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2011 Chrysler 300C cars: interior, electronics, and safety

300C dashboard

Updated Feb 15, 2011 • Chrysler 300C forum

This is the first car to use Chrysler’s new PowerNet electrical architecture rather than the Mercedes system. Alan Amici, Head of Electrical and Electronics, said, “The network has been optimized to improve data throughput allowing Chrysler Group designers and engineers to add new features and plan for future growth."

The new electrical system allows both high- and low-speed data networks to be equipped with up to 40 modules. Within the PowerNet high-speed network, each module (e.g., Forward Collision Warning) processes its data and transmits commands to activate any other systems (e.g., anti-lock brakes and adaptive cruise control). The new Uconnect Touch uses PowerNet’s low-speed bus to handle personalization, instrument panel controls, entertainment and information applications (e.g. Keyless Enter-N-Go, smart remote start, SIRIUS Travel Link, iPod® Control, etc.), and comfort and convenience controls.

Options include UConnect Web, the mobile Internet “hot spot” using 3G cellular data networks to transfer data out of the vehicle, and wi-fi to communicate with computers inside the car. The optional navigation system uses Garmin software. The standard premium audio system (standard on Limited and 300C) is an Alpine system, signalling a return to the long-time Chrysler supplier; it includes an eight-channel 276-watt amp. An Alpine system with a 506-watt amp, digital signal processing for 7.1 adapted surround sound, and eight inch subwoofer is part of the Sound Group on Limited and 300C.

chrysler 300C interior photo


As Metlmnstr1 predicted, the SafetyTec package includes forward collision warning, folding mirrors with exterior signals and courtesy lamps, LED based rear fog lamps (a first for Chrysler), adaptive bi-xenon HID headlamps with automatic levelling, adaptive cruise control, ParkSense for both front and rear, and blind spot and cross path detection. This is in addition to the active head restraints, stability and traction control, rear parking camera, four wheel performance disc brakes, and other safety features.

Forward Collision Warning sounds an alert when the driver approaches another object too rapidly; blind-spot monitoring/rear cross path alerts the driver when changing lanes or in a parking lot (we have tested this system and it is simply but effectively implemented); it uses two wideband radar sensors. Adaptive forward lighting pivots the headlights up to 15° in turns. Adaptive cruise control can maintain a safe distance from the next car on the highway, automatically decelerating when another car cuts in. (The distance is driver adjustable). And, as in all Chrysler cars, the brake automatically overrides the throttle when both are used.

new and old chrysler 300s

Internal humidity readings are monitored, and an automatic de-fogger is activated (on cars with automatic temperature control) when needed. The driver’s mirror can be auto-dimming. The fuel filler door is cap-less, standard. Hill start assist is standard, preventing rollback on hills (it keeps pressure on the brakes, briefly, while on hills, allowing the driver to reach the gas pedal.) An intelligent battery sensor cuts off less critical systems to avoid discharging the battery too far.

Over 67% of the lower body structure and 53% of the upper body structure were stamped from stronger high-strength steels, including advanced steels; with around double the tensile strength of high-strength steel, advanced high-strength steel is used on critical areas. There is also hot-stamped ultra-high-strength steel in the A-pillars, doors, upper front rail section, and windshield header, allowing for reduced pillar and door thickness. Advanced transformation induced plasticity steel is also used in the upper body, for better crash protection.

Interior materials

Interior materials were carefully considered. The steering wheel wood is hand-sanded and stained with hand-wrapped premium leather. The stitching and seams were thoughtfully located to eliminate any rough edges that might contact the driver’s hands. Extensive use of soft-touch materials and well-crafted details increase quality and refinement.

2011 300C

When customers open and close the hood, trunk lid, doors, storage bins, the Perceived Quality team’s goal is to make sure those moveable parts sound and feel smooth. This detailed focus includes the roll-back tambour wood door that covers the front cup holders. Not only was the tambour door optimized for appearance and fit, but also for the refined feel and sound it makes when the customer slides it open and close. And, because there are some features that customers may prefer not to touch, the Chrysler 300 features a capless fuel-filler door that opens with the touch of a button.

The 2011 Chrysler 300 features interior quietness levels amongst the best in the segment. Acoustic glass on the windshield and windows, wheel-well liners, composite underbody panels and liberal use of silencing foam in structural cavities are some of the technologies engineers used to maintain a quiet interior environment. The Chrysler 300 sedan’s clean, aerodynamic design also reduces wind noise. Even the windshield wipers were designed specifically to reduce wind noise.

2011 Chrysler 300C car rendering

JackRatchett really got it right, front and back

Chrysler 300

2011 Chrysler 300
and Chrysler 300C

Chrysler Concorde
Height58.4"58.4" - 59.2” 56"
Weight3,700 - 4,000 lb3,961 - 4,513 lb3,476-3,556 lb
Ground clearance5.6" ?4.7 - 5.0"5.1"
Weight distribution53/47 (V6)52/48 (V6)64/36
Drag coefficient.33.320.312
Interior volume106.6 cubic feet (122.2 EPA)106.3 cubic feet (122.6 EPA)107.6 cubic feet
(126.3 EPA)
Cargo volume15.6 cubic feet (442 L)16.3 cubic feet (500 L)18.7 cubic feet (530L)
Built in...Brampton, Ontario
Front head room38.7 (983)38.6 (974) - std.
36.9 w/2-pane sunnroof
38.3 (974) - std.
37.1 (942) - w/moonroof
Front leg room41.8 (1061)41.842.1 (1070)
Front shoulder room59.4 (1510)59.559.1 (1500)
Front hip room55.9 (1420)56.256.4 (1431)
Seat travel10.6 driver, 8.7 passenger10.6 driver, 8.7 pass.8.7 (220)
Rear head room38.0 (965)37.9 standard
36.9 w/2-pane sunroof
37.2 (945)
Rear leg room40.2 (1020)40.1 41.6 (1056)
Rear knee clearance4.8 (122)3.9 5.9 (151)
Rear shoulder room57.7 (1466)57.7 (1465)58.3 (1482)
Rear hip room55.9 56.1 56.8

Our early spy shot of the gauges had a 140 mph speedometer. Chrysler’s official shot has a 160 mph speedometer. Marc Rozman’s (below) has a 120 mph speedometer.

300C gauges

Chrysler 300C gauges

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