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The 2009 Chrysler New Yorker — Upscale LY Car


inside the 2006 imperialThe Chrysler New Yorker is expected to be the name of the production Imperial, minus the suicide doors, and with toned-down interior and exterior styling (not too toned down inside, we hope without optimism). The size will be smaller than the Imperial (which was a full 17 inches longer than the New Yorker). (The photo at left is the Imperial).

The New Yorker would be created with a three inch longer wheelbase than the 300C, mostly using the same components. Test mules should be built in April 2007, with full production starting April 2008. Even as the LY (New Yorker) is made, the LX and LC (Challenger) will be produced, not moving to the next generation until about model-year 2009.

The New Yorker would be Chrysler's flagship, a luxury sedan that is elegant, provocative, aspirational, yet attainable.

chrysler imperial

Chrysler is said to have more latitude in building the LY, but also more pressure for shared components with Mercedes; the big difference is being able to choose where the sharing takes place (or so we're told). That may result in wider variation of models (given Chrysler's increasingly flexible factories), lower weight and cost, and, perhaps, more friendly interiors and fewer foolish items like the inane Mercedes cruise control.

The LY cars are supposed to be more aerodynamic, more fuel efficient, and better trimmed. Engines are expected to include either the four-liter or a 3.5 liter V6, a Mercedes V6 diesel for export models, possibly a high performance variable-valve-timing Hemi, and possibly a 6.1 liter SRT engine. The “standard” 5.7 MDS Hemi is a given. The five speed automatic will probably be retained.

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