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Dodge concept cars for SEMA 2015: Dart GLH, Deep State 3 Charger, Challenger GT AWD

Not surprisingly, the performance-minded Dodge brand gets the most attention from Mopar, with a new Dart that was on display at the national dealer event, a Scat Pack-modified Charger, and a showstopping all-wheel drive Dodge Challenger.

Dart GLH

dodge dart GLH

After the Chrysler national dealer event, there was buzz about a new high performance Dart sporting the old school Shelby-inspired “GLH” (“Goes Like Heck”) name.

The SEMA Dodge Dart GLH show car has a body kit, lightweight wheels, a big brake setup, an active air intake hood, a sport suspension setup, and a catback exhaust system – all of which should allow it to handle and brake like a dream. Missing is the “Hurricane” turbo-four; the show car, we were told, has the standard 2.0L engine – so GLH translates to “Goes Like a Base Model.”

GLH logo

With a black body accented by hot red, 18-inch lightweight Mopar wheels, high performance brakes, tuned exhaust, Mopar pedal kit and shifter, and Mopar body kit, this car is only a powerful drivetrain package away from being the ideal new Dart SRT.

Inside, it also has black Katzkin leather with concept red mesh seat inserts and accents.

GLH rear

Editor’s note: The 2.0 “Hurricane” engine was reportedly supposed to be available sometime in the next year, but it might have been delayed. This turbocharged engine may produce roughly the same power as the last SRT four-cylinder, which clocked in at 285 hp, and could break 300 hp, beating the Pentastar V6. Chrysler is long overdue for a hot four, but reliability and performance consistency may force a delay.

Deep State 3 Charger

2015 Dodge Charger Deep State 3 concept car

Team Mopar did up a Dodge Charger R/T to go racing with a slew of goodies from their in-house performance catalog. Output is increased by the Scat Pack Stage 3 kit, allowing this Charger R/T to produce 445 horsepower and 439 lb-ft of torque, while a big brake package, a sport suspension setup, and concept 22 inch wheels wrapped in sticky tires make this roomy Dodge sedan a beast on any track — straight or curved.


Finally, to make this Dodge Charger stand out at the SEMA Show, it has been fitted with a body kit and cover in an eye-catching silver and black paint job.

The press release added:

The Silver Bullet exterior color is masked by full-length Matte Black paint covering the top of the vehicle. Body color comes through the Matte Black via center stripes bordered by Mopar Blue tracer accents. The styling, inspired by the second-generation Charger from the late 1960s, is modified with a concept Mopar body kit, including a front chin splitter, side sills, rear spoiler and unique rear valance, providing an aggressive look while augmenting aerodynamic characteristics.

2015 Dodge Charger concept car

The wheels are Mopar Dark Bronze Classic III models; inside is the inevitable Katzkin leather and embroidery. A Mopar coilover kit and front and rear strut tower braces help with cornering.

Dodge Challenger GT AWD concept

This teased car drew a great deal of attention; as we speculated, it is indeed an all-wheel drive Dodge Challenger R/T, renamed to Dodge Challenger GT AWD by the Mopar crew. The body is an eye-catching gray with Header Orange highlights and matte black covering parts of the hood and roof.

Dodge Challenger GT AWD

The Mopar team took parts from the corporate parts bin and make them all fit into the Challenger in a remarkably clean fashion. Getting pictures under the lowered Challenger was impossible, but I could fit my head up under there and everything tucked up into the modified transmission tunnel very nicely. (Charger and 300 both have all wheel drive).

2015 Dodge GT AWD concept car

In addition to all wheel drive, Mopar added their Scat Pack Stage 3 setup to increase the power levels by 75 horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque, put in the braking setup from the Charger Pursuit, a sport suspension, wider wheels, and a widebody kit that allows the huge tires to stay inside of the sheet metal. There is also a suspension drop kit to lower the center of gravity, accompanied by front and shock rear tower braces.

inside the Dodge Challenger GT AWD

This Challenger GT AWD is a masterpiece of Mopar engineering, and while it is only a concept car right now, the team used current production parts to convert this Challenger into an AWD muscle car. A production version of the AWD Challenger would be a game-changer, but in the meantime, it is a SEMA show car worth celebrating.

GT AWD logo

The front wheels are 20 inch by 10 inches, the rears 20 inches by 11 inches; quad exhaust tips are powder-coated in black, matching the fuel filler door. Inside, Header Orange stitches are used on the Katzkin leather trim; the steering wheel has a flat bottom.


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