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1939 Plymouth hood ornament

Rapid Transit System - muscle carsrapid transit
Plymouth vs Chevy and Ford, 19341934s
Can Plymouth return? The poll...survey
The Plymouth — motorcycle? 
1910 Plymouth car;
Plymouth buses and locomotives
1910 plymouth car
Plymouth, Amelia Earhart, and Neta Snookamelia
Mickey Rooney, reunitedmickey rooney
McKee Specialmckee plymouth
Production numbersproduction
The many faces of Plymouth - Logos, emblems, and ornaments, 1928-2001 plymouth ornament

Plymouth muscle cars

Barracuda “A” (1964-69): fine handlingbarracuda
Barracuda “E” (1970-74): designed for the big Hemibarracuda
Duster, 1970-94: performance bargains
Duster Sportwagon concept plymouth duster
Fury, 1955-1974: From performance to family
Fury, 1975-1989: Plush and policefury
1963 Furyfury
Plymouth GTX: hot muscle, fine trimGTX
Prowler: Unique design, aluminum bodyprowler
Road Runner: High performance, low priceroad runner
Road Runner (late): Still potentroadrunner
Satellite: Family cars that could get big Hemissatellite
Superbird: 180 mph for NASCAR trackssuperbird

Plymouth People
Movers and Sedans

Final Gran Furygran fury
Reliant: the car that saved ChryslerThe cars that saved Chrysler
1976 Volarevolare duster
1984-90 Voyager1984 voyager
1991-96 Voyager1984 voyager

Little Guys, Imports, Offshore Plymouth cars

Arrow and Fire Arrowfire arrow
Arrow pickupsarrow
Plymouth/Chrysler Conquest conquest
Horizon (USA)horizon
Turismo and FWD Dusterturismo

Classic Plymouth cars

The oldest known Plymouth oldest Plymouth car
1928-30 Model Q and U: the last vestiges of Maxwell 1928 Plymouth
1955 Belvederebelvedere
Coronado: many cars, same namecoronado
The sensible Plymouths, 1951-1954: the Cambridge, Cranbrook, and ConcordCranbrook
PA (1931-32): the revolutionary new Plymouth1932 Plymouth
1951-64 Savoy - from premium wagons to entry-level sedans savoy

Plymouth logo

The books

Early Plymouth commercial vehiclespt1
Plymouth trucks, 1937-39PT truck
1933-42 Plymouth specialsPlymouth PT
1928 Plymouths: the first ones
1929-34: The golden yearsflying lady
1935-39: Setting records1936
1940s: the war years and beyond1947
1956 Plymouths1956
1950-53 Plymouths1953
Focus on 19631963
1970 Duster and Valiant
(Buyers’ Guide)
Valiant and Barracuda
(Buyer’s Guide)
1984-2001 Plymouth vansvans
Plymouth 1975-1983fury sport

and more...

Plymouth in Pentastar

Dodge Charger GT AWD
FCA announces UAW deal while Dodge launches Charger GT AWD
durango pursuit
Is the Charger still the best police car, and how’s the Durango?

Hellcat Challenger quarter mile world record drops to 7.66

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