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73 year old cab driver Joseph Vaillancourt of Montreal put 1.6 million miles on his Plymouth Fury cab! It's fully documented!

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2003 Additions (386 total)

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Year - Model Miles Powertrain Name Repairs Comments
1975 Dodge Aspen 529760 VERIFIED 225/4spd manual a833 Hubert Earl Rodenbaugh Jr 6 clutches... my fault. 1 starter and 1 alternator. No ring job or anything done to engine save a timing chain 6 or 7 months ago just to be safe. the car is ugly to death but I put the last 400,000 on it as hard as possible with no repairs.
1980 Dodge W-100 488000 VERIFIED ORIGINAL V-8 JAMES VOWELL Replaced bed with wood flat bed. Replaaced rear break. Since posting, lost a freeze plug that caused the block to crack. Mileage based on current and previous owners' statements. Paid $500 for it - they said it wouldn�t start. I played with the carb for ten minutes and drove home. It still starts on the first try. (VERIFIED)
1994 Dodge B350 van 477000 VERIFIED 360mpi a-518 greg liascos it got a motor after 320k and needs a new egr still looks and runs good 15mpg
1977 Dodge B-300 465000 VERIFIED 318 4 BBL 727 Torqueflite Bruce D. Crowe Engine patch up at 375000 miles rings,rod bearings,timing chain and used heads.Transmission case cracked at 425000 miles,After pulling 100,000+ lbs of broken down Peterbilt with a dragline on it. I have been driving this truck for almost 20 years it had 21000 miles on it when I bought it for $300 and I have been abusing it ever since. I'm an ASE Master Auto/HD Tech and use it for long haul road service,it grosses 10,000 lbs and will pull anything I need to! I keep telling her I'll be nicer to her but the old girl knows I'm lying to her!!!!
1989 Dodge caravan 427500 VERIFIED v6 3.0 3 speed auto Reinhold Schmidt Valve guides,valve job. Reverse band strut at about 300,000 What more can I say, the mileage says it all. ["I just used the 400 thousand plus vehicle this week to tow an 89 Mitsubishi Montero about 250 miles on a tow dollie...It didn't miss a beat!!"]
1989 Dodge Dakota 2wd 413000 VERIFIED 2.5liter with the 5 speed Dan Peterson I replaced only #2 exhaust valve at 365,000 mi. cleaned off the carbon and put it back together. The entire drive train is otherwise original, other than the obvious, timing belt, brakes, etc. The original exhaust lasted to 300,000 miles before it clogged up when the fuel injector went bad. It runs great other than a rough idle and strong fumes from the exhaust which just began a week ago. It has only been in the shop maybe 10-12 times since new. My brother bought it new in Minneapolis and was a courior. He moved back to Milwaukee and had a city route which wore the clutch at 77,000 miles. Then he did a Chicago trip twice a day for several years. He was going to trade it in at 296,000 miles. I said NO WAY! I bought it for $500 and it still a daily city driver at 401,700 miles. I helped maintain this truck from the beginning since I am the car guy in the family, so I know it's history. Why buy Japanese when you can buy a Mopar?
1989 Dodge Dakota 4x4 408000 VERIFIED 3.9 V6 and a five speed Robert Brockmann 3 clutches, transmission overhaul at 260,000 (son borrowed truck and returned it with stripped first gear), engine at 357,000 (bad lifter, but with that many miles, why not put in a new engine), 3 water pumps, 2 alternators, 3 radiators, and a pocket full of 4 wheel drive vacuum switches. Excellent truck. It has been driven in excess of 10,000 miles in 4 wheel drive. The places where it has not been repainted (deer, drunks, etc) are starting to flake off. [List maintainer adds: original owner.]
1974 Dodge D200 380000 VERIFIED 360 4 barrel with a holley 4 barrel w/A727 tranny Michael Winsett none but the a727 transmission engine has never been rebuilt, only new intake put on because i got rid of the egr
1989 Dodge Grand Caravan 378000 VERIFIED 3.0 w / 604 OD tranny Gregory Wright 604 tranny replaced 4X, valve guides/seals replaced 2X, 1 oil pump replaced, 2 water pumps replaced. Pennzoil - recently 1 qt Marvel Mystery Oil. Used synthetic when valves clicked a year ago (worked). Bearings looked new at 300K. Guides, seals clean @ 278K. Clearcoat started wearing off after 9 years. Rear hatch rusting around bottom of glass, right doors at bottom. Original owner. Clear coat gave out after 9 years ! Paint fades.....
1991 Dodge D-250 372822.7153424 5.9 cummins, 5sp gertrag Pete Injection pump rebuilt, two clutch release bearings functioned as a large animal veterinary service vehicle
1993 Dodge Dakota 368717 VERIFIED V-6, 3.9 Liter, manual trans. David F. Henry The original clutch lasted 356,000 miles. Brakes have been changed 3 times. Cataletic Converter has been changed 2 times. Fuel pump changed 2 times. Water pump changed only once. We bought this truck brand new. All in all, it's been a good vehicle. Paint looks like crap, peeling off everywhere, but I still get 20 miles per gal. & doesn't use hardly any oil. It still has the original starter. Original engine....Still driving it every day, averaging 160 miles per day & 20 mpg. We're still using the original starter. We got 356,000 on the original clutch."
1966 Plymouth valiant 358000 VERIFIED 170 slant 6 3spd on the tree Ed Theilmann and Cecilia Smith replaced motor at 250000mi rebuilt front suspencion at 175000mi replaced entire hydrolic system at 100000mi and all the usual stuff like brakes,tires,tune ups when needed it's the best car i've ever owned and probably ever will own
1970 AMC hornet 352677 VERIFIED 232 l6 robert hofmann transmisson ""I am the 3rd owner and my father was the second and uncle bought it new....the mileage was recorded when we registered the car in Kansas and again when we moved to Kentucky in 1996. The mileage was recorded each year.""
1989 Dodge Spirit 350987 VERIFIED 2.5 T1 with 5-Speed Getrag A520 Transmission Michael Denney Headgasket 2x. Had 200,000 when purchased. Great car - gets up and goes just like new - the engine is very clean inside.
1994 Dodge B250 cargo van 348000 VERIFIED 318ci 3spd w/overdrive Hugh Garteiser Transmission
1977 Dodge Valiant Super Bee ( Mexico ) 341754 360 / thermoquad / torqueflite Felipe Fernando Pulido Alvarez Total repair in 2001 year, because the oil pump low pressure and necesary open the engine. this year ( 2001 ) my car move up 180 Km/h one week before the repair the oil pump. Engine open change all parts deteriored, adjust the metals and all engine clean. Please send me photos of Aspen R/T 1977 ( I believe the version in Mexico of Super Bee is the Aspen R/T in USA ). I see this page, the chargers an Super Bee ( USA version ), lpease send me photos the USA-Super Bee 1�000,000 Thanks I 100% mopar entusiast.
1986 Dodge Mini Ram Van 335000 VERIFIED 2.2 liter engine; 4-speed transmission David Bertelson rebuilt engine at 220,000 miles; replaced 4-speed transmission at 230,000 with used one from junk yard; drive axles replaced twice; started using Mobil One oil since it was new. "The good news I have all the repair records. The bad news is I recently wrecked my 1986 Mini Ram Van on the Ohio turnpike. The final mileage that was on it was about 335,000. I was the original and sole owner of the Mini Ram Van since June 1986, for a total of 18 years!!!"
1967 Plymouth Belvidere 2 333489.918873777 318 sm 904 aut Dan karlsson A PAINT AND A NEW GER BOX.
1977 Dodge Custom Royal Sportsman van 333169 VERIFIED 360/A-588 Don Eyeball New .030-over 360 engine and 4-speed auto trans at 300,000. It didn't need it really, but I thought it DESERVED it! It started giving me grief at about 288,000, I decided to let it get to 300k before I changed the motor. I have gone on several US tours with a few different bands I was in, that's where most of the mileage comes from. It is a highroof extended ""handicap"" van. It has a queen-size bed, TV, DVD player, and fridge. It has been my tow vehicle for my 67 Barracuda drag car, my flea market junk hauler, my band's tour van, and my home when I was homeless.
1988 Dodge d100 ramcharger 331000 VERIFIED 318 engine , factory trans. john curry nothing to engine , nothing to transmission , a/c replaced and regular stuff, i.e. starter and water pump etc. (Rebuild engine after posting.) no trouble at all with transmission , no trouble with engine , just keep the fluids and filters fresh , and no hotroding and no bajaing
1992 Chrysler LeBaron 330000 VERIFIED 3.0L and 5spd manual Tom Berkebile The most major repair to date is a starter and two alternators. I developed a leak in my manual trans somewhere and plan to pull the drivetrain to repair/replace all the seals. I've had to replace the drivers qtr window twice (the cable pulled through). I also needed to replace the throttle position sensor, radiator, fuel pump, a couple of thermostats, a top and replaced the worn suspension parts last year. I also have some grounding issues that I hope to clear up when I replace the engine (gauges are acting up). It NEEDS valve seals and all new engine gaskets. This car still has the original clutch. It has leaky oil seals so it smokes and the valve covers leak but aside from that the engine runs great. I live in NW Ohio, we use salt. I have no rust other than on a crossmember part over the rear axle. ["I live in Toledo and work in Detroit, so that is where my mileage is coming from. That is anywhere between 50 and 75 miles one way every weekday."]
1992 Dodge Spirit 328541 3.0L, 3 speed Jim O'Brien Head gasket, rear mains, oil pan replaced
1967 Plymouth Fury I 328262 VERIFIED LA 318 and 727 Torqueflite Michael Harnett Three rebuilds, new 727TF, interior, radiator building stock 318 for more power, hasn't been driven in one year, always a reliable, economical, comfortable car.
1996 Dodge Ram 2500 325745 Cummins Diesel Stan & Charisma Hicks It has never needed anything major, only minor items, such as tie rods, alternaters and one starter. We have enjoyed the dependability and service that it has shown us. I have no idea when we will retire it. Maybe Never!!
1990 Dodge Dynasty 325000 3.3 Ron Ptaszenski since ive owned it inner tie rod ends and a no start prob linked to 2 bare wires of the coil pack just developing starter probs but easy fix rides like new best $500 i ever invested
1992 Jeep Wrangler 322371 4L 6 cylinder; 5 speed Laurie Hauschild Clutch at 160,000; head gasket & valve job at 180,000
1989 Dodge w-250 power ram 320000 318/727 Richard Pickering alot of front end work
1973 Dodge B-200 320000 318 2bl...727 trans Art Campbell no major needed....just got nervous so I rebuilt the engine and trans at....290000 bought it new in 1972...never left me stranded never been towed....I drive it every day
1993 Dodge Dakota LE 2WD 319700 VERIFIED 3.9L V-6, 5-speed Dave Allison Fuel pump, control arm bushings, water pump, radiator, universals, transmission mount. Still runs great, burns no oil, transmission occasionally slips out of 5th. Buy good oil - change it often. [List maintainer notes: Dave used to have a 230 mile round-trip commute, then a 160 mile commute.)
1987 Dodge Caravan 319034 2.6 Mitsubishi Bill Overcash Cylinder head at 84K,chain and guides at 170,000,one alternator,one radiator,a/c evaporator,two mufflers and tailpipes,three sets of brakes,left axle shaft,right side still the original one. I was always told the 2.6's were no good.This on still burns no oil,bottom end never apart and transmission has had two oil and filter changes.Nothing else
1977 Dodge Royal Sportsman Van 318044 VERIFIED 318, A-727 auto Don Vadovic Replaced engine when it hit 300,000. It was still running okay, but my band was going on our 4th tour in it and I figured it deserved a new engine. I also converted it to 1-ton stuff-springs, brakes, Dana 60 rear, etc. Looking for A-518 trans, the 4:10 gears don't do too well on the highway! It is a .030-over 318 with swirl-port heads, Offenhauser intake, Thermo-Quad, Hedman headers and dual exhaust.
1993 Dodge Caravan 316000 2.5 L 4CYL 3 speed Withheld on request struts,tranny,axile's,exhaust manif.,computer,fuel pump, still has original engine and A\C compressor Change oil every 3K and use 20/50 Drive it 100 miles a day
1983 Chrysler fifth avenue 310685.596118666 318 ci , A904 Robert Jones My father has a 1983 fifth avenue going on 500 000 km now with one trans >rebuild (which we did ourselves. for some reason the needle bearings on >one gear on a planetary set had fell out in to the pan :) )and one head >rebuild, 2 timing chains, one water pump, 2 ball joints, 2 tie rod ends, >added extra leaf in the rear springs, 2 alternators, one starter, radiator >and a few carb rebuilds which STILL get around 30 miles /imp GALLON (not >us gallon) AND uses no oil. we originally bought this car as a >replacement for our old '74 new yorker with a 440 and 238,000 miles with >only 150,000 k on it >still going strong getting a little rusty but it amazes me how long one >can drive a car with proper oil changes and plugging in the engine heater >when its cold. >ps we live in winnipeg and it has seen its share of -35 degrees F >
1972 Dodge Coronet Station Wagon 310643 VERIFIED 318, 904 Mark Denlinger #8 exhaust valve burned at 237,000 requiring valve job. Tranny untouched except for fluid/filter changes. Two timing chains. Bought used in 1972 with 7,000 miles. This car is a tank. Tows a 2200 lb trailer without complaint. Original Royal Blue paint still shines.
1987 Jeep Cherokee 310000 4.0 Ltr. 6 CYL. Willie No major problem except for the common blow-by problem.
1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 309321 4.0 straight 6/Auto Jamie Richards Had transmission replaced just before we bought it at 265,000. Has since needed a crank sensor, and U-joints. Believe it or not, the body has virtually NO rust! Amazing considering it's spent it's life in Nebraska!
1977 Dodge D-100 307625 360/727 william shaffer none needs valve seals
2001 Dodge Ram 3500 307503 5.9 Cummins Robert Rhodes Engine Control Module, rust on left quarter and abs light on
1989 Plymouth Gran Fury 306000 318ci 2-bbl Police HD / 3 spd torqueflite Brad Shales None really just a cap and rotor/ plugs coil and electronic voltage meter Police package / had 300,000 miles on it when it was parked it sat for 7 years never moved or started / started on first crank "Amazing" only needed the parts listed to run a solid car no rust and very "FAST"
1988 Jeep cherokee 306000 4.0 auto 4X4 and I use it off road mike transmission at 296000 just because the cooler line fell off from bad repair. thought the rear main was leaking but found out the pcv line was plugged with carbon, cleaned it out and cleaned engine no leaks. just cant seem to get it to idle low all the time. other than the crankshaft sensor. and regular maintenance great car.
1991 Dodge DAKOTA 305365 5.2L V-8 318 eid Charmaine Brooks REBUILT TRANSMISSION SOMEWHERE AROUND 150,000-200,000 miles. Just don't think Dodge makes them with as much staying power and endurance as they used to....especially the engines. Until about a year ago, I consistently got 18 mpg (city & hwy). Unfortunately Dodge decided to quit making a few parts for my pickup because it was over 10 year requirement. Too bad, cause I really do like and am attached to my Dakota. My Dakota has been a real trooper for me. Would like to be able to keep fixing it up and just keep driving it till I take my last breath.
1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 302931 3.3liter/4speed overdrive Jim Bonesteel Original owner had transaxle rebuilt.I have replaced:one front axle(drivers side),engine computer,alternator,radiator,water pump,front struts,rear shocks,front wheel bearing(passinger side),head light switch,main wiring to both doors Iam the 2nd owner.Original owner(had it ordered in TX)sold it because of wiring trouble and high miles (295,000).He also owed our family money.
1992 Dodge Dakota 302653 3.9 V-6, A500 Mike Hill I have only changed the water pump, starter, and fuel pump. Good truck very little trouble and has never left me stranded!
1974 Dodge D-200 300000 360 I think Gregory J. Dayley Engine\transmission Replacement, Body Work for major dents I picked it up a year or two for a couple hundred and started to rebuild it
1991 Dodge Caravan 299950 3.0 / 3Spd Leslie Watson 1 Transmission,1 set of Shocks, Timing Chain, Idler pully, 6 Sets of tires, 2 Sets of brakes,1 set of roters, 1 set of drums 1 Set of shocks, New shocks bearings 1 Starter 1 tune up, 1 Exaust System, 1 Radiator,4 Head Lights, Great Vehical, would buy another one in a NY Minute.
1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport 296600 4.0 HO... 5 spd manual Avery Younts just bought this vehicle, had 296000 miles showing,,, jeep was a 1 owner,.. All i can say is that its still smooth running but is in need of a set of rocker arm replacements This is an exceptional vehicle, shows no signs of wear on the inside. Needs rockers arms replaced
1984 Dodge Caravan LE 296204 2.2 liter engine; 5 speed standard trans Sid McCollum Overhaul (using oil) at 114,056; Overhaul & new head (swallowed valve) at 185,960. Transmission rebuilt (noisy) at about 200,000. In addition, it's had multiple replacements of water and fuel pumps, alternators, A/C compressors (converted to use R134a), rack and pinion units, struts, clutch cables, and brake pads. It's had single replacements of the radiator, the brake calipers, and the rear brake shoes and cables. I ordered it new from the factory, and I'm basically pleased with it.
1976 Dodge B200 tradesman van 295151.316312733 360 engine,loadflite trans Fred Mulder springs,transmission,aluminium engine parts,body work(rust) I live in Holland (europa)I bought the van 12 years ago.It was bought in California by the first owner. He put on about 200.000 km,I did the other 275.000 .I never had a better car than this one.I rally hope that it will last for the rest of my life!
1988 Chrysler le baron 293000 2.2 turbo not sure about the transmission alex anwiler it needed a new transmission when I bought it I've street raced and kicked the **** out of a new honda civic with it
1963 Dodge D100 293000 318 polyshphere and 4 speed 727 tony kronaizl all original rough shape but all original, runs like new
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 292171 V-8; 5.2L (318) David S. 1. Engine Mount replacement 2. CVs 3. Just now needing its first transmission rebuild 4. A/C was a big problem years ago, but I went ahead and bought my own R-134a recharge and pressure kit and having been saving tons of money since by doing this myself. 5. Original OEM Infinity CD/AM/FM Stereo is on its last leg; display is out, no radio anymore and CD is fickle. I hope to pass this onto my son someday so he can understand the appreciation of good stewardship. Change the oil religiously every 3,000 with the same everytime (Castrol GTX) and repair the little things before they add up to one big problem!
1992 Plymouth duster 290560 2.5 4 cyl with a 3 speed auto jim snell we repaced struts,sensors tires and brakes. the trans is still original! never left me stranded! it's been a wonderful car and it'll be used for daily transportation for many years to come.
1988 Plymouth Grand Voyager 289341 3.0 liter and 3 speed Automatic Rick Robinson Ball joints, Struts, Fuel Pump, Transmission at 166,000 miles Engine has never been apart. Only work has been valve seals and Timing belts (before they broke)
1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 288000 4.0 HO with 4 speed auto Dennis Schell bearings in the rear end, steering rebuilt, exhaust manifold replaced with header (twice), radiator, air conditioner, alternator. Still running great and uses no oil (well it leaks a quart between changes) but I think the rocker arms are starting to make noise.....
1995 Dodge intrepid es 286000 3.3l auto (non auto-stick) Stephen Baumgartner both cv axels, front drivers side suspention (bolt fell off, droped lower wish-bone, wheel dropped back and twisted a lot), needs bearing for transmission to cv axel formerly owned by a boat salesman out of Michigan serviced religiously by current and former owner currently using FRICTION FREE 3000 oil additive developed by Mercedes-Benz and can be puchased from Baum Enterprises their e-mail is i was getting between 18-22mpg now i get around 26-29mpg
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 286000 4.0 litre select track seth really nothing major, owned scince new, only mufflers,tune up parts, belts, rad. and one power steering pump.. Almost forgot, 3 tranny rebuilds!!! Awsome truck, I would highly reccomend this to anyone who can afford a good clean used one.
1987 Dodge 87 d150 2wd 360 727 10 bolt 285467 360 4bbl 727 8 1\4 rear bob hug jr motor mounts freeze plugs timing chain water pump carb radiator oil pump & pick up window motor p\s hose evaporator a\c control vacuum lines headlight adjusters paint we have owned the truck since new and everything is still original aside from minor repairs stil runs great at about 15 mpg
1987 Plymouth voyager le 2.6 mitsubshi 285000 2.6 liter mitsubshi Dan Hale ball joints radiator power window switch Having trouble with brakes engaging without putting any pressure on pedal
1996 Chrysler Sebring 283505 2.5 L 6G72 Jeff Sutherland Auto Transmission went out at 60K It's only seven years old for cryin out loud
1987 Chrysler fifth avenue 282500 318V8 2bbl Feedback Carb Justin. C. Spencer None. The engine has never been apart. It does need new valve cover gaskets for they are starting to leak, but other than that, strong, quiet and chryslerish. The car sat in storage for 3 years and after that time I put a battery in it, hit the gas about 5 times and turned the key. Within 5 seconds, he started right up with a little smoke and that was it. One note must be said that it has a lifter tap right after startup that goes away after 10 seconds.
1994 Dodge Intrepid 280368 3.5L Eric Babcock Axle fell out,No AC or cruise. This car will not die
1990 Dodge Dakota 280000 2.5L 5 speed manual dave logan new paint
1964 Plymouth Valiant V100 279617.0365068 Slant 198 six with 3 speed Jan None! just new bearings in the generator and new yokes. Runs great!
1995 Dodge Intrepid ES 278972 3.5 litre Scott Deaton Transmission rebuilt at 75,000 miles and 170,000 miles. Has been a very good car. I spend a lot of time in it and really love it.
1987 Dodge Mini Ram Van 278450 2.5 litre and automatic. Garry M. Beaudreau Upgraded engine from the stock 2.2, to a rebuilt 2.5 litre. The work was done here locally by Jerry's Automotive. I also had the rebuilder do a complete brake job about 2 months later when I could afford to have it done. It's rough bodywise but it gets me back and forth to work everyday. I've owned this vehicle for 4 years now. I purchased it from a friend of mine who had bought it to drive to work, but then decided it wasn't what he wanted.
1987 Dodge B-250 Ram Van 277432 318 747 jeremy settles timing chain, radiator, carb, and the rearend differental i have all dodges in my drive
1995 Dodge Neon 277000 SOHC 5-speed Brian Grant The head gasket, trans overhaul, brakes, and front axle work.. This car is the best. It's runs a lot better then most cars that came out after it...LONG LIVE MOPAR!
1995 Dodge Ram 1500 276912 5.9 Magnum Rich Petersen Trans @ 180,000
1989 Dodge DAKOTA 4WD 276682 3.9 V6 A535 NEW PROCESS Lew Cullen TRANSMISSION REBUILT AT 268K
1990 Dodge caravan 276000 2.3 petrol , autobox Mr R E Vessey head gasket,thermostat,brake discs,pads what a great van
1988 Dodge carvan 276000 2.5ltr with 3 sp auto trans scoop many head gaskets, starter alternator regular stuff. replaced pistons and rebuilt crank at 180,000. we use it to transport are dogs. So it is now the dog car
1993 Dodge Ram 250 275000 5.9L cummins, A518 automatic Chad Lyttle Transmission only. Runs great, very solid truck
1992 Chrysler New Yorker 275000 V6; 4-spped automatic Matt The transmission was replaced under warranty at 90K miles, and the starter was just replaced. Runs like the day it rolled off the assembly line.
1993 Dodge Dakota 272678 3.9 V6 Charles cluch, alternator, drive shaft front universal joint
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 272485 4.0 inline 6-cyl. Ron Rupert Major? crank-position sensor (190K), water pump (220K), transfer case(230K - my fault - don't drag 'em), power steering pump(250K - my fault - don't bang on 'em), alternator(250K), ummm... that's about it. :) Wonderful vehicle. Has been my daily driver for seven years. Starting to get quite a bit oil in the air cleaner so will be replacing various ccv components this weekend. Will be the first time the valve-cover has been off. ;-)
1992 Dodge Grand Caravan 272000 3.3 litre engine 4 speed automatic David Reece Water pump, fuel pump, lower ball joints and overhaul 4 speed automatic transmission at 211,000 miles
1994 Dodge Grand Caravan 272000 3.3 L. V-6 w/ 41TE Transmission R. Beard None, but Alternator just died. Also, flashing EGR trouble code. Took it up to the top of Mt. Washington last summer (6% Grade) fully loaded and took picture at top to send to D-C. Wife is bugging me for a new minivan so I am going to get rid of my '93 Explorer (140K miles) and keep driving this minivan till it dies.
1993 Dodge Grand Caravan 271800 3.3 L, 4 spd Jim Fulton Transmission at 70,800, spark plug helicoil at 252,000, fan motor assembly at around 200,000 Far and away the best car I've ever owned. Paint (dk. blue) is peeling.
1991 Dodge Dakota 271393 3.9ltr. V-6 5spd William Ransom Alternator, Starter, Water Pump, Air Cond. Comp, Power Steering Pressure Hose Regular Service, oil change 3,000m, Transmission oil,6,000m, All Other Filters every 6 months,
1990 Dodge Grand Caravan 271149 3.3L V-6 Bill Coan We have had to rebuild the transmission about every, 80k-110k miles. Just bought a 1992 AWD Grand Voyager with a blown transmission that has 150,000 on it.
1993 Dodge Interpid Se 271000 3.5L 24valve Don Pringle Rebuilt transmission at 100k nothing since, still going Some electrical problems now are starting, ie climate control, hard to find bushings
1993 Jeep Cherokee 271000 4.0 In line 6 cyl; 5 speed manual Robert Lord original exhaust (converter back) ONLY lasted 250,000; original rotors only 210,000. Has chewed up 3 (THREE) sets of tires in 271,00 miles. Why don't they make this car anymore? This car has never given me a lick of trouble in 10+ years in Vermont.
1987 Dodge Ramcharger 150 LE 4wd 267891 318(5.2l), 3speed automatic Matt Critcher 240,000 -- engine, transmission and transfer case overhaul. no major repairs. engine was getting where it ran a little warm, but i had transmission and transfercase rebuilt just to be on the safe side. This is the best vehicle i have ever owned. period.
1995 Plymouth Neon 267810.983854291 2 litre W Rosa Head gasket Still purring along
1979 Dodge CUSTOM 150 pick-up 266000 318ci 2 barrel with 727 automatic Jim Norbeck Jr. Automatic transmission currently out to be rebuilt. No major repairs to engine. Timing chain at @ 120,000. Carb replaced at about the same time. Currently in the process of restifying truck to better than new. I will never sell this truck. I intend to pass it on to my kids.
1992 Dodge Caravan C/V 265832 3.3 V6 Automatic David Carpenter Transmission at + - 185,000 Van used in wisconsin all of its life. still on road every day. Also have two others (1990 caravan c/v & 1984 mini ram van, bolth have 200k+)I LOVE THE CARAVAN !!!
1986 Chrysler LeBaron 265335 2.2 litre, 3 speed automatic Frank Amatangelo Replaced radiator, flywheel, water pump Original Engine, and transmission. Changed oil and filter every 3,000 miles, transmission fluid and filter every 30,000 miles. Unfortunately on a recent trip the water pump failed. Was able to drive it another 3,500 miles until the head gasket failed. Decided to put this baby to sleep. It served me well for 230,000 miles. Purshcased it from my father who had put 36,000 miles on it. I am now the proud, original, owner of a 1990 dodge spirit with 190,000 miles on it. Hoping to go well past the 265,000 miles of the LeBaron. Same maintenance engine oil and filter every 3K miles, transmission filter and fluid every 30k miles. And yes, I only use ATF+3 or greater in my transmission. I just can't bring myself around to throwing out my maintenance records for the Le Baron.
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 265000 4.0 litre inline 6 and select trac Steve Kahley Normal maintanence, Replaced alternator, fuel pump, ect.. its a larado and the abs still works and everything except the rear wiper that someone tore off. I drive it nearly everyday. Its alittle looser around the corners but get it on the highway and it just cruises along. EXCELLENT TRUCK.. still tows.. goes off roading and hauls stuff all over minnesota
1996 Dodge grand caravan 263785 3.3 v6 William Hill tranmission replaced at 189000 miles. exhaust header at 196000 miles.
1991 Dodge Datona 263000 2,5 l sohc Tommy not much but it has new cd player all new speckers and 12 inch subs it had a new exsohust put on it brakes and tires just the usual no major problums when we got the car in 92 it had 13000 miles on it today it has 263000 miles hasent been in the shop once for any major problums hell i havent even changed the oil since i had it it got changed when i bought it it runs great
1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager 261000 3.3 Withheld on request 1 transmission at 111,000, replaced by a Mopar dealer with genuine Mopar This little Grnad Voyager has been a real performer in tough times. It has only broke down once needing a Mopar trany replacement at 111 thousand. I have 150 thousand on the replacement and its still going strong. Currently, I battling an intermitent charging problem. The original 3.3 engine is still very solid performer.
1989 Dodge RAM B 250 VAN 260682 318 Ryan Rolley Normal maintenance, 5th transmission If you cant dodge it, ram it!
1992 Dodge spirit 260551.504215382 Rick Williams replaced the computer twice, installed a rebuilt transmition at around 350,000 Kms, replaced cam seals and valve cover gaskets plus the usual items from fair wear and tear. It has been a good reliable car and it unfortunate that it is nolonger available
1992 Dodge d250 260000 5.9 cummins turbio diesel carl hosey none just routine maintanence, idler pulley, valve cover gaskets, ect.
1994 Chrysler LHS 259000 3.5L 24V OD Tranny Fred Lofton Transmission replaced at 150,000. All new suspension & steering parts (easy to work on). Still get good comments from riders. Everything still works!
1989 Jeep Cherokee/Pioneer 258230 4.0l RENIX MPI w/AW4 & NP242 t-case David Howe Lee II a.k.a. The Davinator Crank case sensor and engine oil pan seals replacement along with other drive trainparts replacement and fine tuning was done by previous owner. I've already replaced all vital fluids with Amsoil premium synthetic lube products, the thermostat and the mechanical f/c fan with an electric fan to improve cooling, Wells Gold distrubutor cap-and-rotor-combo, and Bosch Platinum spark plugs. Will be tackling front hub bearings & water pump replacement next. This "baby" ROCKS!!! But seriously, I've always wanted a 4x4 vehicle but could never afford one. Then my little Datsun B-210 died after nine years of my nursing it along(I was its third or fourth owner) and I had to find a reliable replacement. My parents offered to by me a replacement for my fourty-first birthday and I at first reluctantly agreed to their offer. After looking at several possibilities which didn't pan out, we found this one for $2500 but talked the seller down to $1700 and the rest, as they say, is history
1993 Dodge Dakota 257779 3.9 liter and ? Cliff Hansen Up to this point I have replaced one water pump and had one fender repaired after getting slammed into. I believe the tranny is the 604 or something like that and it has a small problem of shifting into overdrive on occasion
1996 Dodge Intrepid 256590 3.5 liter and an Automatic transmission Bob Smith Front and rear braked calipers, timming belt, water pump, 2 fuel pumps fuel rail All in all a real good car. So far so good!
1988 Plymouth Sundance R S 5speed 254420 2.5 5 speed Brian Fasching 1 Clutch, 3 timing belts 4 half shafts changed oil every 2500 miles, still has the same starter, altinator, garage kept
1989 Dodge Grand Caravan LE 252000 3.0 Mits. 4 sp auto Mark D. Seba Trans at 140k rear brakes at 192K 3 mufflers 3 sets of brake pads/1 set rotors water pump/timing belt every 75K Paint left us at 120K leaks/uses about 1 qt. of oil between changes (Valv.20W50 entire mileage)
1989 Plymouth Voyager 250650 2.5 Non-Turbo TBI, a-604 three speed Trans Rick Timing Belt (orig went 180,000), CV Joints, Map sensor(s), Motor mounts, quit repairing the A/C compressor problems at 120,000, still on original engine and tranny. Great vehicle. Worth every penny we have spent! Has had A/C problems since it was 1 or 2 years old. Liftgate struts expired around 110K. Shocks and Struts replaced around 150K (original equip). Map sensors have quit every two years since the original expired(160K). Vehicle has been driven 80%+ on the highway 65-80 mph. Engine and tranny keep going without and problems. Have had various emmision control inconveniences over the years. Fuel tank level sending unit quit due to broken wire inside fuel tank (repaired when I thought the fuel pump had went out).
1980 Dodge D-150 250596 225 slant six 833 overdrive Lee Jennings water pump
1994 Dodge caravan 250045 Original transmission Michael Wigart Waterpump, recently replaced CV booths ans axles, Brakes. Transmission is leaking a little now. Needs seal. Has a thing for front tires. Love it. Wonderful vehicle No other issues or problems
1991 Jeep cherokee 249722 4.0L straight six clutch I am thinking of buying another one.
1987 Plymouth voyager 249235 3.0 auto Dave Young none
1976 Dodge D-200 249,243+ broke cable 2,3 years ago 225 Slant Siz, Granny lo 4 speed Dave Most recent is the exaust, all there is for exaust is bout 1 foot of pipe, the exaust manifold is cracked, the speedo cable is broken, has been for 2 or 3 years, at 249xxx Its big, ugly, loud, rusty, but the funny thing is it starts on the first shot every time, goes slower than molassis in january, specially in reverse, it can tow just about anything, if only it went faster than 50, I know it will, but then its tached out and I cant hear myself think. excellent work truck
1990 Plymouth Acclaim 248500 2.5 liter and 3spd automatic Steve transmission at 178,00 head cracked at202,000 a/c compressor at 175,000 cant beat this car would go anywhere with it
1977 Dodge Ramcharger 248091 360ci. automatic timothy jenkins camshaft swap
1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager 248000 3.3 Over Drive Carl Hackert Engine replaced with used engine. Prior veichle was a 1989 Grand Caravan which died at 313,000 with original engine and one rebuilt transmission. Had a 1986 Grand Voyager which made it to 245,000 with original engine and transmission and a 1983 with 225,000 with rebuilt engine and transmission -carburetor icing problems (added a kit) with that 4 cylinder Mitusbishi. This one's transmission just died and will be replaced by a used 1997. Prior veichle was a 1989 Grand Caravan which died at 313,000 with original engine and one rebuilt transmission. Had a 1986 Grand Voyager which made it to 245,000 with original engine and transmission and a 1983 with 225,000 with rebuilt engine and transmission -carburetor icing problems (added a kit) with that 4 cylinder Mitusbishi. First car was Dodge Omni 024 which surpassed 179,000 with VW standard.
1992 Chrysler new yorker 247856 3.3l Withheld on request one transmission, one water pump. other than that just routine mntc.
1994 Dodge Caravan 247546 3.3L A604 Craig Sherman Transmission overhaul, struts, radiator Never had an engine overhaul and it runs great !
1990 Jeep Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 246542 4.0L V-6, I don't know about the transmission Kiel Ploen There were many small electrical problems that needed or need to be fixed. Other than that there's just all the natural wear and tear repairs that are needed by every vehicle. The transmission is starting to slip a little bit.
1965 Dodge Custom 880 246000 383-4bbl, 727 Automatic Andrew Ward Engine, Transmission, Axle, A/C, Brakes Still a solid car. Near 100% Dependable. Driven on long trips regularly. Daily driver rain-snow-sunshine.
1991 Plymouth Voyager 246000 3.0 liter V6 and 3 speed auto Tom Penington Nothing major, 2 sets of front brake pads, 1 rear, fuel pump (very expensive at the dealer), 1 timing belt at about 100K, alternator, 3 mufflers, 2 tailpipes, will smoke if left idling with air on, 1 set shocks and struts. Presently leaks coolant from (I think) the O-ring behind the water pump, and will try resealing valve covers at the same time. Bought a `94 with the same engine and trans, inner cv joint going. Hate to give the old girl up, though. Sliding door lock is flaky. Has always (since I bought her with 46K) leaked tranny fluid from around the radiator, but not much. BTW, never changed the fluid, added dexron. An amazing vehicle, lifters always clattered when first started. 2 or 3 batteries replaced, speedometer works intermittently. There's a clicking under the passenger side of the dash, like a relay. Best starting vehicle ever. Smooth power, great mileage, better than my `84 2 liter.
1993 Plymouth Sundance 246000 2.5L 5-speed Roger Hanson Fuel Pump - Air conditioner condenser (not fixed) Timing belt finally broke @ 180K (no damage). Fuel pump at 220K. 4 thermostats. Original clutch. Great car - the best quality new car I've bought. Bought new - been to Canada and across the USA. We bought a 2000 Voyager so I'm selling the Sundance
1995 Dodge Neon 245441.620933747 5 speed manual Leo Sweers Head gasket at 92000km Computer and gas tank, clutch at 385000 kms That's it regular tires brakes and the oil changed every 5000kms Great car still runs strong does not burn oil...evry day driver
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 245100 318 cu/5.2 L V-8, Quadratrac 4x4 Lon Allen Original Transmission replaced at 30,000 miles. Runs and drives great. Does not burn oil. Never would know it had such high mileage. In excellent condition.
1992 Jeep wrangler 245000 4.0L, auto Ramin water pump (replaced 1999), need a new alternator possibly recently all my gages failed while drivingand started to loose power but worked fine with lights off. Next day everything was OK but battery (new) gage shows low voltage. I am thinking to buy a new alternator. I am not a mechanic and not much experience in auto repair.
1987 Dodge D150 245000 5.2 V8/904 auto Michael Lovell I have only had to replace a lifter and while doing so, I replace all lifter, cam, w/p and timing chain. Other that the normal wear and tear items that is it. I have problems getting her through the yearly inspection process and people say that I should get rid of the truck. I say NO WAY!! It has been a very dependable truck and I have very happy to have it still running as good as it is. I just replace the orginal rotors (with 245K). Other than that the truck has everything on it the day it was bought.
1977 AMC Hornet wagon 243561 310 V8, automatic Orion alternator She's a beaut!
1991 Dodge Caravan 243000 3.0 (Mitsubishi) Brian Dooley The only time it was in the shop was to replace the fuel pump. I performed all other repairs, such as brakes, struts, and timing belt. I commute to work. Round trip is 100 miles. This accounts for the high mileage. My goal with the car was to get to 238,000 miles, the distance to the moon.
1992 Dodge Grand Caravan 242540 automatic transmission with 3.3 v-6 engine Withheld on request one transmission, power steering pump, three sets of front rotors, two sets of rear drums, replaced two left side half shafts, currently replacing rack&pinion steering unit. Good car!!
1987 Jeep Cherokee/Wagoneer, Limited 242521 6.0 L six, Automatic Ed Berghino NO MAJOR repairs TO DATE! 2 sets of brakes, 2Water Pumps, 2 Starters, 1 Generator, 1 ignition switch, 1 ignition lockout, Drivers Seat Frame, 5 Plastic coolant recovery tanks (don't leave home without one[a spare that is]). not much, huh! I'm a happy camper (no pun intended) I love my little car. this car has been very a good car. It's like the Energizer Bunny. It has been very good and reliable. I still think it is attractive and i regret that it is getting tired. My only costly repairs and negative coments are; 1. the cloth and leather seats were not durable and fell apart quickly and made the interior look tacky. 2. When the Ingition lockout switch went out about a 18 months ago, it took 3ea. tows out of the boon docks, 2ea. foray's into the steering colum ($$$), 1 new ignition switch and 1 new starter before they figured out what was causing the car not to start. Perhaps the problem is poor mechanics. 3. Lest we forget--- The stupid, plastic, ill designed, unreliable, necessitating carrying a spare at all times, coolant recovery tank that has a penchant for failing in the middle of the night, usually a Saturday night, Where the nearest parts department is at least 65 miles away. Jeep has had olmost 20 years to correct the weakness in that tank, and yet every couple of years I have to belly up to a Jeep parts counter and pay $55 a piece, for 2 each ($110) for those pieces of trash. I now carry a spare recovery tank at all times.
1993 Jeep Cherokee 242000 4.0 l Jim DiPalma Water Pump@191,000
1994 Dodge Intrepid 242000 3.3L Jason None AC still works Has original front struts.
1992 Dodge Dakota LE 242000 3.9 v6 5spd S. Murphy Engine Rebuilt at 240,500. One radiator. One set of rotors. A/C twice (160K miles on current A/C). The engine rebuild was my fault, otherwise it would still be on the original build. Truck is in great shape, mechanically sound and will probably go another 250K+ miles with the new engine.
1993 Dodge dodge dakota 241325 3.9 auto Micheal Martin water pump,fuel pump, low heat from heater
1988 Plymouth voyager 241000 3.0 ltr jim christopher changed belts and hoses no major repairs
1994 Plymouth Voyager 240000 3.0 Liter Mitsubishi V-6; 3 Speed Automatic Transmission Ryan New CV joints, New radiator fan X 2
1973 Dodge B-300 Royal Sportsman Van 240000 V 318 Eric Stevens Needs major rust repair right now. Has had a new gas tank, transmission was re-built, 2 carb rebuilds, 3 brake rebuilds, new carpets, 3 alternators, engine is all original but do for rebuild. My father bought is new in 1973 to haul our family and friends since we were 6 kids +. We drove on a cross country vacation in it in 1978. I inherited it after my father died and have since driven it across the country 2 times, also to mexico, and canada. I intend on gutting it for a complete restoration to be finished in the next 5 years. Anyone who has parts can contact me at Keep these vans from rusting, change the oil and lube, and keep the carbs clean and you'll do well with them.
1987 Dodge Caravan 240000 V6 604A Jeremy Johnson The Major repairs need were heater, AC, front axle need to be replaces. Engine and Transmission done rebuild..runs great I really loved these Caravans.. I am proud of 1987, 1995, and 1998 Dodge Caravan but 1995 and 1998 were repos due to vandalized and insurance got messed up
1992 Dodge caravan 239867 3.3 v six, automatic Dale Cole regular wear items,fuel pump,water pump,alternator. Engine and trans original never rebuilt. It has outlasted two marriages
1985 Dodge D350 238450 383 hi-perf ,727A torque flite Douglas Billman engine and tranny out of a 69 charger that was raced on the track.No major repairs on engine, rebuidt tranny at 235000 engine and tranny are out of 69' charger
1992 Dodge Caravan 238192 3.0 Litre Van Allen Transmission Replacement All the paint is falling off
1993 Plymouth Acclaim 238000 2.5 3 speed auto Mike R Head gasket at 200000, Both half shafts at about 150000, 2 timing belts and the usual stuff. This is my second Acclaim. First was a 91 and sold it for 900 with the mileage just touching 300000. It ran perfect. These cars are bullet proof and will run almost forever with proper care.
1990 Dodge Grand Caravan 237879 3.3L Joe Cosgove On third tranny, second set of CV shafts, starter, waterpump. Changed oil every 3K miles and get 20mpg.
1987 Chrysler LeBaron 237386 2.5 Chris replaced the tranny at 93,000 and still going. would have many more miles by now but i recently bought a Concorde and that is now pushing 200,000 on original engine
1985 Dodge B150 237000 318,A999 Steve Marshall Put in rebuilt engine in 2000-rebuilt head was cracked-two autotrans setting up for heavy RV towing
1987 Dodge daytona shelby 237000 2.2 turbo/ 5 speed steve sorensen timing belt, fuel pump, tranmission transfer shaft and bearing, head gasket body will be gone long before drivetrain wears out, but still drven daily
1991 Dodge Dakota 236780 5.2L v-8, auto Ron Peters new radiator, new starter, timing chain, serp belt tensioner assembly (can't get a new one...fixing old one)
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. 236635 5.2L V8 Chris Cartwright Valve Spring Broke at 63,000+/- bent two rods but no internal damage - rebuilt both sides just to be sure. Spring was flawed - bubble in the metal. Tranny at 138,000+/-, water pump, power steering, intake manifold gasket at 236,534 - that's all! Just a note on the Valve Spring - the Dealership that fixed it (we were out of town in Santa Fe, NM) was outstanding - they arranged hotel, rental car, and came in at 6am and left at 8pm to rebuild the engine in 1 day! When we contacted Chrysler about this outstanding service by letter, explaining what had happened and how they had gone out of the way to help us (we were on vacation) - a Chrysler Rep called me and told me that even though the Jeep was 30,000 miles out of warranty they would cover 1/2 the cost of the repair and the other out of pocket expenses (the bill was for $1,880) - a check for $940 dollars arrived two days later.
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited ( zj ) 236183 5.2 with Jeep Quadratrac John Doub Just bought it.
1989 Dodge D-250 236000 5.2 (318) & four speed Harold Thorne Two water pumps, one power steering pump, clutch slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder, all driveshaft universal joints once, brakes twice, shocks once, altenator once, and that's about it. This truck is primarily utilized for pulling a 18' car trailer or a 16' stock trailer. Vast majority of miles are over the road hauling. No motor work other than external and no transmission work. The trans does howl slightly in all gears, probably due to miles. Still has the original clutch and pressure plate. Has been an excellent truck.....
1989 Dodge Grand Caravan 236000 Mitsu 3.0 with A604 Thomas Boegly 1989- 6 mon after purchase transmission replaced 1990- less than 1 year transmission replaced 2001- transmission rebuild (myself) & engine seal overhaul 2nd owner, 1st owner was my inlaws (purchased at ~109,000 miles)
1989 Dodge Grand Caravan 235027 3 Dave Desaulniers 3 trannies, water pump, exhaust, 4 axles, 1 front hub, 1 set reat wheel bearings, one radiator, motor mounts, valve seals Looking for 350K before body falls off
1984 Dodge RamCharger 235000 5.2l 318c.i. v-8 Barry D. Croucher II I bought this truck from the second owner. I am a mechanic so the repairs were easer. I replace the carb and installed a new starter relay and starter. I also have replaced the starter and silenoid wires. I have put new locking hubs in the front wheels, and I have installed 31x10.50r15 mud tires all the way around. I also fixed the air condition, cause I like it. I have also painted it camo since I only use it for mainly a fishing truck. The engine and tranny are original as is most of everything else. If anyone has anything for these trucks that they need to get rid of please contact me. Thanks in advance.
1988 Plymouth Horizon 235000 2.2 tbi Erik Head Gasket clutch, computer. This car has always been good to me, adequate performance while still getting the occasional 40 miles a gallon. This is a disposable car that just wont go away.
1986 Dodge B-250 235000 318; 727 trans. John A. Dotson Now in very rusted state; needs ignition maintainance; When I first got the thing i had to immediately repair the brake line; this has not been finished in the respect the rear brakes are still not bled; the harmonic balancer will not allow the flow to reach the rear brakes. Now I'm trying to find the ignition resistor (the ceramic piece with either two or four wires on it) but so far I haven't found anything remotely resembling this. I could use some help here if someone knows where this device is or what/how it's been replaced with. I could use some advise on the ignition system.
1990 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Ave 234335 3.3 liter & 4 spd auto ovdrive John H. Daniels Ovhl trans at 109,000 (major,$1500) and 179,000 (minor,$500) Repl coil X 2; repl alt; load lvlr air compr; half shafts X3 Repl front coil springs Outstanding eng but I chnge oil & oil filter every 3000 mi. SAE-30 HD all year mid atlantic region Everybody knows the trans is a DOG.
1974 Plymouth Roadrunner 234000 340/727 Withheld on request Engine replaced at 80,000 and transmission rebuilt at 210,000 I bought this car with 31,000 miles for my wife's first car and at 80,000 it broke a ring is why the engine was replaced with a 1973 340/727.
1973 Plymouth Duster 234000 318 engine, A904 Transmission Henry M. K. Alau Replacement of two freeze plugs in the back of the block, 3 front end rebuilds, replacement of 2 spindles, timing chain replaced twince (never broken, just replaced) replacement of driver's side front fender following accident I've had this car for 16 years. The engine has never been out of the car. I have replaced everything AROUND it (5 water pumps, 4 alternators, 3 starters, 1 fuel pump, 1 power steering pump, 4 carb rebuilds) but the engine itself is what Plymouth put in the car 30 years ago. Within the next 4 years, she will be completely rebuilt.
1990 Dodge B-250 SWB Cargo Van 233689 3.9 V6, 4spd/w-ovd, factory 4:11 axle John Madsen front brake rotors-idle speed actuator-wiper motor Taking off the road today- frame rusted through several places; will move drive train to clean body of similar year.Gas mileage has been around 24mpg at highway speeds
1990 Chrysler Spirit 233014 2.5L carb A-413 transaxle Roberto Davyd Arriaga Tejada rebuilt trans, rebuilt engine, new front shock absorbers Mexican Chrysler Spirit yeah! Chrysler Spirit full equipped,actually bening converted to Turbo with carb in a blow through turbo setup using T-03 Garret and stock Holley carb
1978 Plymouth Trailduster 233000 Don Kozerow Timing Chain Great plow truck!
1996 Dodge neon 231690 2.2 litre single overhead cam automatic transmission Brad Vanderwilk Nothin yet new hoses
1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager 231039 3.3, 4spd auto Daniel G Worrell Transmission at 207000 Been excellent vehicle averaging 23mpg
1993 Dodge RAM B250 extended van 231000 318 engine, trani ? Allan Lemire changed the computer at 201,000 miles. Starts and runs like new. Motor and trani are strong.
1992 Dodge Grand Caravan 231000 3.0 liter a670 trans Edward Barnes Transmission, valves, fuel pump, radiator, water pump Rides like new. We plan to keep it.
1987 Jeep Cherokee 231000 4.0L BA10 Van AuBuchon Alternator, Starter, Crancase ventelation. All sensors replaced in attempt to cure intermittent engine miss which was finally cured by faulty ground wiring. Anyone with an XJ suffering from intermittent missing are hard start/failure to start...check the ground connection at the block...all electrical relays ground through this for all ignition and computer function....the small ground wires may feel like they are connected...don't believe it!!! Restrip/solder. Any questions...feel free to contact took me a year and half and several hundred dollers to find this problem.
1995 Dodge dakota 230269 V-6, 4 speed auto fred fedorowicz 2 radiators, 1 water pump, brakes x 2, trans fluid & filter, tie rods, door latches x 3, heating system resistor x 2, refilled R-134, transmission slips when cold after about the first year, still doing it - i'm waiting for it to die. sheet metal tearing around lower hinge on driver's door -- ready to fall off.
1986 Plymouth Voyager 230012 1983 2.2L with 1987 A520 5-spd. Eli Werner One engine replacement, two transmission replacements, one A-arm, lots of little parts. Definitely the original gutless wonder but just about unstoppable. A few rust holes make this the quintessential college-student rig!
1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4X4 230000 4.0L inline 6 Dan two transfer cases - 2 wheel drive now, runs great looking forward to turning 300000
1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport 230000 Inline straight 6 Colleen Altison U-Joint. Still have original clutch and exhaust. Integrity of interior has not held up very well.
1982 Dodge d150 230000 225 slant six, 3speed overdrive j. milam fuel pump, waterpump, and 5 clutches damn good truck
1993 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 229840 3.8 L with 4 speed automatic trans. Lewis Marks Transmission was replaced at 69,950 miles. Starter motor replaced once, water pump.
1990 Jeep Cherokee 228678 4.9 Liter Straight 6 Jacob Daubenmier Front and Rear Seals...Other than that..nothing major Been taken off-road multiple times..Pulled dozens of larger trucks and vehicles out of ditches.. Looking forward to another winter of off-roading and pulling people out!
1994 Dodge INTREPID 228125 3.3 James Russell TRANSMISSION @ 217,898
1988 Dodge Dynasty 228000 2.4L 4CYC. Auto Frank Sharier Engine Replaced at 221,000 due to water pump failure causing lost compression.Original Transmission still working. This Car Has Been the BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED.
1989 Plymouth Voyager 228000 3.0L, A604 Greg valve guides, put roller rockers on when I did the valve guides
1991 Dodge D-150 short box pick-up 227978 5.2 L engine 4 speed auto. tranny Jason nothing major. One front spindle and some exhaust manifold bolts.
1994 Jeep grand cherokee larado 227778 auto Kelly Patterson fuel pump 217000, radiator 220000, exhaust manifold 221000, crank sensor 226000. great vehicle
1987 Dodge Caravan 227350 3.0 V6 and 3 spd automatic Mark Wargo Replaced the transmission twice and replaced the valve stem seals but otherwise normal maintenance. The 3.0 V6 is an incredible engine and still makes a ton of power!
1988 Chrysler Conquest TSI 227000 2.6 Turbo / Manual / Limited slip Jeff Krause U-Joints & Clutch only. If you want any car to last, don't mess with it. Driving it long and often will prevent problems. The more you allow anyone to work on them (for minor or unneccisary service), the more trouble they will give in the long run.
1995 Dodge Neon 226964 2.0 L Tom Lusto water pump, ignition coil
1994 Plymouth sundance 226800 2.2 litre Gord brake job the first yearr. The transmission rebuilt three years ago The last few weeks i have notice a engine knock.
1994 Chrysler New Yorker 226354 3.5L with 4 speed, automatic overdrive transmission Jim Trout Transmission has been rebuilt twice, water pump replaced twice, air conditioning system rebuilt once Wife won't let me sell it. It runs like a dream,looks great and is very comfortable (I'm 6'6" tall). Car does seem to go through front brakes quite often. Rotors have been replace numerous times.
1991 Chrysler New Yorker 5th Avenue 226200 3.3 - electronic 4 speed automatic Withheld on request 2 transmissions, 1 starter
1991 Plymouth Voyager 226179 3.3L AWD 3Spd W/Overdrive Paul Badgley All origian except for the odd set of brakes and tires of course I use My van for bussines and Family trips and shes never let me down. I regurlay maintain it with only the best Synthetic lubricants (I swear by them)
1987 Jeep CHEROKEE LAREDO 226000 4 SANDY
1988 Plymouth Horizon 225759 2.2 L automatic Mark Cole Two MAP sensors, Plug wires, Distributor cap. Now installing new steering rack and pinion assembly(Horrible Louisiana backroads) Got rearended by a SUV in 1998. Totaled...($1500 damage) Bought it back for salvage... A little sweat, bumper parts, and Bondo... Back on the road in a week... 2 Half-shafts...(same louisiana roads!) Gray Girl is still plugging along. Exaust system still perfect. Some minor plastic parts replaced. Windshield replaced twice. Couple new door handles... On third timing belt.... Great little car... I figure I've spent more on fuel and oil changes than the car cost!!! ( Original engine, transmission. No engine job yet)
1990 Dodge dynasty 225333 3.0L v6 automatic brad new valve covers fastest granny car
1988 Jeep cherokee 225300 4.0l and manual 5spd w/od c bailey pilot bearing in flywheel. the rear main seal is leaking quite well now
1985 Dodge B350 Ram Van 225000 5.2L V8 318 Dennis Dixon I presently am looking for a rear diff case or whole rearend
1987 Plymouth Reliant 225000 2.5L with 3 speed automatic John Crofts Cylinder head welded and rebuilt, transmission rebuilt, rack and pinion replaced, Cranking motor rebuilt Original exhaust system is still on the car. I purchased the factory service manuals and I've done all the work on this car since I bought it at 68K miles.
1990 Dodge Daytona ES 225000 V-6 5 speed manual Mike Clutch, muffler, oil pan gasket, plugs, wires, timing belt, 2 v belts, cruse servo, alot of short wire hunting, seafoam, and not all it needs is valve seals. Still Fast! Have a glass pack muffler on it now.
1989 Plymouth Voyager 225000 2.5L, 3sp. automatic Paul Strickland head - last summer. transmission - last winter. engine burns some oil since replacing head. should have done rings at the same time.
1995 Dodge Stratus 224000 2.5L V6 Bob Hedgelon Replaced the left front hub assembly at 225,000 - that's it!! Still runs as well as it did when new! Couldn't be happier with it. :)
1995 Chrysler Concord 223896 3.3L V6 4speed Rich Schell Front brakes, inner tie-rods, ox. sensor. Bought from couple that traded in with 206,000 miles. They are a Chrysler family and said, "This is the best Chrysler we have ever owned. We have not had any major problems at all."
1989 Jeep Cherokee 222989 4.0L I6 with Peugeot BA10/5 and np231 Robb Wallen 2 Clutchs, Slave Cylinder, Trasmission seals and TC seals, 3 radiators, 1 Alternator, 1 Ignition Coil, Pistons/Rings/Bearings/Seals on engine at 100K miles, Headwork at 180K. I am the cars orginal owner and sole mechanic (except alignments) All work was performed preemptively or because I broke it. Runs great and does not consume a drop of oil between changes. The best (and only) car I have ever owned. Too many memories to count.
1991 Jeep Cherokee 222222.2 4.0 I 6 AW4 Auto Mike Strawbridge Rear main seal. Has been raced and used to lay out performance rally routes as well as my daily transportation. We own four Cherokees but this has been the best one.
1991 Plymouth acclaim 221413.196929929 2.5 no turbo / 3 spd. andre just pass the safty only major thing was changing that gastket in front of the cat. tip put two whasher under the sping's will not come out of the side no more. if you have the 3spd. you should wait untill trans. goes bad then went looking for a new or rebuit trans. get the 4 spd.
1998 Dodge Durango 221000 360 w/46re auto Barry brakes
1989 Dodge Ramcharger 221000 5.2L engine and 727 Torque Flight transmission Eric Smith On second transmission rebuild due to terrible first rebuild. Replaced fuel pump once. Paint on hood and top lost clear coating, and some rust on rocker panels. I take it off-road whenever possible with no trouble.
1993 Dodge d250 220522 Cummings with auto trans Pat Mcintosh new trans at 218000
1989 Plymouth voyager 220153 2.2 liter 3spd auto Kenny Morrison replaced head gasket and radiator at 160,000, fuel pump at 190,000. engine threw a rod at 212,000 I installed a 2.2 liter eng, out of a 92 shadow. a/c clutch and radiator replaced at 219,000. Original engine was a 2.5, so I did lose some hp dropping to a smaller engine. (take what you can get!) I just recently drove this van on a trip through the desert, Baker CA, I ran all the way up the mountain with the a/c on, 115 degrees outside, and was passing up newer overheated cars on the side of the road!! Hail Chrysler!!
1985 Dodge shelby charger 220000 2.2 turbo-1, a- 525 mike johnston new engine,transmission,wheelbearings,drive axles,springs,struts,shocks,speedometer cable,drive axles bearing,turbo,power module,altenator,balljoints,tie rod,anti swaybar bushings,hatch back shocks,door handles,and now rack and pinion. my car is almost new!
1990 Dodge Dodge Ram 2500 220000 318 c.i.d. fuel injected,automatic O/D Brent Roberts the 90 model has had a rearend,many wheel bearings,radiator work,master cylinder,power brake booster,drivers side door,tail shaft bushing and seal in the transmission,steering gear,both A-frames,ball joints,tie rods,water pump,starter,u-joints twice,drive shaft,motor mounts,rotors&drums,wheel cylinders,I have hit and killed 11 white tail deer(one when I was going in excess of 60 M.P.H)and the front end is still fairly straight!The grill is busted(not completely gone though)the fenders are dented pretty bad and the bed is totally trashed,it needs a new body all the way around.I currently have the intake and heads off to replace the gaskets(anti-freeze in the oil) this truck has been driven HARD worked for several weeks straight without a break 12 hours a day or more,driven sometimes as many as 3500 miles a week never fewer than 1000.It has been a cable construction line truck since I have owned it,it hauled cattle out of state before that,and before that it was a state prison truck.I have driven this truck with no fluid in the radiator until it died from the heat,let it cool off put water in it,and went until it died again,over and over until I was able to get the radiator fixed.I drove it 40+ miles with no tail shaft bushing in the trans.and most of the fluid was gone!the typical load on this 3/4 ton truck is more than a ton in the bed and about a ton and a half on a trailer,sometimes more depending on the type of cable and trailer I'm hauling,the odometer stopped working a couple of years ago when the drive shaft wallowed out the tail shaft bushing on the tranny,I guess the vibration killed the sensor,it reads 219,000+ and I have driven it from just north of chicago to just north of little rock arkansas(which is were I live)four times a month for 6 months all over texas,missouri,tennessee,mississippi,oklahoma,alabama,and louisianna.I have done all the repairs and maintenence my self.I must say before I bought this truck I hated dodge,I thought they were ugly peices of...well you know,But this has been by far the toughest truck I have ever owned and there isnt space enough here to tell all it has been through just since I have owned it.My 1986 dodge ram 2500 4x4 is a story in and of itself.
1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport 218500 4.0, auto Doug Oscarson Front wheel bearing/rotor units, u-joints, rear wheel bearings. Inspected bottom end and found everything to still be within specifications. Used Chevron Delo Synthetic 5W40 every 7,000 miles.
1989 Dodge Shadow 218345 2.2L Greg Bonewit Head gasket replaced at 204,000 and tranny replaced at around 200,000 The car still drives fine but has a few rattles.
1992 Dodge D250 conversion van 217865 318 and auto Rivers H. Shaw Jr. Bought new o/h trans at 105,000. minor elect problems My last 3 vehicles all Dodges had over 200000 mi when I traded them with minor repairs
1995 Dodge dakota 217658 3.9magnum greg brosek clutch,u joints , speed senxor
1987 Dodge Dokata 217438 3.9 liter V6 Dan Wolf Oirginal engine was replaced under warranty at 25,000 miles, since then two starters, one alternater,air conditioner rebuilt in 1997 with new compressor and R134A refrigerant, U joints, rebuilt carburator, hood and top of cab repainted. Runs great and uses no oil.
1987 Jeep Cheroke 217423 4 Neil Radiator and water pump This is the most reliable vehicle that I have ever owned. It still runs like it's brand new!
1975 Dodge dart sprot 217011 225 slant six 904 trans Front end kit, & exhaust. Bought car 2 months ago for $200.00. Solid floors & trunk with very minor body work needed. Plan on upgrading to a SUPER SIX & changing front brakes to disc.
1993 Dodge Dodge Grand Caravan 217000 3.3 l, 4 spd auto David Cowan On third transmission. Engine runs fine, uses little oil. Original exhaust system! Have used Mobile 1 since new, changed oil and filter every 5000 miles.
1995 Chrysler cirrus 216813 2.5 L V6 Holly Butterfield No major repairs so far, radiator needs to be replaced and transmission needs work now
1993 Plymouth Voyager 216470 3 George Votava Engine sels replaced at 150000 miles
1992 Jeep YJ 216000 4.0L engine & AX15 transmission Darren Ginther Exaust header Lifters are just starting to get noisy
1989 Dodge w150 power ram 216000 318/727 Joshua Lorie new radiator,motor went Iam told at 140000,other then that nothing wrong.used daily to tow haul at least a ton in the bed. I love my truck and hopefully will grow old with it. It is driven offroad as many times a week as possible.
1993 Dodge Dynasty LE Brougham 216000 3.3L V6 (greatest powerplant since the slant ^) + A604 Aaron Smith New Tranny @ 126k (a604 ~ 4TIE?, same tranny w/eletronics upgrade) only $1200 by dealer! New radiator, starter, air shocks. 1993 was the year they perfected this , so, of course & as usual, they stopped making them. With good care this comfy classic will last forever (gonna try for that 1.5 million mile record). Hint; buy the best tires(Falkens) & change them often(the rubber takes the beating & saves the car). The last car ever made that actually looks like a car instead of an upsidedown bathtub with wheels. Streamline smeamline, I can still squeeze 29mph out of it on the highway.
1988 Plymouth Voyager SE 216000 3.0 Liter SOHC with speed auto Jeff Bakker Factory long block engine at 151,000 mi. Factory replacement transmission at 187,000 mi. I'm collecting parts from 91 Stealths and Mitsu3000GTs for a twin turbo/DOHC conversion. I think 217,000 miles is enough, it's time to play! I believe the record 1/4 mile Minivan is 12.61 seconds. I wanna go faster. This is a tough conversion, especially with the stealth driving with right wheel. If you have any suggestions or parts, email me at
1987 Jeep Cherokee 216000 4.0 liter Automatic with Selectrac Mike Scotese Transmission reseal at 207,000,
89 Jeep wrangler 215893 258 manual(haven't seen what type) derek it has a clicking from one of the valves, need to fix that soon. fuel pump(although that's not really all that major.
1987 Dodge B250 215830 318 auto Martin Sigarto Transmission, Rear Springs, and Front End Parts
1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 215620 318, 2bbl Mark Kost New timing chain kit at approx. 195,000 miles and new front-end ball joints at 205,000 miles. Car is in exllent condition in appearance and mechanical. It was left to me recently by my deceased father who purchased it new in later 1987. It is my daily transportation.
1990 Dodge Ramcharger D150 LE 4WD 215542 318 v8 with A518 OD Chris Bulla Just replaced all upper and lower ball joints , replaced the power steering gear box due to a thirsty leak. Other than regular maintenance not a thing. I bought this truck two years ago and have taken it all over the place. I am going to start freshening up the body and paint in spring.I take the family camping in this with a pop up camper and it never fails me . What a good reliable truck.The ac still blows ice cold.
1993 Plymouth Voyager 215540 3.0 engine, 3 speed transmission Roland R. Medford Air Conditioning...three times. Engine and transmission still going strong.
1995 Plymouth Neon 215485 2.0 SOHC w/5 Speed Matt Miller New clutch at 110000 (Dealer) New clutch at 130000 (Dealer redo) New head gasket (Owner(me)) Preparing to put in stiffer engine mounts, new radiator, new clutch and some new gaskets (cure oil seepage). Bought it new in late '94. We're turning it into our Solo II (Autocross) car. We're going to run the engine until it dies the rebuild it.
1989 Dodge spirit 215000 2.5l turbo 1, a413 3 spd -Ben Huebner cv boots, odometer quit working about 15000 miles ago actual mileage is more like 230000.
1991 Dodge Grand Caravan LE 214596 3.3 litre , 4speed automatic Kamau Njuguna Transmission/torque converter oil seal, control arms, transmission speed sensors, fuel pump A very comfortable road vehicle with a great motor !, the transmission is a constant source of worry but it has yet to break down with over 100,000 Mi - I change the oil annually and the speed sensors every 2 years.
1998 Dodge Durango 214500 360 46re Barry Lumsden Just brakes
1989 Dodge Dynasty 214500 2.5 4cyl, 3 spd. auto Nick Head gasket, water pump Ugly, but a comfortable ride.
1993 Dodge Intrepid 214220 3.3L, Standard Transmission Aaron Plath Left and Right side Wheel Bearings have been replaced. I bought this car for $1,600 with 183,000mi on it, and since then it's run great! I never thought the original tranny would last this long. These cars really have some power and speed for being a family-sedan.
1988 Dodge diplomat 213698 318 Withheld on request frame weld exhuast system police
1990 Dodge Dakoda SE 4x4 213501 3.9v6 auto overdrive Bob Olson lost auto trans at 51K, bed replaced due to OPS! H2O pump and a starter, rearend replaced due to noise, one front wheel bearing asmly. Engine never been touched inside. Leaks oil in several places and transfer case chain loose but it still runs! (ok the front CV's need repair also)Brakes twice Best truck or car ever owned bought new in 91 as a dealer carryover heck of a deal. Didn't want white or auto trans got white/gray and auto but heck of a deal so took it. It just keeps running and doesn't seem to care what kind of care it gets runs anyhow. Always starts very good on slick roads stays straight
1992 Dodge Dakota 213354 5.2L V8 Automatic David Gauch Nothing out of the ordinary. I've never had the engine apart. I'm the original owner. I change the oil, religiously, every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. Strong runner, still tow a trailer with a 4,000 lb tractor on it every now and then, or load a 1,000 lb lawn tractor in the bed. Body is finally succuming to Ohio winters.
1979 Dodge aspen 213000 225 slant six, 904 torqueflite w/ lock up cliff holt starter and alt replaced recently, trans rebuild at 120k, radiator,a/c converted to 134A, Cracked exhaust manifold at 145k, cat conveter got replaced at 180k my parents purchased it new and its been in service since. No rust on the front fender like previous years.
1987 Dodge Dakota 212458 3.9 liter V-6 Mopar 2barrel carb. Travis Holt Spark plugs,freon this was my grandfather's truck for 16 years now its mine and I'm just turning 16. so far I am enjoying the truck but theirs only one problem it burns a lot of gas.
1992 Plymouth grand voyager 212000 3.3L, 4 speed auto Phil Kutch timing chain@180k,tranmission @110k,halfshaft@160k
1993 Dodge Intrepid 211960 3.3 Liter / 4 Speed OD Dave Replaced the transmission at 78,000, the lifters at 101,000 (one collapsed - that also included the head gaskets and all that entails), several pairs of rotors/pads, 3 water pumps, A/C evaporator. Pretty satisfied with it, bought it in 1997 with 52K miles, been all over the US with it, will be able to for some time to come - looking forward to 300,000???
1993 Dodge CARAVAN 4 CYL 211345 4 cyl 2.5 automatic trans JOSE L PENA timing belt replaced at 60000,140000and transmition had to be replaced at 205000 very reliable car no mayor problems great for the family engine stills runs good did just regular maintenance and tune ups
1976 Dodge Powerwagon 4x4 211173 Bigblock 400, with Torqueflight 727A Philip Moisher Total engine over haul. Bored 30 over, RV cam, edelbrock 600 with NOS adapter and 9oz.bottle. Total rewire job. New almost everything else. Outruns everything but the gas station. D O D G E = Damned old dirty gas eater.
1992 Chrysler Voyager commercial van 211000 3.3i V6 Robert Schol Waterpump, computer, radiator. It was a great car! The exhaustingpipe and transmission are still original!!! I sold it recently because I bought a Dodge Mini Ram Van 2.5td Highroof, with a diesel engine, because diesel fuel is more economic here in Europe (fuel prices are here 4 times higher than in te US!). Once an American car, always an American car!
1992 Dodge Colt 200 E 211000 1.5 litre 4 speed. Looking to change for a 5 speed soon. Yuergen Beck Head rebuilt. Thats it. Great little florida car. Factory air works and no rust.
1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 210402 2.8L v8 and not sure what tranny James and Misty Reed The water pump, if you know the car you'll know why it's major. Also the starter. We bought the car in texas and kew nothing about it, We moved to california with thecar so loaded I had to change the shocks along the way, then the water pump went out and we wee strandd for two days trying to repair it in area 51, It has been a good car and only now is it staring to have problems.
1988 Plymouth Voyager 210334.148572337 5spd 2.5 L 4 cyl. Angus Wilson Clutch last year...that's about it since we've owned it. Kinda fun to drive a 95 hp mini van with a 5 speed. My Daytona is faster, but this is just as much fun, and it fits all the kids! The previous owners had it stranded on a small island...yet somehow managed to rack up 300, 000 km on it. Go figure, because it runs like a top.
1994 Dodge Grand Caravan 210020 3.0 L V6 and 41TE Ned Dickey Transmission Rebuilt Water pump
1994 Dodge ram 1500 210000 318 auto 4x4 mark dickson track bar 2 x fuel pump best truck i have owned
1989 Jeep cherokee 210000 an inline 6 cylinder 4.0 litre dont know about the transmision jeremy kahl it needed a new transmision
1978 Dodge B200 Maxi Wagon Tradesman /Conversion 210000 360 cubic inch/ A727 3 sp auto D G Pomerhn Gauges not original, but was showing 187,000 miles in 2000 when I changed the cluster. Has needed nothing but basic maintenance (tune-up, hoses, etc.) In desperate need of bodywork, though frame is in remarkable shape. Even the dual A/c works!
1985 Chrysler Chrysler New Yorker 5th Avenue 209590 318 Model 904 4 speed auto Dean Askren In need of a torque conerter right now--other than this--only intake manifolds Yep--two in our household!
1993 Dodge shadow 209563 3.0 v-6 5 speed yvonne covey just tune ups and oil changes bought the car for back-n-forth to work drive every day and race it and smoken the tiers
1993 Chrysler Concorde 209476 V6 3.3 4 speed electronic auto transaxle Kathleen Askren Rebuilt transmission Purchased in Jan 1993 with 80 miles! Love my Concorde!
1983 Dodge B300 Maxi-van 209340 318 v8 automatic tranamission Joe Brotman none has been a real friend since I drove it off the dealers lot with 8 miles on it. Has made me alot of money!
1987 Plymouth Sundance 209050 2.2 turbo Amon none. It's finally started to overheat so I am assuming it's time for a head gasket replacement.
1997 Dodge Ram1500V-8 2wd 208787 5.9L Water Pump @ 200k, Trans. Cooler line @ 205k, Fuel sensor/filter in tank @ 205k: currently having trouble with emission. Check eng. lite continously comes on reading "evaporator purge selenoid malfunction". Replaced 2x, finding charcoal in vac. hose to selenoid. Told may be cannister located under driver side. Dealer telling me over $400. to replace cannister (69.97 @ parts)plus all hose's, vac. lines, selenoids....need help. Currently in Central Florida (Hillsborough County) and need to drive back to So. Calif. in 2 months. Also need valve cover gaskets' replaced..starting to leak oil. Could use advice or assist. on emission and eng. check lite. Can I just replace evap. cannister and check lines myself to save $? ON a tight budget to drive 3k back home. Truck runs great. Original owner: purchased new.
1966 Plymouth barracuda 208660 273, 2bbl, automatic Louis Pascuzzi None Bought the car with 120k, 20 years ago. I was going to do a complete restoration when the motor got tired. But 20 years later, still running strong, no end in sight
1984 Dodge b150 208115 318eng and 904 automatic tranny Ernie Bullman Jr ignition coil,alternator,but the engine and tranny havent been apart i drive this thing 100 miles round trip everyday to school and and i still have 8 months to go it may not look the greatest but it will still hum along at 85 surprising even sports cars
1991 Dodge caravan 208100 3.3 liter with 4sp automatic Jim Bielecki have gone through 2 transmissions and 2 starters a/c gave up 2 summers ago.
1992 Chrysler le baron 208000 3.0 V-6......5 SPEED Bob Stoughton WATER PUMP & TIMING BELT
1987 Dodge DAKOTA 208000 3.9L V6 NIppondenso DUSTIN CRAMER Leaf Springs GREAT TRUCK
1989 Dodge caravan 208000 3 l. with non overdrive trans. paul hawkins i purchased the van with 150000 from a friend who owned it bought it new. it has had no major repair! i still drive the van daily about 100 miles round trip to work. i love this van so much i just bought another used van a 1995 just like it.
1996 Dodge RAM VAN, 3/4 TON 208000 318, AOD Withheld by request NEW TRAMSMISSION AT 111,000, TWO FUEL PUMPS, ONE AT 78,000, ONE AT 144,000.
1990 Dodge Daytona ES 207630 2.5L Bill DeWolfe Water pump, Alternator, brake hoses. Rebuilt Engine. Currently broke down, probably the timing belt or tensioner. Odometer just stopped working! Pop-up headlights are always up, not sure what the problem is.
1991 Dodge Dynasty 207500 3.3 Bob Jackson Transmission
1994 Dodge grand caravan c/v 207300 3.3 A604 overdrive Jesse Wininger recent purchase not known Engine still gets 24 mpg hi-way..overall good shape, plan on keeping and repairing when needed.
1997 Dodge Ram 1500 207106 360/ 4:11 automatic Randall L Loope Trans at 9000 miles fuel pump at 23000 miles excellent vehicle
1989 AMC Eagle Premier 207000 3.0 V6 Jacob Exhaust,3 Alternators, Front Boots, Regular Maintenance Transmission is excellent. Every shift is right on.
1990 Chrysler New Yorker Salon 206731 3.3L with A604 Overdrive Jerry Stanford Jr Nothing so far!!! Car cost me $725 14 months ago, and has been great!
1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 206460 3.3L 4Speed Patrick Arrington Rebuilt engine @131K, Radiator repl @161K, Head Gasket @160K
1994 Chrysler LHS 206395 3,5,, 4 speed Steve Wood front wheel bearings replaced, timing belt, fuel pump, ignition sensor, 2 catalytic converters Excellent ride and performance, still has great acceleration and power reserve,
1985 Plymouth Turismo 206300 2.2 Non-turbo 5-speed standard Chris Pellerin Head Gasket, Starter, Clutch, Transaxles, Brake Work, Exhaust
1995 Dodge intrepid 206000 3.3l Beth Boose a/c compressors, tie rods, brake calipers, water pump
1995 Dodge Dakota 2wd 206000 3.9 l 4sp auto Mike Hanson water pump at 90xxx,starter at 200xxx Great Truck!!! pulled the plugs at about 180,000 just to see what they looked like, will need a radiator soon. this one should reach a quarter million miles without a prob!!
1993 Dodge Daytona 205838 2.5 Liter : 31TH Three Speed Automatic Nate Davis: Chrysler Tech: Lebannon ,Ohio Front Struts, Cylinder Head Replacement, Trans. Over - Hauled, Radiator, Two Timing belts, Both Rocker Panels on the body, Fuel Injector, TBI System, AirConditioning System (R-12) Two Fuel Pumps, One Sending Unit, Both front calipers. Brake and Fuel Lines. Though its been a money burner, its still the best car that I have ever owned in my driving history.
1995 Dodge Intrepid SE 205698 3.3L 4 Speed Automatic Charlie Phelan Transmission rebuild (2X). A/C Condensor needs replacing. Smooth, fast, and comfortable. Just be sure to service the transmission religiously, and it should last for another 200,000 miles!
1991 Plymouth voyager 205654 3.3 litre engine Somji Struts, Shocks, Transmission (Rebuilt)
1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby 205550 2.2 Intercooled Turbo/5-Speed Patrick Gifford Transmission@120000miles, A/C Clutch@195000miles I Bought it New. Engine has never been apart and has the original head gasket and turbo. Mobil 1 since new.
1986 Dodge Caravan LE 205540 2.6 Bruce Nothstein Replaced the head at 201,000 Bought from a friend for $50 had the head replaced and now going to replace rings smokes every now and then. Great body and interior Hoping to get another 200,000 out of it. Everything works It replace the 84 Buick Park Ave that had 238,000 miles on it. Beats a car payment!
1988 Dodge Ramcharger 205500 318 TBI with 727 Torqueflite Randall Wofford Nothing major. Only general maintenance: distributor pickup; fuel pump, new a/c hardware, radiator cleaning. Transmission has just had one small gasket replaced to my knowledge. I bought this truck when I was 15, and it had 111,600 on the clock then. It has been my only vehicle, and has only left me on foot for a day or two at a time. I have a lot of plans for this truck. It hit 200k coming back from a hot shot to Denver, CO from Wichita, KS. Made it there and back with no problems. Odometer rolled over to 200k just as I pulled in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Hays, KS to fill up with gas on 2-5-03.
1982 Dodge ramcharger 205500 318 unsure of tranny Don Holy unsure I bought it about 4 mons. ago. its leaking oil at the rear of the oil pan , it needs some attention to the u joints and possibly the trans... other than it having the old manual trans with the granny gear ( I would like to have an automatic ) It one hell of a truck !!!
1998 Plymouth neon expresso 205491 2.0 liter DOHC automatic Adam Jantz rear main engine seal, spark plug seal on cylinder #3 I bought the car with 171,000 miles in 2001. The car is in great shape inside and out.
1974 Dodge Dart 205032 V8 318 Ricardo none Its my daily driver
1985 Dodge Caravan 205000 2.6L Mitsubishi, auto trans Evan Person Replaced timing chain at 179,000 miles, replaced right front wheel bearing at 203,000 miles. Second owner. Bought used in 1996 for $1000 with 149,000 miles. Needed new brakes and exhaust system. Never had a vehicle with this many miles before.
1984 Dodge Diplomat 205000 318 Rick transmission want to make it a street rod
1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 204953 360 D. Stephen Pickering Replaced Engine with a 75,000 miler and added lift kit at 190,000. Also removed the torsion bars for more travel. Rebuilt Rearend at 200,000. Rebuilt Transfer Case at 201,000. Replaced Transmission with used at 203,000. I drive it everyday. Has a new headliner. Right now it needs a windshield (Cracked), Drivers seat, and bottom passenger rear door hinge (Pins Broke). Drivers door key look is wore out also. Everything else is 100%
1993 Plymouth acclaim 204689 3.0 v6 automatic greg gulish transmission has been rebuilt twice. no other major repairs.
1995 Dodge Intrepid 204666 3.3 FI Auto trans John Clark Rack and pinnion , hubs, rear drivers knuckle and sway arm.
1994 Dodge Ram 1500 204564 3.9L, 5spd. Tony Sargent Power steering box and pump,lower ball joints
1990 Dodge B350 Maxivan 204400 360 CID Jim Gochnauer Transmission (twice). Back end repaired due to accident damage.
1990 Jeep XJ Cherokee 204165 4.0 / AW4 Wayne Scrivner Trasfercase due to offroad mishap 4" lift and 31" tires
1986 Jeep Cherokee 204027 2.8L V6, AX-5 5 spd Daniel Kazmierczak Head Gaskets done, they only blew because i did something stupid. Salvaged... and if it gets totaled again, ill fix the thing again
1997 Dodge Grand Caravan 204000 3.3L Automatic Kathy D. Millar Transmission, Air Conditioning system Van still rides well, and prefer driving it to our 1997 Chevy Astro Van.
1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager 203687 3.3 L A604 Auto Mark Henderson Transmission @ 69,876 & 191,529. Starter. Front drive axles @ 174,578 & 189,400. Fuel pump 194,061. Struts, shocks, rotors 200,137. Wheel brake cylinders 166,421 & 177,000. Program vehicle bought with 35,000 miles. Engine runs great. Doesn't burn oil. Only engine work was a $16 valve rocker shaft when oil port stopped up.
1993 Dodge Grand Caravan LE 203500 3.3 liter electronic 4speed automatic Eric Rhee Replaced 4 spd auto.trans. at 148,000. Two starter motors. Serviced Infinity CD player twice - buttons fail to respond Replaced front struts and rear shocks once, which I consider routine. As of last year A/C needs to be charged each season. Replaced brake rotors at 198,000 This van is still a joy to drive. Tight, reliable, quiet on the road. We take it on an 800 mile trip every month. Only disappointment is a big chunk of white paint flaked of the hood last summer, maring an otherwise excellent paint job. Interior has held up very well, seats are comforable and not broken down. Did switch front passenger and driver seat bottom - easy job - 4 bolts hold them on. I do all my own basic maintenance - plugs, plug wires, oil changes. Fairly easy vehicle to work on, except for the back row of spark plugs.
1993 Dodge Grand Caravan 203207 3.3L V-6 A-604(?) automatic trans w/ overdrive Steve Schnell Transmission rebuilt at 128,000 and again at 179,000. Cassette payer replaced. Everything else original. Runs and rides great. Does not use oil.
1988 Plymouth Voyager 203150 3.0 liter Mark Croom Head gaskets were replaced just before I got it (at 167,000 mi), I don't know the history before that but it's been a great vehicle. We've been annoyed recently by an intermittent noise in the speedo head, but we've let it go. This has been a great family vehicle for my family of six.
1992 Dodge caravan 203000 3.3/ automatic David roberts replaced engine/ now has a bad transmission
1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport 203000 4 Russ Patterson none Great vehicle runs great driver side rocker panel rusted other than that great vehicle. Just sold it to my mechanic brother because I bought a Durango(need the extra room)
1993 Jeep wrangler 202893 4 cyl. 5-speed w.l. hess new radiator,newtop, 3water pumps,3 starters, 3fuel pumps,2 universal joints,1 brake line,
1987 Dodge power ram w-150 202800 318- new-process a-999 Gary L. LeBlanc radiator, tires, carburator i live in the northeast and snow is Noooo problem!!!!!
1986 Dodge Ramcharger 202775 318 cui (5.2L) auto Pete Dougherty Nothing super major other than a lot of maintenance and an engine rebuild. Great truck-I drive it every day. Some of the parts are getting harder to come by and more expensive though.
1989 Plymouth Acclaim 202514 2.5L 4 cyl (non turbo), 3 speed automatic Withheld by request Rack and pinion steering assembly replaced due to leak. Rental car purchased in 1990 with 17000 miles on odometer. Extremely reliable. No internal engine or transmission repair. Original drive axles, original CV boots on drive axles. Normal maintenance of oil, filter, transmission, radiator fluid changes, belt and hose replacement.
1992 Dodge Ram 150 202500 v8 auto Kevin Stanelle none since i bought it two years ago. none yet.. lol..
1992 Dodge w250 4x4 202500 diesel auto tony mccarrel injection pump great truck
1979 Chrysler Cordoba 202450 3602bbl./904 Andy I have put brakes,hoses,belts fuel pump,starter. Car has been great and very clean and rust free but I have developed a rattle that I am pretty sure is the flex plate cracked.Anyone else have this problem?
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 202300 FT 4WD, 4.0L - I-6, 4spd Auto Richard Louie Alternator, Brake rotors & calipers
1991 Plymouth Voyager 202000 2.5 L with 3 speed auto Brian Jordison head gasket replaced at about 200000 km had trans rebuilt at 300000 km. at local trade school. It still looked brand new inside. It was howling; traced to speedo sender. bought it with 105000km. and drove it to 325000km. sold it a year ago. No tire burner but it was great to drive and I had a hard time letting it go. I see it being driven on regular basis and it is still going strong and looking good.
1992 Dodge caravan se 202000 3.3 V-6 4 speed auto Joe Weaver none This has been and still is the best van I have ever owned
1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ 202000 4.0L I6 w/4 speed Kevin new alt, header, intake, rear main seal, oil pan gasket, oil adapter gasket, valve cover gasket, new vacuum and water hoses, 3" suspension lift original engine, transmission, transfer case, never rebuilt
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 202000 4.0 liter / AW4 trans Clarence Hammond Rear main, water pump, front axel. Problems with cruise control and ABS (I bought it used, so that's all I know of) Runs great. After replacing rear main uses almost no oil (1 Qt/3,000-4,000 miles) Cruise cuts in and out
1992 Dodge Shadow ES 3.0 V6 Manual 202000 3.0 L V6 Diane alternator, radiator, headliner Fast engine, roomy interior. Gas mileage has gone down since 185,000, and needs oil frequently now. The paint on the roof and trunk are gone and it's rusty, but it has its original clutch. We've purchased a new '86 Shelby Charger with 120,000 miles.
1994 Chrysler Town & Country 202000 3.8 L , 4 spd auto Carl S. Richardson Transmission @ 92K & 165K, front & rear AC evaporators, radiator, both axles @ 120K. It's been great, the leather seats are absolutely child-proof. I wish it wasn't green.
1992 Chrysler 5th Avenue 202000 3.3L V6 Rita Gipp The crank shaft for the serpentine belt broke off. That's the ONLY repair I've needed beyond regular maintenance. I bought this car from the original owner at 100,000 miles for only $4,000. I can't believe how good it's been to me! Runs like a champ.
1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 201930 6 cyl auto transmission Ron Martin none No major problems, it just keeps on ticking
1990 Chrysler GRAND VOYAGER SE 201876 3.3, A604 TRAYCE DEBARDELABEN radiator 4 TIMES, suspension 5 TIMES, tie rods TWICE, ball joints, transmission once, water pump TWICE, fuel pump TWICE, new alternator, Brakes all around 4 times, air conditioner,Power Steering Pump,
1995 Dodge Neon Sport 4 door 201853 5 spd manual spencer brakes, rotors, starter, now it needs alternator and since i've owned from 149,218 miles it's needed shocks pitman arms and tie-rods but they can still wait to be replaced makes alot of weird noises, & has dripped oil since i've owned it, & it's pretty beaten up and has electrical problems but I got to admit dodge builds a good car...
1993 Plymouth Acclaim 201507 v-6, 3 sp auto moondog Transmission. Paint work. Replaced brushes in Bosch alternator. Slight oil leaks that give burning oil smell, but the engine doesn't burn any oil. Still getting 26 mpg/highway!
1983 Dodge Shelby 201445 2.2L Holly Carb, A525 (5spd)xmission John R. Spencer, Sr. Engine
1996 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 201375 318/AOD C. Elliott Front axle seals twice. Fuel pump. Engine and Trans original never touched. The toughest truck ever made! I've beat the crap out of this truck and I know it will always ask for more the next day.
1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 201325 4.0 L Brian Childress only an upgraded exhaust system She still runs great, not as much power as when new but still rolling with more than 200K
1992 Jeep Wrangler 201324 2.5 litre, manual 5 speed Victor Gautreau (B.C., Canada) first time clutch replacement, 322000 km, Old jeeps never die, they just go on and on and on........
1990 Dodge shadow 201222 2.5 3speed head gasket
1988 Plymouth voyager mini-van 201075 2.0 & auto transmission Coco Hunsaker almost everything but the transmission I must say it will always start, but that doesn't mean it will always roll down the road! I bought it used in 1997 & only planed on keeping it 1 or 2 years & I still have it, got to much in it to get rid of it now, anyway I can work on it, not bad for a girl?
1995 Plymouth Voyager 201030 2.5, auto 3speed (withheld by request) Transmission rebuild (2x), cyl head seals and guides, AC compressor
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 201000 4.0 with the aisin-warner Shew Front pinion bearing, header, AWD transfer case Its lifted 5" with big tires, armor and its pimp as all get-out
1992 Dodge Dakota 201000 3.9 V6, 4 speed automatic Frank Froelich Radiator, starter Crummy peeling paint, but still runs great.
1982 Chrysler Cordoba 201000 automatic Pal Skomedal not known
1989 Dodge w-100 201000 318, auto rob bell none oil changed every 3,000
1988 Chrysler New Yorker Landau 201000 3.0L, V6 Ron Radiator, head gasket sealed, ALS needed but will switch with regular Air Shocks, plugs wires distributor, heater hoses left blinker won't work in very cold temps, engine sounds like marbles rattling around inside but runs very good
1988 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible 201000 2.2 liter turbocharged Richie Rizzo brakes, new top, power window repair, cv joint boots
1995 Dodge Intrepid 200933 3.3 L V-6 Jason Beeler Fuel pump at about 188K A/C Compressor-80K Entire front suspension-140K Little pin that holds the gear shift in place-almost had to replace the whole steering column,but they found 1 at the dealer. LOVES brakes and rotors That's all I have done to it. Bought the car used in 99 with 55,000 on it. Great car vey dependable.
1985 Dodge B150 Van 200735 318 ci, auto Jim Neelands No major, just alternator, starter, water pump etc.
1992 Plymouth Voyager 200625 3.3 w/4 speed automatic Jeff Williams Trans rebuilt at 60,000 miles. Body rust is the only problem.
1989 Dodge Caravan 200600 3.0l V-6/Auto Jonathan DiMarco New CV axles, new muffler and small repairs Good dependable ride, maybe it will hit 300,000
1988 Chrysler Daytona 200578 2.5L 5 Speed Mark Schmit Nothing major, just normal maintenance Has only stranded me once, and that was my own fault for not paying attention to a failing fuel pump. Daily driver
1997 Chrysler Town and Country 200550 3.8- 4spd overdrive Ron Hamilton besides normal maintenance, water pump 3 times, AC compressor, starter, fuel pump and axle seals It has been a great vehicle for traveling over the four states that I work in.
1994 Dodge Shadow ES 200500 6 Cyl 3.0 5 Speed Dan Srebnick Clutch at 137k miles, transmission (5th gear), computer module, starter, water pump, radiator, radiator fan, gaskets, and seals. I drive this car 80+ miles roundtrip to NYC every day. I purchased it new in 10/93.
1988 Dodge d-100 200500 3.9 v 6 5 speed transmission Ed Brooks None Orignal engine and transmission. M I just traded it off to my sister-in-law who uses it for pulling a horse trailer. I had reached my 200000 mile goal and wanted a car instead of a truck.
1991 Dodge Caravan 200500 3.3 L Jason Cam Senser, Crank Senser, Broken Winshield, Heater Core, Air Conditioner, Paint ( Chiping ), Recalls Addressed, Belt Brakes 5 In One Year I might add, Splash Gard ... Etc... It goes and goes but it also costs and cost . My family must have about $ 8,000 in a van that Kelly Blue Book Only says in worth about $1,500 ... You know what :-) I love my Dodge Anyway its a great van ...
1992 Dodge Grand Caravan LE 200439 V6 3.3 4 speed automatic George McCord Fuel pump installed at 150,000 mile. Engine needed repaired at 192,000 miles but I had a low mileage engine installed. Van is in good condition and runs great. Take it on all family vacations. Plan to keep her for years to come.
1994 Dodge Stealth ES 200340 Mitsubishi Automatic Kay Renfroe Transmission replaced and coolant fan motors My letter to Diamler says it all: I just felt like sharing my LIFE BY THE HORN story. I purchased my Dodge Stealth in May of 1994 and last night at 1am in the morning just as I was crossing the line from Gaston County to Mecklenburg County the Rusty Wallace Mobile turned 200,000 miles. She was purchased in Mecklenburg County so to me there is some silly omen to that. I have never kept a car this long but I have been in love with her ever since I drove her off the lot. Sad part of this story is that the person responsible for my purchasing the car Tom Miller was killed last month in a motorcycle crash. When I was looking around for a new car back then, he forced me to go look at this one telling me it was me and he was right, I thank him to this day. She is using oil now but that car has never had anything in it but Amoco Gas and the oil changed every 3 to 4000 miles. I have replace the transmission and a few minor things but for the most part she is original. She now gets a weekly dose of Lucas Oil additive to stop the smoking. Works great. Im an avid NASCAR and Rusty Wallace fan so you know I was thrilled when Rusty moved to Dodge. She has Rusty Wallace floor mats, Steering wheel cover and my name with a number 2 in small gold script on the door right in front of the mirror. That's where the name comes from Rusty mobile. She is a sharp looking car to this day. Most people are surprised to learn that it is a 94. I'm an independent sales rep and times are hard and I can't afford a car payment so please pray that she holds out another 100,000 miles. If I had the money I would just buy her a new engine and keep her forever. I know my ranting here probably sounds pretty trivial to you but Americans are in love with their cars and I just wanted to share my mile stone (200,000 miles) with the company that brought me the joy, and maybe even pay a little tribute to my friend Tom who hopefully now will be my guardian angel making sure the Rusty Mobile will last till I can afford a new one or new engine. Good luck to you in the NASCAR points race. As far as im concerned you're the best. Kay Renfroe Charlotte We Care Program Coordinator. I received a pewter License plate holder one week later.
1990 Dodge Dynasty 200178 3.3 v6 Lissa C. transmission work
1993 Dodge Shadow 200130 2.5L four cylinder with AT Brian Madison Rebuilt AT at 120,000 miles Bought car brand new for around $9500. Definitely got my money's worth. Still making a 100 mile per day communte everyday.
1996 Dodge Dakota SLT 200119 318, auto w/overdrive Kirk Spradley Transmission at 147K standard paint peel problems, motor still very strong, body solid
1996 Plymouth Breeze 200095 2.0 liter / automatic Chris Hautman Timing belt (valve job when it broke) and transmission rebuild at 145,000 --- this was my fault for not checking fluid levels regularily Its been a beautiful car, avgs 27 MPG fully loaded or just with me. A/C quit working at 165,000. Too expensive to repair. I have a picture of the odometer at 200,000 if you tell me where to send it.
1989 Dodge Daytona ES 200089 2.5L Anthony Barnes new transmission good pimp car
1989 Dodge Caravan SE 200080 2.5L 3 speed Automatic John W. Rose Drive Axles, Timing Belt Bought used in 1992 with 59,000 miles. Transmission never touched (probably shouldn't admit it, but trans. fluid & filter have NEVER been changed since I've owned it.)
1991 Dodge Grand Caravan LE 200027 3.3L with A604 Overdrive Jerry Stanford Jr Nothing so far!!! Brother in law we bought it from used to be a mechanic and has really kept it up! Just new Tires and brakes!
1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 200022 4.0 litre i6, and stock automatic Eric Moss Well, it has had all the hoses and belts replaced, a couple of fuses, and that's pretty much it. i bouth it for $375 the other day, and it rolled over 200k today. Its a damn reliable little jeep, and the price was more than right! I have not had it for very long but i love it already, and i will hopefully make it last alot longer.
1989 Dodge Dynasty 200003 Mitsu 3.0 V-6 Brian Funkhouser Oil changes Wish Chrysler still made this car
1995 Chrysler new yorker 200000 3.5 bored up to 4.0 cam ,high displament pistons, ram air intake msd and fatt audio ... bongo i love it but my high displament moter rips motor mounts to nonthing... need good shocks and to figuer a way to trick the cpu to advance timing ????
1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 200000 Inline six (242) 4.0 With 4 speed automatic Shawn Smith No Major repairs Still runs like a champ Good running jeep. Great on gas and four wheeling.
1996 Plymouth Plymouth Neon 200000 Automatic/4 cyl Jackie Hartman Clutch Cable
1973 Dodge Charger 200000 400/727 soon to be a 383HP./ 727 John Konopka Jr. Built with a 318/904 later replaced with a 400/727 commando and in a week or so will have a fresh 69 383 HP. 2/69 out of a Roadrunner. This car is my every day driver. It turns heads everywhere I go. I expect to have this car for many years to come. This is my 6th Charger but not the only Mopars I have ever had. Mopars for ever.

Not Yet Verified - Are They Real Or...?!?

Year - Model Miles Powertrain Name Repairs Comments
1988 Chrysler Aries400000 2.5 3speed automaticcharles marshall (left phone but no area code!)nonevery reliable car
1977 Chrysler New Yorker418399 440 Big Bock, autoOtis p. (phone disconnected)New tires, left door window, ball joints at 217,000Big ol' boat at over 20 feet long, very rustic and legendary, same original crap brown color paint, now fairly faded, rare coupe. Original Owner, bought new in 77'. Thing looks ancient, but wouldn't trade it for anything. Don't make em' like they used to.
1949 DeSoto custom400000 236.6david rodgers (phone disconnected)none that i know of
1987 Dodge D-50450000.2 2.0 5 speedJeff Ryan (phone provided but could not contact)The truck so far has needed 2 water pumps and 3 altenater other then that just regular maintance!The truck has been in one wreck since new and I am the 3rd owner of the truck and have all the maintance receits and original bill of sale other then that the truck has always be dependable and has never let me down and still comute with it today P.S. Just now starting to burn a littele bit of oil not to bad yet. she still going about 1200 miles a week back and forth to work!
1941 Dodge d300634542 218 flathead sixsteve wilkin (phone provided but could not contact)there is a little rust in the cab over the sun visors and the brakes need rebuilt.the truck is completely original bumper to bumper
1967 Plymouth BARRCUDIA59500 273 904FRED H (phone provided but could not contact)30 OVER REBUILD KIT OR STOCK KIT
1984 Chrysler laser427084 2.2 turbo,5speedJon L, Hunt (no reply to e-mail)head gasket,clutch.still gets 32 mpg
1985 Chrysler LeBaronover 700000 4 Cylinder, auto trannyDylan (no reply to e-mail)all i know of is a head gasket....this car still runs.. dont think its gonna pass emissions this time around, but its a work in progress
1995 Dodge Dodge Ram 1500335000 5.9L, autoumatic trans with coolerDean Patrick (no reply to e-mail)Rear end times 2 and radiator and usual upkeep and repairs.kept standard from factory and used in my business. Still goin strong!
1989 Dodge Caravan339876 3.0 litter 3 spd automaticK. Weller (no reply to e-mail)Repalced transmission after hitting cement block hidden in a pile of snow pushed into the street.Just starting to rust through. Been driven hard and put away wet. Iowa loves to use salt on the roads in the winter.
1995 Dodge Ram 3500344000 5.9 cumminsMel Van Kirk (no reply to e-mail)six transmissionsI`ll change to a stick soon and be ready for another 300,000
1957 Dodge 400350000 313 v8 4spdscott (no reply to e-mail)brakes tires steady bearing engine at 330000
1967 Dodge D100353093 LA318/Never had to touch the tranny so never checked the type!Mark Cheshire (no reply to e-mail)None, routine maintainance only,if you don't consider a slave cylinder major!Will cruise the speed limit on the interstate all day long, add about a quart of oil every 1 1/2 weeks. The Moto Guzzi of trucks!!!
1989 Dodge omni358000 2.2LRichard McFadden (no reply to e-mail)Starter,AC Clutch,Rack&Pinon,clutchIt has original engine and drive train, front struts. Door handles are a problem - engineering defect
1983 Dodge ram363070 225c.i. slant sixMark Zimmer (no reply to e-mail)I replaced a head gasket once...that's about it, other than general maintenance.The truck was still running when I drove it to the junkyard. I hated to get rid of that truck, but the new Rams just came out and I had to get one. I have traded the 95 Ram,that replaced the 83,for a 2002 model. I hope this one lasts as long as that 83.
1990 Dodge Ramcharger375000 318 w/518 TorquefliteRichard (no reply to e-mail)NoneRemoved motor when trasmission went out. Installed 400 big block and 727 Torqueflite. Installed 318, with new oil pump, into 1972 Plymouth Satellite, which is still running today. Many more miles to come.
1983 Dodge D-150375523 225 slant six/318 727Eric Mullins (no reply to e-mail)engine was replaced at 275000, transmission replaced at same time, countless carbeuratorsit just wont die
1977 Dodge Tradesman396880 318 2bbl V8 With a 727 torqueflite trannyCharles R. Jackson (no reply to e-mail)Engine Overhauled and bored at 106,000 miles, Back in 1990.Can't Complain, it has been a trooper for the family for 26 years now. Vehicle will now be 27 on May 5. Van was purchashed on May 5, 1977 from Perkins Dodge Plymouth Chrysler in Louisville kentucky.
1981 Dodge D-350397510 4-Speed Manual(no reply to e-mail)One Valve Job at about 190,000, New ThermoquadWhen we ordered the truck we wanted a plain old six cylinder, but when we got it, a 318 4 barrel special order was under the hood with the price tag of a standard six.
1986 Dodge w-100400896 318-auto-4x4matt middleton (no reply to e-mail)2 timing chains
1985 Dodge d150498000 318ciddonald r. mulkey (no reply to e-mail)noneno rust, only radiator,alternator and water pump have been replaced. engine is original and never been rebuilt or opened up in any way
1993 Dodge 1/2 ton full size van500119 3.9 4 speed autoNic (no reply to e-mail)replace tranny and water pumpit isn't mine personally but it was a customer's van i worked on at the shop i work at. but got rid of it after it hit 1/2 a million. and the majority of his miles were door to door delivering foods to houses. a local paoer even did a front page article on the van
1966 Dodge D-100577000 318 and an 833 4 speedTony Seno (no reply to e-mail)engine and transmission replacement.This truck was originally sold to Goodfellow AFB, had one other owner before me, I wouldn't part with it for any amount.
1995 Dodge ram van 2500577908 318 FI 727 AUTO wO.D.Joe Noppert (no reply to e-mail)REBUILT 318 AT 530,000 JASPER REPLACEMENT AUTO 727W OD AROUND 400,000This van has been used and abused every day of its 8yrs of life and still begs for more! It feels more like it has 77,000 miles on it than 577,000
1974 Dodge W300786000 360-3 as of nowGT Elders (no reply to e-mail)4 engines ,2 trans but only one rear end over haul. front axle gears original. knuckles rebuilt once. transfer case rebuilt once. most everything has been worked on at one time or another. the truck still looks as new though.
1973 Dodge Tradesman Van Maxivan900000 720 torqueflightRalph Wright (no reply to e-mail)3 engine replacements, 2 transmissions, 2- rear end inc.axles, major body work, replaced all passenger flooring.This vas a factory conversion camper done by Travco. Still running daily. Kept outdoors since 1973. Has a sink with running water, toilet, electric fridge, propane 3 burner stove and oven, propane furnance, extended fibreglass glass roof, coach/bed,
1977 Dodge Tradesman 100910958 318 727-a torqueflite and dana 60 difCurt McDonald (no reply to e-mail)when i did a compression test on the first motor, i decided it wasnt up to par, so, ive been installing a rebuilt 318 from a '71 Coronet, the only difference being upped compression :) other than that its ran great for 25 years, except brake replacement and a new radiator (which i am once again replacing) but the transmission is like new and it stops on a dimeNever let anyone tell you a 318 isnt a great reliable torque monster. the stock 2bbl editions werent great for horsepower at all, but with a few easy mods it can be a roaring powerhouse, such as headers, intake, ignition, etc. my 318 is soon to get poly 318 or regular 360 heads, a crane, mallory, or magnum cam, CDI system (Capacitive Discharge Ignition), and perhaps a dry nitrous kit in the very distant future.
1961 Dodge D-300 power wrecker1558976.8 318 wide block 4speedmike droster (no reply to e-mail)it got main and rod bearing's and ring's at 573,988 milesi wasn't a mopar fan tell i bought this truck and man its a strong healthy old truck
1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer480000 4.0lRick Supka (no reply to e-mail)Rebuilt engine and TransmissionKeeps on running. We'll keep it until the wheels fall off!
1984 Plymouth Voyager336114 2.2 liter, 5 speedZachary Ulrich (no reply to e-mail)Clutch went out
1984 Plymouth Gran Fury432668 318 4bbl 904 TrannyDave Morris (no reply to e-mail)New motor at 200,000, New Edelbrock 600CFM two days ago, water pump, AlternatorThis is an old State Patrol car. Needs some help but runs like no tomorrow. 232,688 miles on second motor and not a drop of oil used.
1986 Plymouth Gran Fury3380000 ?A. P. Duckett (no reply to e-mail)Muffler and tailpipe!I inherited it and it runs like a dream! Wish I knew more about the fuses. Other thwn that, I have no complaints.

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