auto na my ram has gone in to hell and back and still is asking for more
Dodge 1500 dodge ram 1995Name Withheld308,053 miles/492,884.8 km360 V8 automatic Rearend replaced Keep changing the fluids
Dodge Dakota RT 1998Jerry Whitehead287,000 miles/459,200 km360 Auto Standard RT Engine & Trans rear end replaced umder warranty less than 70K on truck
Trans rebuilt 3 times under warranty due to a pesky seal 43K to 72K. Front Wheel bearings both went out at same time 72K
AC Pump and fuel pump both went out at the same time sitting in the drive way. 3rd waterpump before 100k. Since it went over 100K, no other issues except routine maintenance.
Dodge 2500 truck 1999H.W.Fisher 201,117 miles/321,787.2 km360 V/8 None Best truck on the road
Dodge Ram 1500 1995Cam Ball298,600 miles/477,760 km5.9L/360 CI Auto Trans Engine has 10,000 miles on it. Rebuilt it six months ago because i thought it has almost 300k on it (hence mileage). Once i had the engine torn down i saw absolutly NO significant signs of wear. Ridges in the cylinder wall that are common after 50k+ miles were not there! These trucks are bullitproof
Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 extended cab 1997Tom Callahan442,339 miles/707,742.4 km360 engine , automatic 4 wheel drive Replaced motor at 200,000 miles- crankshaft snapped in half....installed a 95 dodge ram 360 with 200,000 miles on it. I guess the motors balance each other out mileage wise. Transmission replaced 5 times due to failure. Still has original transfer case and front and rear end. This truck has benn my best friend since 1998 when i purchased it. I underestand the new dodge rams are awesome . I hope to get one if i can ever afford another truck. Through all my endeavors this truck has out pulled all chevy and fords i have encountered.
Dodge 1500 1997tim boyle326,000 miles/521,600 km360 rebuilt tranny at 186000 and replaced timing chain about then too best truck i ever owned

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