Jeff Segui’s 700,000-mile 1967 Plymouth Satellite Convertible

Jeff Segui's 1967 Plymouth Satellite Convertible, Betsy, has 735,000 miles. The heads are starting to leak and there is an oil leak in the pan, but otherwise it’s in good shape, especially for the mileage — over 1 million kilometers. He has had to install a new starter and new alternator, but the motor itself, a Poly 318 2 barrel, has never been touched.

When Jeff was ten years old, he earned $500 for doing a paper route on his bike. He found the Satellite when in the Hamilton, Ontario newspaper. His dad was a police office and went to check the car out. They knew the original owner, a student counselor at the high school, who bought the car new. Segui was the eighth owner. He has had this car 35 years and hasn't had the money up until now to restore it until last July, when he had it painted for the first time.

Because nobody back then wanted to pay for a winter start, Segui didn't get it on the road until he was 19, when he got his license.

Segui had inherited an interest in cars, and has been going to Moparfest in New Hamburg since 1991.

In 1991, the Satellite had reached 660,000 miles and it was starting to burn oil. Segui had to rebuild the transmission. When he went back to high school in order to upgrade his diploma so he could go to college, he decided to also rebuild his transmission. Segui took the second part of 12th grade auto shop and made it a class project to rebuild his transmission. It took the entire semester - he had to learn all about transmission pretty quickly. The car had already gotten hardened valves in 1979, to run unleaded gas safely.

The Satellite is turquoise with a white interior. It has the sport interior and factory headrests in it.

“It's just a good old cruising car,” said Jeff.

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