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Launch: 2011 Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger Tour

Dodge launched the 2011 Charger and 2011 Challenger in a nationwide tour, covered by Dodge’s in-house blog. Allpar is covering the event in its Detroit launch and a stop in Texas (December 3, reporting will probably occur on December 6). Full information the actual cars are on our 2011 Dodge Challenger and 2011 Dodge Charger pages.

The initial launch: Walter P. Chrysler Museum, Auburn Hills, Michigan

Chargers and Challengers

outsideI arrived a few minutes early and was greeted warmly by the two hosts who organized the event for Chrysler. Once they found out I was with allpar they thanked me for coming and notified me to just let them know if I needed anything.

Before the actual event started, some enthusiasts had been invited to bring their cars (Chargers and Challengers) to the museum, and proudly showcased them in the front circle. After some general conversation about their cars, everyone headed in for the main event which was held in the basement level of the museum.

The new Dodge Charger and the new Challenger were parked close together surrounding the "stage" area where the presentations were held (an area where, normally, the museum features classic racing cars). After a few words from the hosts, who are taking the cars to the road across the country for events, the design team talked.

The leader of the exterior design team talked about how they started from scratch and used the voice of the enthusiasts who were there to make changes to the car. The head of the interior design team spoke about using customers' voices to design the interior as well as bringing in the best materials possible (benchmarking the Lexus LS). Another member of the staff that did the features of the Charger talked about the new adjustments that she loved the most.

Charger launch

The same team that worked on the Challenger presented the changes in the Charger. There isn't anything major other than the changes to the base frame (now the same as the Charger), visibility, and features. They did make some changes with the leg room in the back seat and accessibility to the back seat.

Challenger launch

After the presentations we were able to sit in the cars. I personally liked the new 2011 Dodge Charger design, it has a sleek mean look that tells you of its' power. The Charger was very comfortable, the seats, both front and back, were supportive and well made. There is certainly more visibility and the features offered are really nice. Overall I think the new design, both inside and out is very good. The only note would be the head clearance getting into the second row.


2011 Dodge Challenger presentation

The Challenger had more visibility along with more comfort. The headroom in the back seat is the only thing I really noticed but it was easier getting in and out than the previous model. I think the new design of the Charger will be loved by not only Charger enthusiasts, but customers everywhere. The changes in the Challenger were necessary, it is a great car and one of the better muscle cars around, especially with the engine levels offered.

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Inaugural Edition

Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi gas cap

392 Hemi engine

392 Hemi engine

392 Hemi

Dodge Challenger 392 Inaugural Edition seats

Dodge Challenger Inaugural Edition SRT8 392

Challenger door and interior

Challenger SRT8

Moparized Dodge Charger

2011 Dodge Charger R/T

Charger interior

2011 Dodge grille

car trunk

The following photo is of the new 2011 Dodges. Not shown: Nitro and Caliber.

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