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Last updated 2/14/2012

Submitting new sites. List of links sites are not included because they do not add much on their own. Sites dedicated to exotic cars, unless exceptional, will not be considered; nor will sites concentrating on images and photographs. The emphasis here is on education and information. If you are planning on submitting a site, please first see if it meets our criteria - mainly, that it presents useful information (and not about a single product or service) to our viewers. To submit a site, write to write-at-allpar-com.

Note to viewers: Sites are only added when they are of extra special value so this site can be especially useful. If you find a site to be of little value, or think I made a mistake, write to write-at-allpar-com.

Sites of particular interest


An FAQ usually has the experience of many people behind it. It may contain information about the company itself, how to get help, and other resources. FAQs for various models and lines are usually accessible through their home pages.

Help in disputes


U.S. Government

Industry / ownership / brands

Reliability ratings and pricing information

Car Reviews and Magazines

Because of the incredible number of magazines and review sites, we are limiting our selection to general interest and outstanding sites.


Specs and stats


Trucks - heavy, light, and SUV

To submit a site, write to write-at-allpar-com

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