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The last ever Dodge Dart: 2016

final Dodge Dart

Officially, Dodge has not talked about the last Dodge Dart ever made. There was no celebration, no photography released to the media. Fortunately, Jack McKinney, Jr., arranged to buy the final Dart, and with the help of his dealership and cooperative FCA staffers, he got the car and we got the photos.

dealer photo

Built in September 2016, this Dodge Dart GT came in an appealing B5 blue, with a 2.4 liter engine and automatic transmission — as Jack wrote, “fully loaded with every option... For this to make sense to a normal person, I come from a third generation Mopar or No Car family. Between myself and all of my relatives, we have owned 48 Mopars over the years.”

dart family

Jack can be quite proud of getting the final Dodge Dart; it must not have been easy. Often, the first and last cars are kept and put into storage, or sold to key people within FCA. In this case, the last car went to someone who proved himself to be quite an enthusiast:


fleet of darts

These are Jack’s cars, in his driveway. If there were more people like him, Dodge would still be producing Darts, and they would be around to get the turbocharged 2-liter “Hurricane” engine.

at Belvedere

Dart GT


open door

last 2016 Dodge Dart

leaving the factory

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