Dodge ambulances

Mopar squads, 1980-2000

Solving Car Problems and Warranty Disputes

This page was designed to help you to solve car problems or warranty/repair disputes with your Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Ram car or dealer.

Car, Truck, and Minivan Repairs

For those who want to do it on their own, or know whether the mechanic is on the right track:

Repair Tips Diagnose problems with your car and make any needed repairs.
Car Models Links to a variety of different cars. Specific repair advice is sometimes in these sections.
Automatic Transmissions Common issues with the four-speed automatics which can save thousands of dollars.
Resources Performance and replacement parts merchants, consumer aid numbers, mailing lists, etc.
FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions list of the Chrysler newsgroup.

Avoiding trouble with car dealers (or your car)

Preventing trouble How to avoid having problems in the first place.
Choosing a Dealer Getting a dealer who will not screw up your car.
Reader Forum See what others have to say about their service experiences, and provide positive or negative feedback about your mechanic.
Choosing a Body Shop There are many bad body shops out there, and once you drop off your car, you have little recourse for bad work. Pay a bit extra, put in some more time up front, and you won't regret it.

Resolving disputes, botched repairs, dealership problems, lemons, etc.

In Case Of Dealer Trouble Warranties, contacting Chrysler, problem solving, escalation, consumer agencies, lawyers, lemon laws, other resources. It may let you avoid the courts.
Hidden Warranties All cars sold in the US must also have emissions and performance warranties; dealers may deny that these exist until you point them out in black and white. This page covers how to find and apply these "hidden" (little-known) warranties.
More About Surveys Just some side information about dealer surveys
Mail Order Disputes How to resolve disputes with mail-order vendors

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Dodge ambulances Mopar squads, 1980-2000

This page was designed to help you to solve car problems or warranty/repair disputes with your Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or Ram car or dealer.