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2003 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe: Racing Only

dodge competition coupe

The Competition Coupe, using a composite body, was based largely on the Dodge Viper GTS/R concept car shown at the 2000 North American International Auto Show. It was based on the Dodge Viper SRT-10, but was created as a pure racing car (not street legal) for Viper owners, using existing SRT-10 parts to minimize cost — with initial pricing at $100,000, including a window net, 27-gallon fuel cell, racing slicks, differential cooler, and ducted brakes.

viper brakes and suspension

Competition Coupe pushed out 20 more horsepower (520 bhp) and 15 more lb.-ft. of torque (540 lb.-ft.) than the street-going version, thanks to a revised camshaft and exhaust. It also had better driver and engine cooling, a differential cooler, trap door oil pan and low-inertia flywheel. Anti-lock brakes were modulated by an electronic front-to-rear braking distribution control.

v10 engine

Dodge added a backbone FIA-legal safety cage with engine bay bracing to the production car's backbone tubular steel space frame. A single competition seat with six-point driver restraint system, driver-activated fire-suppression system and electronic dash and data acquisition system round out the racing modifications.

viper cockpit

The double wishbone-type suspension was upgraded with spherical bearing control arm attachments, two-way adjustable coil over dampers and a driver-adjustable blade-type rear anti-roll bar. Three-piece aluminum wheels were shod with Michelin 315/30ZR18 front and 355/30ZR18 rear racing slicks.

viper racing car

Exterior aerodynamic enhancements include front splitter, larger rear diffuser and adjustable rear wing. Composite body panels, several of which are carbon fiber, are based on the Viper GTS/R Concept Car.

Performance targets were 3.8 second acceleration from 0 to 60 mph, a top speed of 185 mph, lateral acceleration of 1.25g, and a curb weight under 3000 pounds. Production began at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant (Detroit) in late 2002.

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