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Mopar squads of the 1980s and 1990s

Dodge Diplomat police car

The 1980s

The major squad cars of the 1980s were the St. Regis/Gran Fury and the Dodge Diplomat / Plymouth Gran Fury. We have separate pages devoted to each of them.

1982 Plymouth Reliant police car 1980 st. regis police car

Jim Benjaminson: By 1982 Plymouth had the Reliant patrolling the streets of America in full police car trim. Reviving a term used in the past, it was called the Reliant Scout Car. Powered initially by a standard 2.2 liter 135 cid engine with 84 hp, or an optional 2.6 liter 156 cid 92 hp Mitsubishi Silent Shaft four, the Scout Car joined the midsized Gran Fury Pursuit and the Voyager as Plymouth's offerings to law enforcement.

The Reliant could hardly chase down a 1970 Road Runner, but it was more than equal to most of the straight-six cars of the era, as well as most of the four-cylinder imports. Regardless, few criminals could outrace Motorola.

Plymouth Reliant squad car
Ed Hennessy wrote: Chrysler did make an AHB (police package) Aries and Reliant in the mid-1980s; the NYPD used hundreds of them. These were 2.5 TBI cars. Their highway patrol division got Gran Furies with the 318 4 barrel police motor. New Haven, CT also used them. I believe both cities bought a majority of six cylinder cars for patrol, and V8s for pursuit duties, regardless of brand.

K-police car

Dale Burkhardt wrote: There never was a factory police package for the Dodge Dynasty, but several agencies did use them. I remember that the suburban Chicago, Illinois, village of Crestwood had one in the 1980s. (Mark Swingle wrote: "The only 3.8L Dynasty police mules I ever heard of were naturally aspirated. Even without the turbo, they provided enough power as a 3.8 Dynasty to be competitive. The reason the program was shelved was the Dynasty was at the end of its product cycle and the Intrepid was due out in a year or so.")


1990 - 1994

Spirits with the 2.5 turbocharged engine appear to have been used in Mexico. The Dodge Spirit pictured below was used by the city of Winfield, Illinois, which ran this and the early front-wheel-drive Chrysler LeBaron, as well as an early 2000s Chrysler Concorde, according to Tom Bukovits. They tested different types of vehicles as squads for the automakers, according to Tom, including the Pontiac Grand Prix.

We have little information from this period; would you send us something?

Dodge Spirit police car

Mitch Hartley wrote in 2002: The Cheltenham, Pennsylvania police department still have three Dodge Shadows (production ended with the 1994 model year) that are used as unmarked/ command personnel cars. These cars are equipped with a red tear drop light, radio, and siren. They love the Shadows as they are great in snow, have great repair records and they would be happy to put more into their fleet.


Canada began to use Intrepids as early as 1995 for squad cars.

Starting with the launch of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler tried to reposition the Cherokee by creating a right-hand drive model for export, a postal vehicle, and a police unit. It was the only official Chrysler police car from 1996 to 2001. (See Jeep Cherokee Police Cars with MSP Test Results)

The ubiquitous Chevrolet Caprice was cancelled at the end of the 1996 model year, and the slower, long-braking, less curve-hugging Crown Victoria became the only traditional police car. By the next year, Mark T. Crowther reported that many Canadian agencies were switching to the Intrepid, despite the lack of a formal police package, because of their superior handling, room, and price (compared to the Crown Victoria); he also reported that the Mounties were testing Intrepids. Ohio tested 1997 Dodge Intrepids for use as patrol cars as well. But officially, until 2001, there were no Dodge or Plymouth police cars.

The first decade of the 21st century had no fewer than three authentic Dodge police packages — for the Intrepid, Magnum, and Charger.

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