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Plymouth Satellite police car restoration

plymouth satellite squad

I am a retired police officer and I am sending you several pictures of my 1974 Plymouth Satellite police package car.

Plymouth police car seats

This is an actual police unit that was bought new by the City of Lawton (Oklahoma) and later sold at auction in the early 1980s. The vehicle was of course stripped of all emergency equipment at the time of the auction. The car was later restored (late 1980s) and eventually re-equipped with all emergency equipment of the era (relating to Lawton PD).  

inside the squad car

All of the emergency equipment is in operating condition (car is fully functional). The car has a Federal "Visibar" twin beacon ovearhead light system, a Decatur radar with outside window mounted radar head, a Motorola "Mo-Trac" four channel radio (radio transmitter/receiver unit mounted in trunk), Federal siren/PA system, radio scanner, and of course a CB radio.

1974 Plymouth Satellite squad car


radar speed unit

Federal siren controller

I purchased this car from another retired police officer last year, who had performed the restoration. Both he and I had actually been assigned in this vehicle during its tenure with the police department. The vehicle is now regularly driven to car shows and parades.

rear Satellite

four track radio

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