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Make Model Year Owner Mileage Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996Phil Chumley312,000 miles/499,200 kmautomatic transmission rebuilt engine, new tranny, new radiator, that's it! Still runs great, when it's clean, it looks almost new!
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1994Tim O'Toole249,000 miles/398,400 km5.2l (318) V8, 46rh transmission, np249 transfer case, 3.73 differentials Transmission at 247K, 2 fuel pumps, 2 water pumps, transfer case viscous coupler, condensor, evaporator, radiator (to eliminate refrigerant leak. Jeep is preparing for it's second life - plenty of off-road time. I expect to build a new engine for it in the next year.
Jeep grand cherokee limited 1995emily brunette263,000 miles/420,800 kmv8 4x4 3rd transmission
3rd engine
8th radiator
new axels
new drivers side door (it fell off the hinges)
3rd horn
4th wiper module
then all the normal stuff
i need a new engine
anyone have one
Jeep Grand Cherokee TSI 1998Kevin Ball208,333.12 miles/333,333 km5.2 V-8 Transfer Case seals, water pump (3 times) Great vehicles
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1993George Meyer250,100 miles/400,160 km4.0 I6, AW4 front driveshaft, steering gear
Jeep grand cherokee 1994anita benson246,000 miles/393,600 kmautomatic We replaced the left front axel a month or so ago. now we have to replace the right one or the balljoints, not quite sure. If you know i would like info on how to replace the balljoints,I have read through the whole manual and theres nothing telling me how to replace it.
Please never contact me by phone...
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993steve petroski208,002 miles/332,803.2 km4.0L, auto Bought with 150,000 miles. Four years later, I've only replaced the ECM, security module, tires, brakes. Idle has always been a little rough. One rip on arm rest, no leaks, no odd noises. It's been a great year round vehicle (except 6 cyl gets gas mileage avg 13.6). Driving thru snow is awesome. I don't baby this Jeep, but it still looks and drives almost brand new! and its pre-Mercedes!
Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) 1993Corey Dunn317,977.5 miles/508,764 km318, 4spd Auto, NP249 T-case Transfer case VC Transmission starting to go....
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1995Van Pinnock238,199 miles/381,118.4 km4.0 Liter; 6 cyl Driver's side front door had to be replaced about three years ago. Locking mechanism and door jam failed.
Jeep Laredo Grand Cherokee 1993Michael Packer210,610 miles/336,976 km5.2L AWD coil replacement at ~80,000 miles
radiator and waterpump replacement at 195,000 miles
brake disc replacement at ~ 100k miles
Most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. My other vehicle is a 1992 Mercedes Benz 500SL and have had mostly cosmetic problems but is still less dependable than the Jeep.
Jeep grand cherokee 1999jeff goral200,001 miles/320,001.6 km4.0L i-6 water pump at 60,000 rear end rebuild at 62,000 (warranty) and pcu before i bought.output sensor on tranny. thats it. very thristy but very dependable. regular maint. and rotors and pads. bought with 51,000 on it. replacing 02 sensors soon
Jeep grand cherokee Liminted 1995Dwight Marchant272,500 miles/436,000 km5.2 auto dana 35 rearend rear axle
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993Jim Hansen223,445 miles/357,512 km4.0 L Quadratrac water pump, harmonic balancer pulley, radiator, alternator, power steering pump(in other words, just normal maintenance items). Engine and drivetrain have never been apart. Bought this at 100,000 miles about 5 years ago, and it has been a wonderful vehicle. Still take it on cross country trips and it still looks great. Die hard Jeep owner who just purchased a 97 GC Limited with 91,000 miles and just hope for the same dependability. Have owned 5 jeeps and all have been exceptional except for an 89 Wrangler.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996Will Johnson287,000 miles/459,200 kmV6 Water Pump, Throttle Position Sensor, Catalytic Converter, Main computer board, (two of those wheels that the Serpentine belt wraps around whatever they are called)
Jeep grand cherokee laredo 1995alan theodhor202,365 miles/323,784 km6cyl sport trac 4wh dr no major repair just normal maint. jeep is in very good condition considering it has spent all of it's life in northern New Hampshire. Transmission is starting to get a little mushy, newer a strong point with later Chryslers
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000Victor R. Pickle200,034 miles/320,054.4 km4.7 V/8 45RFE Automatic Front differental rebuild at about 90,000 miles. Front driveshaft TSB done at same time. Brake TSB done at about 100,000 miles. Tie rod ends at about 140,000 Miles. Little things like TPS sensor, oil pressure sending unit, leaking t-stat housing every so often. This is a work car, it is loaded down with tools and test equipment for servicing hospital gas systems. I drive sometimes 1000 miles a week. I am very happy with this car, it is dependable, comfortable, easy to park, has plenty of power and can go just about anywhere in all kinds of weather.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1994Jamey L. Shute200,001 miles/320,001.6 km4.0 Liter 42RE trans and all wheel drive transfer case radiator @80000 miles Transmission @120000 miles at 150000 miles puilled engine replaced all gaskets minus head gasket, installed new stainless steel exhaust manifold and super "C" muffler. also installed new crank and cam sensors. installed MOPAR performance plug wires and autolite plantnium spak plugs. k+n air filter, ported intake manifold and throttle body, installed 2inch throttle body raiser.195H.P. stock 225 with all my mods:)
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1993Darrel D Miller Jr200,475 miles/320,760 km4.0L, Automatic New radiator and power steering pump in 2005, brakes, u-joints, tune-ups and oil changes. I purchased it with 124,000 and it has been the best vechicle I have ever owned (knock on wood) At this time everything works except the delay wipers.
Jeep grand cherokee laredo 1994Jared Hayward218,500 miles/349,600 km4.0 Liter Straight 6 Automatic Radiator and Water-pump Great vehicle, Still Running Strong
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1993Name Withheld230,150.62 miles/368,241 km5.2
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1993Emelia Uetz201,653 miles/322,644.8 km5.2L V-8, Automatic, All-Time 4wd Replaced the PCM, no major repairs, but its starting to nickel and dime us
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1995Don Bloss248,684 miles/397,894.4 km4.0L, automatic, 4WD New Head, (son drove with bad water pump.) Replaced Transfer Case ( I shifted improperly into low range.) All original except for above repairs, brakes, some hoses, filters, water pump, and fuel pump. Runs great and gets 22mpg. Going for 300,000 miles and more. Some rust showing up this year due to rock dings. May repaint in spring.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996Mike Siegel200,350 miles/320,560 km5.2 L Magnum V8 Performance modifications: M1 intake manifold, K&N filter, Rapid Fire Spark Plugs I use this ZJ to pull a 20 foot boat 8 months a year. It is my daily driver and always performs awesome, good or bad weather, hauling my boat or just me.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1995Christopher Burnett227,000 miles/363,200 km4.0L, 42RE Exhaust manifold, catalytic converter (twice), alternator, water pump, radiator, A/C evaporator (twice), front and rear differential overhauls. Original tranny, although it threatens me with some slippage now and then. I love my Jeep!! Bought used in 1998 with 26,000 miles on it.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993Shawn Stanley230,516 miles/368,825.6 km4.0L I-6 - Auto Water Pump/belt
PCM (Computer)
Rear axles/bearings
Purchased with 191,000 miles for $250.00 as dump vehicle - other car quit, now daily driver. Burns a little oil, but runs great!
Jan2011- Not a daily driver anymore, but I still drive it at least once a week!
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1995Etta Burpo269,000 miles/430,400 kmv-6 automatic transmission replaced fuel pump
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998Bob Arnold310,023 miles/496,036.8 km5.2L 318, auto, 242 fulltime t-case Transfer case, Front drivers side axle shaft, and rear ring and pinion. This was caused by my two sons from alot of offroad abuse. They both drove this vehicle when they turned 16 and it shows. Nothing ever done to the motor or tranny except regular maintence. This Jeep has been used very hard without ever a problem. From rockcrawling to sand dunes to pulling other Jeeps to the trail. The V8 can still smoke my sons Jeep with the 6cyl and it has over half the miles..
Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition 1995Name Withheld240,000 miles/384,000 km5.2L, automatic tranny, full-time 4WD transfer case, Dana 30, Dana 35 No "major" repairs, but tons of small ones...passenger side front axle, steering box, power steering pump and lines, steering stabilizer, passenger side knuckle and caliper, Passenger side ball joints 3 times, wheel bearings, oil sender unit, engine fan, distibuter, starter, water pump, radiator, rear ring and pinion I love my Jeep. The Orvis Editions are pretty rare and I love the interior. I am trying to get as many miles on it as possible. From Georgia, I have driven it to Miami, Colorado, Virginia, and everywhere in between. Whenever I hit the smallest pothole on the front passenger side, I almost loose control of the Jeep and the front end starts bouncing up and down until I stop. I cannot find what is wrong with it though. It drives me crazy. I also go through a quart of oil a week. I take it through anything though, long road trips, small trips, mud, rocks, water, dirt roads, whatver I can find. I have never been stuck or stranded yet (knock on wood). I am going to try and drive it until the wheels fall off, then I will up-grade to a newer model Grand Cherokee.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996Dan Caissie310,000 miles/496,000 km5.2L automatic trans with all wheel drive replaced trans at about 230,000 miles.
I have driven this Jeep very hard I used to town my drag car with it about 4000lbs and I have even drag raced it a few times and yet it still driving good.
The motor is getting tired could use rings and some valve seals.

It starts right up every day and still looks good too.
I want to get to 400,000 miles before I put it to rest at least.
Jeep 1993 Grand Cherokee 1993Jess D280,062 miles/448,099.2 kmV6 4.0L fuel pump and lines @ 200,000 mi, rear diffrential, transfer case, alternator, trouble with starter but still going strong great jeep, still going strong. recently got totaled by the insurance company, mostly body damage though. bought it back and had to replace small things like fan shroud, radiator support, lights and grille.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996Name Withheld230,000 miles/368,000 km5.2 L V8, 4X4 Replaced the radiator, water pump, alternator.
Rebuilt the transimission.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1996Nathan Schultheis272,194 miles/435,510.4 km5.2L V8, Quadra-Trac Water Pump (2x) & Exhaust are the only major repairs. All others wear and tear (i.e brakes, tires, etc.) Still racking up around 800 miles per week and going strong!!
Jeep grand cherokee 1993Randy Reeves318,041 miles/508,865.6 kminline 6cyl 4x4 , 373 gears renewed valve seals@236,000,crank sensor@231,000,right axle,rt whl cyliner and shoes @278,000,alternater@245,000,a/c dryer@238,00 love the jeep wanted another problems with new models decided not to buy one. really like the idea of the CRD will wait to see how longevity is on them. I hope with mercedes involved it will last like thier cars with the diesel motor.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1995Warren Franklin224,956 miles/359,929.6 km318 engine, 4 spd. auto radiator, water pump, ac compressor This has been a great vehicle. Just completeed a 1800 mile trip with no problems.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1994Cheryl Talbott255,382 miles/408,611.2 km5.2 liter V8 automatic Engine is still solid; just the usual stuff... waterpump, thermostat. Didn't even need a tune-up until 110,000 miles!!! Just had the transmission completely rebuilt (255,000 miles) The oil was changed religiously every 3,500 miles.
Jeep grand cherokee 1993Name Withheld277,985 miles/444,776 km5.2 4speed over drive valve joob at 245 & timing chain never tune it up till way over 200,000 or brake job this jeep has a hard life i,ve pulled every thing from a a small trailer to a semi with it and drug more cars and trucks out of creeks and out of deep gullies and it has nevr let me down owned it since new
Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE 1997RICK BERRY211,538 miles/338,460.8 km5.2L V8 4SPD AUTO trans overhauled at 100k, rear diff repaired while under basic warranty. great vehicle, still strong. has been reduced from everyday driver for my wife (from new to 210,000 miles) when we purchased our new 06 Commander(yeah it's got a hemi). Now it just runs to the beach and back and is an occasional replacement when another car is down.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Lardeo 1999Andrew Cwiertniewicz215,312 miles/344,499.2 km4.0 liter, 4x4 Brakes of course. Problem with this first redesign Grand Cherokee. Added 2002 models calipers, less brake problems. Transfer case seals when new, replaced under warranty. CV Boot & Water pump @ 165k. Fan relay switch x2. Transmission rebuilt @ 215k Engine is still running strong. Burnt the transmission from towing too much weight. Body is in great shape. Wondering if it could make it another 215k????
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1994Mark Zellmer215,789 miles/345,262.4 km5.2L full time 4 x 4 Transmission, electrical
Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado 1998Richard Lanzarone305,671 miles/489,073.6 km4.0 V6 , SelecTrak 4WD front & rear diff rebuilds
New front bumper cover
new headlights, front turn signals, side markers
still looks and runs like the day I bought it 10 years ago
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1994Name Withheld215,000 miles/344,000 km5.2L V-8 4x4 Auto 2 Water Pumps, 1 Fuel Pump, 1 AC Compressor Still runs and looks great. The paint has a little less gloss, but virtually no rust!
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1997Jesse L. Taylor219,674 miles/351,478.4 km4.0 Liters, Automatic None Since I have had the vehicle, the water pump, power steerig pump, fuel pump, rotors and brakes, belt and hoses have been repaired.
It has been a great vehicle for me. Hopefully, I can get a few more hundred thousands out of it.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1994Name Withheld203,000 miles/324,800 km4.0 Liter Automatic 3 water pumps, 2 exaust manifolds, ignition switch, cam shaft position sensor This has been a great car.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1996Name Withheld302,000 miles/483,200 km5.2 liter v8 318 transmission rebuilt @ 89,000 miles, radiator, water pump, starter
Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE 1998J CORONADO200,000 miles/320,000 kmV-8, automatic 4x4 Radiator started leaking replaced,replaced rotor brake on lift front side Second owner, do most maintaince work myself. chang oil every 6000 miles, no major repairs.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1994Larry Lynch452,106 miles/723,369.6 km4.0L, 42RE Automatic, 2WD 2 water pumps, alternator @ 310,000 miles, power steering pump(I broke it) @ 345,000miles, steering gear(loose) @ 345,000 miles, motor mounts, welded crack in exhaust manifold @ 190,000 miles, radiator, 1 rear axle and axle bearings @ 220,000 miles, ac clutch, condenser and evaporator @ different times, valve guide seals and lifters(one was noisy) @ 284,000 miles, rear shocks @ 320,000 miles, Ignition coil @ 352,700 miles, transmission @ 340,200 miles only because cooler clogged, PCM @ 377,500 miles We bought the car in 1997 with 61,000 miles. It seems like a lot of repair work but with all these miles and over ten years we consider it one of the best cars we have ever owned. We're hoping to get 500,000 miles out of it.
Jeep grand cherokee laredo 98darin h222,997 miles/356,795.2 km4.0 I6 selectrac water pump 2x an altrntr 2x radiator 1x wheel bearing 1x I have had i6's before though they aren't knowen for great pick-up or speed, but for reliabilty I'ed put it up against a diesl hands down. I honestly believe you get your money and time back from this motor, not to mention a good relationship with your vehicle. When it came time to retire my old I6 I had a moment with her before I said good-bye.
Jeep grand cherokee Leriado 1996Timothy Govenettio RN225,582 miles/360,931.2 km4.0, 4 speed auto, np 242 , Full Time 4X4 OD repair, rear axle bearings/and gears, possible valve lifters soon Very reliable easier to repair than most.

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