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2015 Chrysler 200 car rumors: what did we get right?

rear profile of 2015 chrysler 200 car
Yes, this was the Chrysler 200, above.

checkTwo months ago, we wrote, “Rumor claims fuel economy of up to 38 mpg in a special “HFE” model, though this rumor is somewhat dated and based on the use of the 1.4 turbo engine, which is now unlikely. We would expect at most 35-36 mpg, highway, with the 2.4.” Gas mileage is reported at 35 mpg highway with the 2.4, and no HFE has been announced.

Months ahead, we wrote: “Based on the same basic platform and architecture as the Dodge Dart, the new 200 will likely carry similar retail prices to the current one, but without the massive rebates and markdowns which have kept 200s popular in the face of sometimes unwarranted media criticism.”

Industry observers expect it to retain the quiet interior of the current model, but to add best in class (or close) handling and all the technology Chrysler can throw at it: self-parking, various safety systems, configurable gauges, advanced telematics, etc.”

c200 headlights

We still don’t know

Our renderings: how close were we?

JackRatchett nailed down the rear, aside from some lighting details. In front, he did remarkably well, particularly on the shape of the hood, but not surprisingly missed the top grille — given that the trend in modern cars has been towards ever-more-gaping grilles. Overall, JackRatchett did better than one could reasonably expect, since he’d never seen the final product. One observer noted that the company had changed the design somewhat, as well, so JackRatchett might have been closer to the original.

revised glass rendering

chrysler 200

2015 Chrysler 200 rendering

2015 chrysler 200 tail rendering

front rendering

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