Adopted Mopars: Cars Related to Chrysler

Purchased companies

Sunbeam: from a successful rally-car maker to a Chrysler model sunbeam
Chalmers: the first car to get Chrysler hydraulic brakes

Chalmers: pre-Chrysler
Farmobile: German-Greek truck sold by Chrysler Europe Farmobile: German-Greek truck
Humber: the legendary upscale British car acquired by Chrysler Humber: part of Chrysler Europe

Companies which purchased Chrysler:

Some cars using Chrysler engines, transmissions, or designs


Monteverdi Hai: sleek 440 and 426 Hemi powered sports carsadopted Mopar - Monteverdi Hai
Bristol: a competitor to Rolls-Royce which used Chrysler engines for 40 years in their highly advanced carsbristol
Powell Sport Wagon: making SUVs out of discarded Plymouthspowell
Maserati: Selling Chrysler-based cars to the luxury crowd Maserati: past, present, and future
Facel Vega: Chrysler-powered cars of the stars Facel Vega

allard by AHA

More adopted / export cars

Simca 1100 and 1204: Smash hit in Europe, failure in the USsimca 1204
Simca 1300 and 1500: Chrysler Alpines with new suitsSimca 1300


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