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Jeep JT Wrangler Pickups, Scrambler, and the AEV Brute

A Jeep Wrangler pickup, possibly named Scrambler (as the original CJ pickup was), is due for production around 2019 with body code JT — presumably for “Jeep Truck.”

Jeep Scrambler

A Wrangler pickup has been rumored for years; the recent Jeep JT concept was another case of Jeep sticking toes into the water to see if the market is hot or cold. Small pickup sales have dwindled over the years but seem to be coming back now, and a small four wheel drive pickup designed for off-roading hasn’t been fielded for a while.

The main factor preventing Jeep from mass-producing the Scrambler was high demand for the standard Wrangler; when another plant is added for the 2018s, the Scrambler can help keep both factories humming without resorting to price cuts.

Allpar member “Ruptured Duck” drew this diagram of the “JT” — the forthcoming Wrangler-based pickup. His drawing had no removable roof, just panels that can be taken out, based on input from insiders.

scrambler pickup

Sources claim that the drawing is fairly accurate, particularly in the representation of the panels. The roof can’t be fully removable and maintain crash standards, or, for that matter, body integrity. Ironically, having permanent roof bars should mean lower weight since less body reinforcement is needed.

Former AMC/Jeep engineer Bob Sheaves presented his views on what the future Scrambler will look like and how it will be made.

The conversion kits

Clouding the issue of spy shots is the Mopar JK-8 Pickup Conversion Kit for the 2007-12 Jeep Wrangler. For $5,500 or so (plus labor), this conversion includes the steel bed and bed-sides, removable fiberglass hardtop, fiberglass bulkhead, and “half hard top” (the nicely done, body-colored extra panel with the half-window behind the front doors). Unwanted body panels don’t have to be cut — the spot welds are drilled out and they fall off.

scramblr pickup

Whether the 2007-based trucks will differ in its proportions, or will have any unique styling cues is currently unclear, but our insiders tell us that the modern-build and kit versions are similar in their basic look and approach.

The kit’s patent drawing provides a little guidance...


AEV Conversions

based on an article by Glenn Paulina

AEV, which is close to Jeep, has created a pickup with a raised Wrangler roof and thin “safari-inspired” window slits, giving this truck a vintage greenhouse shape. The hood includes a grab handle, elongated blisters, and a mesh grille to cool the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine (added by AEV). AEV swapped in new front fenders and the Rhino-lined truck bed with Wrangler tail-lights and both front and rear winches.


AEV had reportedly discussed joint-venture manufacturing, using the Viper plant. This never came to pass, with their original negotiators — Daimler — passing the torch to Cerberus and then Fiat.

jeep pickup

The a AEV Conversions vehicle shown above is the Brute, which had been on the market for a long time, with a new hood and redesigned bed.

Chrysler has not built a compact pickup since the 1960s, unless one counts the Mitsubishi-sourced Ram 50.

spy shots

Bob Sheaves wrote that the silver pickups are TJs with raised front fenders, shorter hoods, and longer wheelbases. The paint is an unpolished base coat. “Basically, the same mods for tire and wheel clearance we did back in 1990 on the TJ prototypes to gain extra clearance without having to use silly body lift kits. Personally, I am glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves-the JK (2007) version will be nice.”

jeep pickups

AEV ended up working with Quality Metalcraft (QMC) on the Brute, which fit Wrangler TJs built from 1997 to 2006. QMC did the conversions and AEV sold the kits.

jeep wrangler pickup

Options included Hemi conversion and a Hi-Line Fender and Hood kit with XL flares for larger wheels/tires. The Brute had been shown as a concept in 2002; AEV worked with Jeep and QMC to build to rigorous OEM production standards. The kits cost $8,000 to $10,000.

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