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Touring the Entire African Coast in a Jeep Wrangler

Photos are currently from U.S. preparation. Photos from Africa are coming.


In 2009, Dan Grec, writer of Work Less to Live Your Dreams, set out to drive the entire Pan American Highway from top to bottom, starting in Calgary, making a U-turn at Prudhoe Bay (Alaska), then heading south to Ushuia in Teirra Del Fuego, Argentina. He sold his Jeep Wrangler in Buenos Aries and flew back to Canada, after driving 40,000 miles in around two years. Dan had visited 17 countries and spent $27,300 all together — and did not experience a single breakdown.

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He wrote, “Two years on the road from Alaska to Argentina taught me more than I ever could have imagined. It taught me a lot about exploring and living out of a vehicle, what I’d want in a future rig, and where I want to explore next. It taught me the exhilaration of exploration in a foreign country, learning a new language and meeting all kinds of different people.

“In 2011 I sold my beloved Jeep Wrangler, flew to North America and signed up for a desk job. Within months my trip felt like a dream. I had to look at my own pictures and read my own blog to convince myself it was real.”

Thus, a new idea was born: to circumnavigate Africa by Jeep, and to do it while blogging the trip so others can share in the advanture (albeit, not quite like being there). The trip is a partnership with JPFreek Adventure Magazine and details and logistics will be shared on WikiOverland.


For his new trip across Africa, Dan needed a new vehicle, and he chose a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. The Jeep came with the “minivan 3.8,” a six-speed manual, and all the usual Rubicon off-road goodies; Dan added a good deal of gear, including but not limited to...


While outfitting the Jeep, Dan wrote a number of do-it-yourself guides on topics such as water filtration and outfitting Jeeps for long camping trips, sharing what he learned.

The long trip has already begun, after a year of “dedicated work and logistical back flips.” The Jeep has been driven into a shipping container in Halifax, on the coast of Canada, and “whisked away on a truck.” While the Wrangler made its sea voyage, Dan spent two weeks in the United Kingdom; he’s been reunited with the Jeep now, and is on his way through Europe to Northern Africa.

You can follow his adventures here, or on his site, He is also on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media (listed on


More to come...

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