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2011 Dodge Charger: Allpar’s Record on Rumors and Predictions

2012 Dodge Charger

yAerodynamics. The Charger will be less boxy, to improve noise and gas mileage; Styling now reports to Engineering’s Frank Klegon, and aerodynamics has taken a more advanced position.

yFuel efficiency. Expect modified axle ratios, made more practical by the greater power from the V6 and V8 alike. All-around performance is to go up; the revised V6 and the 6.4 Hemi will make this possible. (Possible weight reductions and/or aerodynamic changes could help 5.7 Hemi performance as well.)

yPentastar V6 engine (née Phoenix Engine). The 3.6 liter will pump out 292 hp with better mileage than the current 250 hp 3.5 liter — more quietly than the Toyota V6. The restructuring plan tells us it will reach at least 25 mpg highway [it apparently hit 26 mpg highway with the five speed automatic and 31 with the eight speed and RWD). A turbocharged and twin-turbo 3.0 liter V6 will be made later, but might or might not be in the Charger. The 3.6 might gain Fiat’s MultiAir and is slated for direct injection, eventually (not at launch). With direct injection, we expect the 3.6 to exceed 300 horsepower (as, indeed, it does without it).

y2012 Dodge Charger spy shot

The Charger in this rendering was, in the summer of 2009, believed to be accurate with regard to the sides and hood.
It was, indeed, remarkably close all around!

More gears in the transmission: an eight-speed is being studied, but one source has the five-speeds continuing. We’re betting on the five-speed with either engine; the eight-speed doesn't seem to add much benefit but might be swapped in later regardless, to help with marketing and avoid dependence on Mercedes. Additional note: We have now heard that the eight-speed, a continuation of the famous TorqueFlite line, is destined solely for the SRT8 models and perhaps medium duty trucks. A six or seven speed is likely to be hooked up to the Pentastar and Hemi at some time after launch; the eight speed will be expensive to build but very capable.

y2011 dodge charger rendering

yBetter interiors. The next generation will set a new standard, going up against the best sedans.

yComfort features. New entertainment systems and driver comfort options will appear - no surprises there.

ySRT-8s were expected to eventually use a production version of the 392 (6.4) Hemi with about 450-475 hp and MDS for better gas mileage. This appears to be in the works. Some estimates of power have gone up t0 500 hp but this is likely higher than production cars would produce. Official figure is 465 hp with MDS for automatic transmissions.

The LY was to be used as the basis for three Mercedes classes: E, CLS, and R (starting in 2010-2012), when Daimler still owned Chrysler. We don’t know that status of that deal.

yThe next generation Charger is expected to merge the styling of the current version with a more classic look from the famous 1968 Chargers, one of the most stylish vehicles ever built. We expect that most of the “look” will be based on the current Charger rather than the 1968s. The official image shows a faux-Coke-bottle side view, with integrated front tail-light but separate rear tail-light. Note that it will be more different from the 300C; and that the following illustration is not based on rumors or speculation or personal knowledge.

yThe Challenger convertible is on indefinite hold; a Chrysler rep asserted that the 2010 and 2011 Challengers are both in the “definite” category, with the 2010 getting “certain” changes.

xThe Chrysler 200C will provide a stablemate with the same wheelbase.

“Dodgeguy1961” reported the following engine list in early 2009; the diesel may or may not be sold in North America.

Transmissions were up in the air. A Mercedes five-speed automatic appears to be standard at launch, as with the Grand Cherokee; a better automatic was discussed for fuel economy reasons, but gas prices have fallen, and agreements with Daimler require the Mercedes automatic.

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