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Some Mopar Articles

Inside the Dodge M4S/PPG Pace Car

Inside the Dodge M4S/PPG Pace Car: A designer reveals the story of the 2.2-powered custom car

Ram Plus: 2018 Detroit Auto Show

Ram Plus: 2018 Detroit Auto Show: Launching the 2019 Ram and Cherokee, and showing the new Wrangler

Photo tour of the WPC Museum

Photo tour of the WPC Museum: The last day of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, in photos

1970-74 Plymouth Barracuda

1970-74 Plymouth Barracuda: Muscle and beauty in the new E-body

Styling the 1966-70 Dodge Chargers

Styling the 1966-70 Dodge Chargers: Its designers speak about the highly praised car

Racing Jeeps in Henderson

Racing Jeeps in Henderson: Who’s the Best in the Desert?

Simca 1100 and 1204

Simca 1100 and 1204: Smash hit in Europe, failure in the US

Chrysler US production and history

Chrysler US production and history: By the years and by the numbers

Driving the Charger Daytona 392

Driving the Charger Daytona 392: Tooling around in a fast, fun muscle car


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