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SMS 570 and SMS 570X: Dodge Challengers Plus

SMS 570

For 2009, the SMS 570 Challenger has new working “red butterfly” intakes, throttle-controlled. Steve joked that you don’t have to street race any more, just reve the engine, the butterflies open, and they back down. The Steve Saleen-modified Challenger has carbon fiber side skirts with rear brake intakes, front splitter with brake and heat exchanger intakes, and rear diffuser (that’s carbon fiber, not “carbon fiber style.”)

jeremy white and steve saleen

A six speed manual transmission is used; the final drive ratio is 3.92:1. There are custom aero and interior treatments, a boost gauge pod in the dash, GTX style grille, and black taillight surround. Five hundred will be available — from Dodge dealers.


The SMS 570X Challenger has just been introduced; it has new heads, a new driveline and transmission, and a new radiator; only the block is the same. The Hemi has been enlarged to 6.0 liters, using the same supercharger as the 570; bigger tires and wheels are fitted, which required cutting the fenders and adding flares. The result is a 700 horsepower engine with 650 lb-ft of torque. The new supercharger is a custom design, also available on the aftermarket, worked on with Lysom with six integrated intercoolers. Just 150 of these will be available from Dodge dealers.

Steve Saleen and his cars

Thanks to Jeremy White for covering the 570X launch.

The SMS 296 supercharger kit shown below is available as an aftermarket package. It includes a compressor module by Lysholm®, Six-Pack™ intercooler system, internal bypass, water pump, dual-pass heat exchanger, runners, compressor crank and drive pulleys, damper, tensioner, induction system, aluminum oil filler and cap, OBDII compliant program tool, and fasteners. Options include a 100mm throttle body, high-flue injectors, and case runner caps in custom finishes. (SMS Supercars)

SMS 296 supercharger

Further aiding DIY customers is the 8-Rib SMS Power-Drive™ system with reliability, strength and power upgrades in mind. The system comprises the SMS Max- Drive™ compressor crank pulley mated to an SFI approved 2% under-drive damper, an optimized compressor drive pulley and an automatic tensioner pulley to deliver consistent belt torque and tension while reducing NVH in the compressor system. The upgrade path is simplified with one of the optional SMS compressor drive pulleys varying in 5mm incremental sizes.




Challenger cars

launch photo

Highlighting the feature list of the SMS 296 Supercharger™ System is the LYS32M3 compressor module by Lysholm® for SMS, which in this configuration puts out 3.2 cubic meters of air per minute. The SMS Six-Pack™ Intercooler System (patent pending) features six cylindrical microfin intercoolers which provide more than 60% additional cooling and flow efficiency when compared to box type intercoolers. This optimized system features single pass coolant flow, a 90 l/min water pump and a high-volume dual pass heat exchanger.


Saleen Challenger cars


purple car

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