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To be in the Club, vehicles must have over 200,000 miles. The owner must provide their contact information, including their phone number, for verification. We actively verify vehicles at random, and those with exceptional descriptions.

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Make Model Year Owner Mileage Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
Jeep Cherokee 1988Mark Aberle281,000 miles/449,600 km4 liter auto None Best car I've ever owned, hate to see her age
Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1988Jeremy Altorfer205,000 miles/328,000 km4.0 I-6 4 spd. auto / part time 4x4 Engine rebuilt due to oil shortage!!! 75% highway miles. Still runs perfect!
Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1990Chris Pistel210,500 miles/336,800 km4.0l inline 6 w auto/overdrive Front end due to accident Promised to drive it until 200k-- Now, we'll see how far it
Jeep Cherokee 1987Willie Yee250,000 miles/400,000 km4.0 AW4 exhaust manifold Still running strong, experiencing oil Blow-by.
Jeep Cherokee 1988R. Kern221,323 miles/354,116.8 km4.0 I-6, auto Trans @ 220K, front springs Shop vehicle - snow plow
Jeep Cherokee 1988Andy Bratek228,000 miles/364,800 km4.0 auto, 4wd can't kill the thing
Jeep Cherokee 1989Pat Syts251,000 miles/401,600 km4.0 5 spd main computer box, water pump, alternator- rr axle & dr shaft, after my son drove it engine, clutch, and trans are all original with no major rep
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1985Josh Owens227,000 miles/363,200 kmGM 2.8 V6 / 5 speed manual Brakes @ 210, alternator @ 225, water pump @ 205, carb rebuild @ 195, paint
Jeep Cherokee Chief 1984Robert Rexach201,996 miles/323,193.6 km4 cylinder, 5 speed manual new clutch and carburetor @ 200K This car refuses to die
Jeep Cherokee Larado 1990Daniel Willis200,000 miles/320,000 km4.0 liter, automatic transmission Radiator, Fuel Injectors, alternator,Transmission seal, rear seal Original owner
Jeep Cherokee 1987David238,000 miles/380,800 km4.0 L, 3 speed, OD Automatic no major repairs, all the usual stuff
Jeep Cherokee 1987Eric Springston239,000 miles/382,400 km4.0L straight 6 w/O.D. auto trans Replaced: Water pump, Alternator, Starter, AC hoses Great SUV!!! Should be able to exceed 300000 mi.
Jeep Cherokee 1989mike baldwin208,000 miles/332,800 km6 cyl./ automatic no Became an owner at 180,000
Jeep Cherokee 1990Paul Gavin220,000 miles/352,000 kmI6 automatic none Great 4 wheel drive suv
Jeep Cherokee 1993Matt Cardman209,842 miles/335,747.2 kmstraight 6 with 5 speed Replaced the water pump and the freeze plugs. Nothing else. have not babied my baby.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993Ed Glaum224,000 miles/358,400 km4.0 inline six auto overdrive Only routine maintenance. Bought with 192,000 Drive it 130 miles to /from work
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1993Andre Javier210,000 miles/336,000 km4.0 Liter Inline Six Cylinder, 4 Sp Auto O/D, full time 4WD AC Evaporator, Steering Gear Box, Muffler & Cat Conv, Front Spindle Knuckles -worn down by brakes- Still running strong, Love to drive it!
Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1984Matthew Randall217,000 miles/347,200 km360 with a 727 Engine overhaul, transmission replaced If it needs to be replaced, it's because I broke it off road
Jeep Wrangler 1989John M.245,000 miles/392,000 km6 cyl carbureted, 5sp Replaced clutch at 208K, starter at 240K, water pump 4 times. This Jeep is great. Even with the 6 windshields replaced.
Jeep Wrangler 1993dave200,153 miles/320,244.8 km2.5liter 4 cyclinder stock tranny replaced master clutch cylinder @ 60,000 replaced altenator@175,000 unsureon the horsepower i have a ram air system on it
Jeep Wrangler 1993dave216,925 miles/347,080 km2.5 Liter 4 cyclinder 5 speed replaced radiator and clutch slave cylinder ram air inducted
Jeep 1988 Cherokee Limited 1998Given but withheld on request296,950 miles/475,120 km4.0 liter - inline 6 cylinder-Auto Transmission seal No engine/transmission repairs so far!!! I have made what I consider to be minor repairs -i.e. water pump, alternator, etc.-. The vehicle still looks new--body is in excellent condition. I still receive compliments and people do not believe the vehicle has that many miles. I still drive daily. Very pleased with the dependability.
Jeep 1991 2wd Commanche 0Glen Luimes221,208 miles/353,932.8 km2.5 L 5-speed-Manual engine @ 183 000 Bought at 156 000 km. Driven hard -first vehicle owned-. Good little truck. Getting rusty though.
Jeep 1994 Cherokee 1994josh286,000 miles/457,600 km4.0 liter ho with aw4-Auto needs transmision leak problem fixed this jeep was owned by a construction company's upper management so they are mostly highway miles
Jeep Cherekee (Pioneer) 1987Ron Beneda281,000 miles/449,600 km6 cylinder 4L----- 5 speed manuel Absolutely NO major repairs - many hard pounding miles & used as a daily family vehicle, hunting,etc The motor still doesn't burn oil -I have never had to + oil-
Jeep Cherokee 1986Lou Castino206,000 miles/329,600 kmfour cylinder 2.8 with manual transmission Everything has been replaced except the frame, the skin and the now worn manual trans. A competent vehicle with all sort of uses. A lot of repairs.
Jeep Cherokee 1988herb manning201,000 miles/321,600 km6 cyl. 4.0L / 5 spd. rear brakes, otherwise normal maint. A real truck that's made to last!
Jeep Cherokee 1988Adam Scott221,820 miles/354,912 km4.0 l, ba 10/15
Jeep Cherokee 1989Michael Pare'239,000 miles/382,400 km4.0 I-6 with aw4 transmission raidator, water pump,fuel pump,normal small thing no engine or tranny problems at all I totally love this Jeep! I will drive it another 300,000
Jeep Cherokee (Laredo) 1987Michael Eichman320,000 miles/512,000 km4.0 liter inline six / Aw4 automatic trans, Replaced engine at 210,000 miles still original AW4 transmission, shifts perfectly.
Jeep Cherokee Chief 1986Piotr Dziedzic205,000 miles/328,000 kmv6 2.8l manual
Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1988Scott Deaton201,000 miles/321,600 km4.0 Inline 6 4 Wheel Drive No Major Repairs 4 Wheel Drive has been out of service for a few years.
Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1990Rebecca Hethcox216,500 miles/346,400 kmoriginal 6cyl engine, automatic None Beautiful exterior, nice Jeep
Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4 Dr 1989 0R Cameron239,227 miles/382,763.2 km6line 4.0-Auto 2 time pump water , pump fuel,2 time radiator, broke gear and transmision replace engine 250,000km very old jeep, l like new jeep liberty 2002
Jeep Cherokee Laredo 0Joel S. Weingast226,400 miles/362,240 km4.0L select track-Auto Fuel sensor; radiator -2x-; exhaust system -3x- Dealer dealing sux.
Jeep Cherokee Sport 1992Phillip Taub202,000 miles/323,200 km4.0L Straight Six, 4 spd Auto (OD), SelecTrac 4WD windshield wiper motor -195k- Takes a lickin and keeps on matter what you do
Jeep Cherokee Sport 1994Tim Haltom247,010 miles/395,216 km4.0 Litre 6 cyl. Selectrac Automatic Transmission Transfer Case two times. Fuel pump 3 times I am currently undertaking the rebuild on the transfer case
Jeep Cherokee 0Robert Bales205,000 miles/328,000 km4.0 Inline 6cyl with auto-Auto none
Jeep Cherokee 0James Laliberte264,000 miles/422,400 km4 Cyl 2.5L AMC TBI-Manual Exhaust manifold gasket, 3 clutch master cylinders, steering gear box and power steering pump -mostly because the play was bugging me- Best vehicle I've ever owned. -Compared to Dodge, Oldsmobile, Subaru-
Jeep Cherokee 0Rex Smith270,000 miles/432,000 km2.6 liter V-6 5 speed manual transmission-Manual Re-built engine
Jeep Cherokee 0Frank Bellino285,000 miles/456,000 kmGM 2.8 L V6-Auto Fresh engine @ 150K. Transfer case -cracked housing- @ 250K. Transmission @ 270K. This vehicle has taken me many miles off the roads of Death Valley -California- and always brought me home. Only stranded once in a white-out of pellet snow.
Jeep Cherokee 0MAX A. JENKINS408,000 miles/652,800 kmv-6-Auto new gas cap new transmission AN EXTREMELY RELIABLE CAR
Jeep Cherokee 1979Scott Checkeye208,000 miles/332,800 km360 V-8 & turbo 400 (GM) & quadra trac Rebuilt 400 trans @ 70,000 & gear in quadra track This vehicle runs on propane fuel since 88,000 miles
Jeep Cherokee 1985Keith Zirbel205,052 miles/328,083.2 km2.8L GM/Mopar cross breed, 3spd O/D New tranny. It's my dad's Jeep, he got it 4 years ago with 165,000.
Jeep Cherokee 1988Terry252,000 miles/403,200 km4.0 Liter inline six, with AW4 auto transmission None Most reliable engine I,ve ever owned.
Jeep Cherokee/Wagoneer 0Graham Brown243,152 miles/389,043.2 km4.0 not sure on Trans.-Auto None just the normal Maint,
Jeep Cherrokee 0jeff madigosky203,000 miles/324,800 km2.5 liter 4 cly. with a 5 speed trans 4x4 fuel inj.-Manual clutch work when i go to start in the morning the vehicle will start and then stall. i have to give it gas to keep it running inisilly, then it runs fine. what could be wrong!
Jeep Comanche Eliminator 1989Joe Markovich305,000 miles/488,000 km4.0L 5spd Manual ECU, Clutch and Misc normal wear parts after 300000mi Used for work and vol. fire calls. This truck amazed me.
Jeep Comanche Pickup 1988Eric Kieffer215,550 miles/344,880 km4 liter 6cyl, Automatic water pump,radiator,starter replacement The strongest most dependable vehicle I've owned
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993Ryan Phillips310,000 miles/496,000 kmInline 6 (original); Automatic (Original) None I love the car, it still runs great and everything works.

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