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Make Model Year Owner Mileage Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
Dodge Dakota Sport 6cyl 1999Name Withheld262,035 miles/419,256 kmAutomatic Water pump only major repair. Have had new brakes installed at 350,000 km transmission leaks but not worthy of repair
Dodge dakota 1990a.l.276,655 miles/442,648 km2.5l, 5-spd. rebuilt trans.,2 clutches, new brakes(@ 135000 mis.),new fuel pump bought new, orig. starter and alternator
Dodge dakota 1995Don Reimer202,850 miles/324,560 km5.2 4 Speed auto Bought truck with tranny that was in need of complete rebuild. Also replaced all breaks. Truck is in very nice shape, no sign of rust. One small dint in right side of box that I'll have removed.
Dodge dakota 1993tony morton249,643 miles/399,428.8 km3.9 v6 magnum automatic i had to replace the hood and grill and passengers side fender. a deer hit me on the highway one night. i am getting ready to replace the steering rack
Dodge Dakota 1997Name Withheld297,230 miles/475,568 km318 auto 3.90 gears transmission replaced, 2 fuel pumps
Dodge Dakota Sport 1990William Monroe225,000 miles/360,000 km3.9 Litre V-6 Automatic O/D None. Recent third party caualty of an accident. Vehicle still runs, can be repaired but not economically feasible.
Dodge Dakota SLT Club Cab 1996Wade Evans200,297 miles/320,475.2 km3.9 V-6 Magnum 4x4 Automatic w/OD Oil Pump relaced -- Fuel regulator assembly in tank -- Radiator Only other is normal wear Brakes Tires and a Pitman Arm and 4 fuel injectors
Dodge dakota 1992Name Withheld220,000 miles/352,000 km5.2 4 spd auto waterpump and radiator after i hit my 3rd herd of repainted after goodwill action because of delaminating,bedside twice after accidents.differential once.but heres the heartache the automatic transmission has been replace 4 times. i've loved this truck thru thick and thin but i replaced the transmission the 1st second and third time.numbers one and two got slightly unreasonable amount of miles out of em.number three however got 17,000 miles out of it.all three come out of the junkyard with just a flush,filter replacement and refill so i ate the fact that the miles were shorter than expected.number 4 was the doozy though.the told me the case was unrebuildable,so i bought another transmission from the junkyard for $700 and took it straight to the dodge dealership where my truck lay in idle.payed them $1000 to bebuild it and reinstall.12 month 12,000 mile warrenty on it when i left.i regularly put about 35,000-40,000 on a vehicle per year but i got of lucky in 2006(ya haha)and only ran about 20,000 miles in a little over 11 months.2 days before x-mas she spit out her last mile on the tranny(grrrr).its a shame with not haveing any complaint of this vehicle that it won't hold a tranny to save its life.the motor runs like a champ and its a comfortable ride.anybody have this same problem with theirs?any info would b appreciated.(bty-dealership thinks i can just afford to toss money out like that every time it happens.if it would have lasted til spring "07"without any more major repairs i was prepared to buy new off the lot but their workmanship lost them the bigger sale.i'll buy in the fall somewhere else and drive past their lot blowing the horn just to show displeasement in the.)
Dodge Dakota 1994David Dixon269,808 miles/431,692.8 km318c.i. auto trans with overdrive Several Water pumps, 2 fuel pumps and a set of valve seals at 180,000. Owned vehicle since new. No major repairs. Changed oil every 3000 and serviced trans every 30,000 religously!
Dodge Dakota le 1991Mitchell Hald316,578 miles/506,524.8 km5.2 Liter V8 W/auto trans 2wd I replaced 1radiator, rack and pinion, 4 fuel pumps, a waterpump, 1 injector, and a new paint job. I purchased the truck at 200,000mi. At the time the engine was tired and the trans slipped. I have done everything I can think of to kill either piece but so far after 116,000mi the truck runs just fine. It has been offroaded, rear ended and totaled, along w/just everyday abuse. This is by far the best truck I will probaly ever own. I would like to at that i purchased a 2001 d2500 cummings to replace the Dakota in 6month it has cost me over $5,000 in repair bills and it only has 165,000mi.

Dodge Dakota 1996Mark Ponton214,446 miles/343,113.6 km3.9 L V6 manual 5 speed transmission Just Purchased vehicle
Dodge Dakota Sport 2WD 1996Jeff Gootblatt285,000 miles/456,000 km2.5 L (not Mitsubishi motor), 5 speed manual 1 Starter, 1 Alternator, 1 Power Steering Pump, 1 Radiator (needs it again), 1 heater core (purchased but not installed yet), 1 tie rod end, 1 pair rear axle seals (one started leaking, so I replaced both while I had the differential opened up), 1 fuel pump assembly, 1 set of parking brake cables, and I had to straighten out the rear bumper after I overloaded a trailer and towed it from Southern Ohio to NE Pennsylvania. I installed a Class 3 hitch after that trip. Other than that, just belts, hoses (once), the occasional bulb and fuse, tires, etc. With less than regular basic maintenance, my Dakota has been an extremely reliable vehicle. I've owned it since new. The truck is on it's original clutch, 3rd set of front brakes and second set of rear brakes (replaced only because of the leaking seal). Twice a year at least, the truck is grossly overloaded with motorcycles (truck and trailer) and taken on an 800 mile trip. Once a year it gets filled with 1500 lbs of coal for my home heat. Even when I'm not overloading the truck, I drive it hard. The truck just keeps asking for more. Oh yeah, oil changes are done with plain Castrol GTX 10w30 whenever I have to add a 3rd quart of oil...typically at approx 10,000 mile intervals now.
Dodge Dakota 1988Tina Younglove207,193 miles/331,508.8 km2.2 liter 4 cyl. carbureted manual 5 speed radiator, 2 clutches, u joints, front and rear brakes, 2 electric fan motors, blower resistor, 3 converters, differential bearings, nothing out of the ordinary, choke rod bushings Runs like a top, no trans work yet, never had head or head gasket, been wonderful ever since purchase in 1998 with 104,000 on it at that time. Driven daily 15 miles to work one way in any weather. Has also never had any carb work.
Dodge Dakota 1990Marshall Tjensvold224,801 miles/359,681.6 km3.9 v6 904 automatic I had a np535 5 speed I rebuilt it twice and bought a reman. I got tired of replacing and rebuilding so I measured up a 904 out of a 1980 LeBaron. It ended up being the same length as my 5 speed. Some mods to the tranny mount and it became an automatic. I went throu a couple of rear diffs too. Have not had any problems with the engine still runs as strong as the day I drove it home from the dealer. Oh I had to replace the catyletic converter also. My future plan is to put the 318 that came out of the same LeBaron that the tranny did under the hood. I really like my truck and would like to make it a fun driver that some day I just might hand down to my son.
Dodge Dakota 1993Lee Reiners312,240 miles/499,584 km3.9L V6, 4 Speed Automatic, 3.90 Axle, 75 R15 225 Tires - Engine & Transmission original Radiator, water pump, alternator, computer, heater core, fuel pump assembly. Front end repair and frame straightened after collision in 1998. Purchased in 1997 with 87,000 miles. Original owner traded in to Roanoke Motors. Engine has always run Mobil 1 synthetic. I have treated engine with Slick 50 three times. Bed has Lear truck topper since new. Drove to work daily until March 2007. (Gas prices forced me to buy a 1993 Dodge Shadow - 35 MPG! Truck gets about 15 MPG) Still use truck to pull car trailer and haul firewood.
Dodge Dakota 1990Jon Orr246,000 miles/393,600 km2.5 ltr. 4cyl. 5 speed trans. replaced engine at 146000 due to cracked cylinder head , using Mopar reman engine. Engines bottom end was still good just the head was cracked and it was more feezable to replace engine and get 3 year 35000 warranty
Dodge Dakota 4x4 1988Joseph DeMartino220,310 miles/352,496 km3.9 V6 Rebuilt at 170,000 200,00 rebuilt 4x4 now electric problems wiper moter was replaced at 218,000
Dodge dakota shelby 1989todd schantz289,194 miles/462,710.4 km318 A904 transmission overhaul, body work due to apparently blind female most dependable vehicle i've ever owned
Dodge Dakota Sport 1998Ari Fenn215,000 miles/344,000 km4 cyclinder, 5spd, 2wd New clutch.
Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 1991Name Withheld202,188 miles/323,500.8 km5.2 ltr v8, auto. alternator at 201,900 miles. Just bought it a couple months back, everything on it is pretty much stock. its got some personality but it still pulls just as strong as ever.
Dodge Dakota 1993Al Stein215,500 miles/344,800 km3.9 L V-6, 5 Spd Mannual Nothing major yet, just engine mounts, brakes, tires, tune-ups. All routine!! Love the truck so much, gave it to my son to drive-if he can't kill it, no one can!!
Dodge Dakota SLT 1994Chris Stevens213,800 miles/342,080 km5.2 L (318) , Automatic, 2WD 2x Water Pump, 1 Radiator, 1 Ball Joint, 2x Front Brake Rotors/Calipers, 1x Rear Brakes, 1 Rear Brake Line She only stranded me once in 11 years. Limped home a few times tho.
Dodge Dakota 1997Michael Pucak278,938 miles/446,300.8 kmv-6 Water pump Still runs great. I am trying to make it to 300,000
Dodge Dakota 1994Mark Seagondollar206,000 miles/329,600 km3.9 V6, 5 speed, tow package Tires, fan clutch, fuel pump, ignition switch, batteries, rear speakers. Clear coat is starting to peal. Seals leaking a bit on engine. Dog reliable, a work horse. My wifes thinks I should sell it, but as a secondary vehicle, it hauls the dogs and big stuff. What could I replace it with that I trust as well and not lose a wad money?
Dodge Dakota Sport 1994Name Withheld219,345 miles/350,952 km5.2L V-8, 5 speed, 3.92 rear Repaced rear axle assy at 209,000 / clutch at 134,000 / fuel pump 88,000 R.I.P. Bought it new in 1994, died in 2003. Cost fo repairing the truck far exceeded its value. Towed a 7000 lb trailed from Mich to Texas when it had 200,000, this unfortunately led to its demise, when it arrived in texas after towing, engine mounts, trans mount, rear end, suspension, etc. were trashed. It was just too old to be towing anymore.
Dodge Dakota 1992Dan VanRoekel200,325 miles/320,520 km5.2 Magnum w/ Automatic transmission, 2WD Fuel pump @ 75k; Water pump @ 120k; Computer @ 180k; AC just starting to act up. Motor still runs strong and quiet. Trans computer needed adjusting early on, but has been good ever since. I was hoping to get 250k out of it before thinking about a new truck; it looks like I'll make it. Maybe it'll reach 300k.
Dodge Dakota 1994Fred Weeks496,000 miles/793,600 km3.9L V6 2WD Auto Tranny rebuild @ 150,000. 3rd fuel pump. 3rd water pump. Replaced Alternator, radiator, fan clutch. No work on Engine My daughter "lovingly" refers to it as the "Screaming Metal Death Trap"....I love my truck...Way to go Dodge!!!! [VERIFICATION IN PROGRESS - miles updated from 464,000 on 9-21-2009]
Dodge Dakota 1998Rodney220,000 miles/352,000 kmV6 automatic 4-speed No major repairs. According to Carfax it has never been wrecked. I am the 3rd owner of the vehicle and have had to replace nothing except brake pads and tires. The only thing wrong with it is front end problems, but otherwise drives fine. Also has no leaks anywhere.
Dodge Dakota 1989Todd Stanley512,000 miles/819,200 km2.5L, 5sp., standard cab, 2wd Rebuilt the transmission(input shaft), several valve cover gaskets(leakage), head gasket, steering rack & pump(oem damaged in crash), radiator, radiator fan motor, heater fan motor, water pump, various sensors, alternator brushes, front & rear main seals, inner tie rods, rotors, rear end axle & pinon seals, engine mount, catalytic converter, tailpipe(2x) muffler(4x), front brakes(3x), wheel cylinder(2x), rear brakes(1x), timing belt(3x), ECM(2x), fuel pump(2x), clutch(1x). Mechanic owned but not pampered, much dirt/backroad use, oil change intervals between 5-12,000 miles. Original engine, transmission, differental, ball joints, alternator & starter.
Dodge Dakota 192Joe jr268,549 miles/429,678.4 km4WD V8-318 5.2L Automatic. NONE It still has plenty of "get up and go" Very reliable
origional engine, I have had nothing but good service out of it.
Dodge dakota 1991bryon hagedorn220,000 miles/352,000 km3.9L V-6, A500 tranny, etc. the engine runs fine untill just recently the only thing i have ever really replaced was the usuall tune-up stuff like spark plugs, wires,et..and the pickup coil in the distributor the engine still runs strong but the transmission was really weak when i got it at around 180k miles because my grandpa would use it for his landscaping buisness and would tow around a trailer with like 3 ton or so behind it without modifying the transmission to handle it such as; a external tranny cooler,shift kit, etc... just recently the fourth, third, and reverse gears all went out at the same untill i get a new(used) tranny from somewhere i cant drive my dodge.
Dodge Dakota 1991Lance Little4407596571204,673 miles/327,476.8 km5 speed Tanny (my fault) rear end (also my fault) Geat litte truck gets 32 mpg

Dodge Dakota 2002Garrett D. Stiles211,780 miles/338,848 km4.7 Engine w/ auto trans No major, replaced upper and lower ball joints between 75000-85000 mi.
Dodge dakota 1989Robert Pearson378,954 miles/606,326.4 km3,9 v6 auto 4wd rebuilt trans @ 140000, changed oil every 3000 mi, engine never worked, on oil consumption 1 qt/2000 mi, valvoline oil, engine always warmed up before moving its starting to get rusty,
Dodge Dakota 1994Buz Wolfe200,540 miles/320,864 km3.9 v/6 automatic Trany rebuilt at 199650
Dodge Dakota Sport 1995Dennis215,000 miles/344,000 km3.9 v6 Radiator, timing chain
Dodge Dakota 1997Dave308,125 miles/493,000 km318 auto 3.55 gears 4x4. None I bought this truck from the second owner,and the previous owners kept very good care of it. Always maintained with oil changes,etc. Seems to run like a new truck and the 318 still has good punch when asked to do so.....this is why I have been a MoPar man all my life.
Dodge Dakota long bed, reg. cab 1990J L264,000 miles/422,400 kmV6, 5 spd. Rear end/fuel pump @160,000
Automatic trans. rebuild @191,000
Changed over to manual trans. @263,000
Still runs and drives great!
Dodge dakota 1988Dustin Shepherd318,649 miles/509,838.4 km3.9 liter V6 5 Seed Manual nothing out of the ordinary, waterpump, fuel pump, O2 sensor, wheel bearings master cylinder Full bodykit Windsheild visor bed flares custom paint, to bad it smokes like a freight train.
Dodge Dakota LE 1987Nick Cass229,000 miles/366,400 km3.9L Carbureted V-6 / 3spd AUTO 2 Water pumps, Fuel pump, 2 alternators, brakes, batteries, fuel sending unit, radiator, numerous carburetor rebuilds and spark plugs. This is a fleet truck for an auto parts store, which averages 150+ miles a day. Original drivetrain! Slower than most 4 cyl cars, and gets worse mileage than a v-8, but still runs strong and quiet, for the most part. Hard to believe that this carbureted motor has lasted this long with employees abusing it daily.
Dodge dakota 1994Name Withheld215,000 miles/344,000 km318 5speed 4x4 very reliable and dependable ready for a new clutch tho love my truck will never own another brand mopar or no car!
Dodge Dakota 1988Bill Descoteaux311,525 miles/498,440 km3.9L V6, 2WD, 904AT Front end rebuild at 305K, replaced what is believed to be the original radiator at 303K. Purchased truck on 10/12/2004 with 256,700 miles on it. Truck is currently my only vehicle, driven daily
Dodge Dakota 1994Peter Faletto464,188 miles/742,700.8 km5.2L V8 4WD Club Cab SLT Lifter and Cam when "a lifter turned sideways" at 48k
2 transmissions (one rebuilt)
New rearend in '07
a couple of wrecks required bodywork
Still gets ~18mpg or better if I slow down...burns a little oil
Dodge Dakota 1995Joshua260,000 miles/416,000 km5.2 port injected. 4 speed w/ overdrive automatic so its technically a 5 speed. 2wd. Dont know the model # but its a badass tranny whatever it is. I love it. and the 8.25 corporate rear end. Pegged the speedometer in a burnout and blew a thrust bearing out of the differential. 8.25 gear. replaced the diff. Changed out the universal joints on the driveshaft(not that i had to). replaced all four ball joints, inner(not that i had to) and outer tierods. replaced leaking water pump twice. Crack in frame passenger side just behind the upper control arm. Ground out the crack w/ die grinder, welded w/ reversed polarity so the metal would "suck" in the weld rather than cover it up, and reinforced w/ a rectangular cut piece of steel welded over the repaired crack. and thats about it except for tune-ups. the oil gets changed every 3,000 miles. Use Pennzoil high mileage 10w30. this engine has no sludge whatsoever and with 260,000 miles on it the oil on the dipstick looks new when its time for an oil change.(pretty impressive)I have not had to use Lucas or anything like that, this thing does not knock or tick. Keep in mind i race this truck all over the place and wind out every gear when doing it. This is the best truck i have and will ever own and would drive it forever if not so outdated. If Chrysler would build another Dakota like this one i would buy it right now.
Dodge Dakota 1993Renee Dupont293,439 miles/469,502.4 km3.9 v-6 original transmission Alternator, Fuel pump, water pump, timing chain and gears.
Dodge Dakota 4x4 1990Ronnie Hintz200,100 miles/320,160 km3.9 liter fi with over drive fuel pump /fuel lines runs like a champ
Dodge Dakota 4x4 ClubCab 1995John White229,821 miles/367,713.6 km5.2 Magnum, A518, 8 1/4 rear axle Transmission rebuilt at about 180,000 miles, replaced plenum gasket and timming chain at about 200,000 mi.

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