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Viper Specifications and Sizes: 2003-2006 and 2013-?

2013-2014 SRT Viper pricing

oh2o reported, “The big news for the 2014 SRT Viper is the new TA Special Edition, to become available later this year. The main change that will take place immediately is the addition of the light weight two-piece Stoptech rotors as standard equipment on the GTS, which is driving a $1,500 MSRP base price increase on the GTS model.”

srt viper

The 2014 Viper SRT Coupe starts at $99,395 plus $1,995 destination plus $2,678 gas-guzzler tax, for a total of $102,068. Free colors are adrenaline red, billet silver, black, and white. Buyers pay $1,000 more for GTS-R blue pearl, gunmetal pearl, or race yellow.

For 2014, Viper’s base price rises by $2,000, but it includes the Grand Touring Package and 12-speaker system, sold in 2013 for $4,495, and ordered by “nearly all buyers.” In September 2014, Dodge cut the price of the Viper by $15,000.

The 2014 Viper GTS Coupe starts $ 126,568 including destination and gas-guzzler tax. Colors are the same as for Coupe.

Viper SRT options include Rattler wheels in glossy or matte black for $1,100, Sidewinder wheels with the same options at $1,700, the advanced aerodynamic package at $4,800, alternate-colored seat belts at $350, 18-speaker, 32-volt audio ($2,995), special P295/30 and P355/30 Z-rated tires at $800, an exterior carbon fiber pack at $5,100, interior carbon fiber accents at $3,400, and racing stripes in red, silver, black, white, or gunmetal for $4,500. Cloth Sabelt seats or leather seats (black, caramel, red) are standard; leather Sabelt seats are $3,000.

Options for GTS are similar, except there are also $500 polished Rattler wheels; a Laguna interior package for $7,500; stripes are $5,000; a rear body color appliqué is $50; the 18-speaker, 32-volt audio is $1,000; and an SRT hood is $1,000. The suede and leather seats are included, with Sabelt premium leather seats included in the Laguna package.

The exterior carbon fiber package includes front and rear brake duct bezels and a rear carbon-fiber appliqué. The aero package included a carbon-fiber front splitter and rear spoiler.

2013-2014 Viper specifications, sizes, and such

The 2013 Viper comes in black, "adrenaline" red, shadow blue pearl, gunmetal pearl, race yellow, and bright white. GTS blue and Stryker red tinted pearl are available for Viper GTS; Stryker Red is a pricey option. The standard stereo is a nine-speaker setup with 12 and 18 speakers available. Inside, standard seats are fabric, with optional Nappa leather and suede coverings; six-way manual adjusters are standard. Colors are black, red, and tan. Red three-point belts are optional.

Other options include the painted dual racing stripes (under the clearcoat), available in silver, black, and gunmetal for $4,500; Viper-embroidered floor mats; Sabelt Nappa leather seats; a 12-speaker premium audio system with four subwoofers and Logic 7 surround sound ($1,995 for SRT); an 18-speaker, 32-volt system with the four subwoofers and Logic 7 ($2,995 for SRT, $1,000 for GTS); and carbon fiber interior and exterior styling groups.

There are four option packages:

Viper GTS has more wheel choices, with five-spoke Rattler wheels or six-spoke Venom wheels in polished aluminum ($500 extra for the Rattlers on GTS), matte or glossy black ($1,100), or painted pockets. Colors are the same as standard Viper, plus black, white, Stryker red tinted pearl, gunmetal, and GTS blue.  Inside, six-way power seats are standard, with black ballistic nylon, Nappa leather with Alcantara inserts ($3,000), and Sabelt SRT Laguna Premium leather optional; the normal seats are black, tan, or red, while Sabelts are black or sepia. Red three-point belts are optional. Other options are the dual racing stripes for $5,000 in black, gunmetal, silver, and bright white (for Launch Edition only); carbon fiber clamshell hood with six air extractors and center air intake; and carbon fiber interior and exterior groups. A 12-speaker stereo is standard, with an optional 18-speaker, 32-volt system (as described earlier).

The SRT Touring and Track packages appear to be the same as with the standard Viper. There is also an SRT Track Package with matte-black wheels, which appears to be otherwise identical to the Track package. Thanks to our source, who prefers to remain anonymous. 

The 2013 SRT Viper model costs US$97,395 ($99,390 with destination), while the 2013 SRT Viper GTS model is $120,395 ($122,390 with destination). A gas guzzler tax is likely to bring the price over $100,000, but the amount of the tax is unknown pending official gas mileage figures. The 2010 Dodge Viper cost $90,255 before destination and gas-guzzler tax.

Larry Vellequette of Automotive News pointed out that the Viper’s list price is lower than that of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, which costs $114,575, including delivery but not the gas-guzzler tax.

Engine10-cylinder, 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled, 8.4 liter
Bore x Stroke4.055 x 3.96 (103 x 100.6)
FlywheelLow-inertia aluminum with steel wear surface
IntakeThree-piece shell molded, vibration-welded composite for improved flow, reduced weight and improved thermal performance
Valve SystemOHV, variable-valve timing (VVT), 20 valves, roller-type hydraulic lifters
ConstructionAluminum-alloy block with cast-iron liners, forged-aluminum pistons, forged-steel crankshaft, aluminum-alloy heads
Compression Ratio10.2:1
Power (SAE net)640 bhp (477 kW) @ 6,150 rpm (76 bhp/L)
Torque (SAE net)600 lb.-ft. (814 Nm) @ 4,950 rpm (the sign on the engine display reads 4,200 rpm and 813 Nm)
Max. Engine Speed6,400 rpm (fuel cutoff)
Fuel RequirementUnleaded premium (91 Octane (R+M)/2)
Capacity11 quarters (10.4 liters) of oil, with filter; 16 quarters (15 liters) of coolant
Alternator180-amp high-speed


Synchronized, electronic 1-4 skip-shift and reverse lockout mechanisms
2nd 1.58
5th 0.77
Axle Ratio3.55
Overall Top-gear2.24
AxleFrame-mounted hypoid bevel gear with GKN ViscoLok
speed-sensing limited-slip differential; 3.55:1
Wheelbase98.8 (2,510)
Track, Front62.9 (1,598)
Track, Rear61.0 (1,550)
Overall Length175.7 (4,463)
Overall Width 76.4 (1,941)
Overall Height49.1 (1,246)
Ground Clearance5.0 (127)
Approach angle, degrees 10.73
Departure angle, degrees16.15
Curb Weight, lb. (kg) 3,354 (1,521.4) - Viper model
3,297 (1,495.5) - Viper model with SRT Track Package
3,431 (1,556.3) - Viper GTS model
3,374 (1,530.4) - Viper GTS model with SRT Track Package
Dry Weight, lb. (kg)3,200 (1,451.5) - Viper model
3,143 (1,425.7) - Viper model with SRT Track Package
3,277 (1,486.4) - Viper GTS model
3,220 (1,460.6) - Viper GTS model with SRT Track Package
Weight Distribution, percent F/R49.6/50.4
Drag Coefficient, Cd0.365
Fuel-Tank Capacity, gal. (L)16.0 (70)

Head Room36.62 (930.2)
Leg Room42.72 (1,085.2)
Shoulder Room53.07 (1,347.9)
Cargo space, cu. ft. 14.65
Seat Travel
7.87 (200): fore/aft
1.57 (40): up/down
Seat back recliner range, degrees 30


TypePower-assisted rack-and-pinion
Overall Ratio16.7:1
Turning Diameter (curb-to-curb), ft. (m)40.5 (12.34)
Steering Turns (lock-to-lock)2.4


in SRT Track Pack
Front Size and Type295/30ZR18 (835 revs/mile)
Manufacturer and ModelPirelli P Zero Corsa with low-pressure sensors in valve stems
Rear Size and TypeP355/30ZR19 (764 revs/mile)
Manufacturer and ModelPirelli P Zero Corsa with low-pressure sensors in valve stems


in SRT Track Pack
Size and Type (front/rear) 14.0 x 1.26 (355.0 x 32.0) vented disc, with Brembo 44/40 (front) or 42/38 (rear) opposing piston calipers; curved fin vented StopTech two-piece slotted rotors
Power-assist TypeTandem diaphragm vacuum with zero lost travel



Made in the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant (CAAP), Detroit



Synchronized in all gears, electronic 1-4 skip-shift and reverse lockout mechanisms
Gear Ratios
1st 2.66
2nd 1.78
3rd 1.30
4th 1.00
5th 0.74
6th 0.50
Effective Final Drive 3.07
Overall Top Gear 1.54

FINAL DRIVE: Frame-mounted hypoid bevel gear with clutch-type limited-slip differential

drifting Viper

DIMENSIONS/CAPACITIES (with two passengers)

The following dimensions are in inches (millimeters)
Overall Length175.5 (4459)
Overall Width78.5 (1944) to 84.8 (2154) (press materials reported both figures)
Overall Height47.6 (1210)
Wheelbase98.8 (2510)
Curb Weight3357 (1526) to 3380 (1536) (press materials reported both figures)
Track, Front57.8 (1469)
Track, Rear60.9 (1547)
Weight Distribution48/52
Ground clearance5.125 (130)
Front area 19.3 square feet (1.8 square meters)
Drag coefficient (cD)0.43 top down, 0.40 top up
CapacitiesFuel, 18.5 gallons (70 liters); trunk, 8.4 cubic feet (240 liters)


Head Room 36.5 (926)
Leg Room 42.4 (1077)
Shoulder Room 54.1 (1375)
Seat Travel 7.6 (192)
Recliner Range 45°
SAE Interior Volume N/A


Layout Longitudinal front engine, rear-wheel drive
Chassis Construction Backbone tubular steel space frame with separate cowl structure
Body Construction Sheet-molded composite (SMC) and resin injection molded (RIM) body panels, aluminum sills, RIM front and rear fascias with injection-molded impact beams
Aerodynamics Wind-tunnel tuned body and top, partial belly pan


Front Cast-aluminum unequal-length upper and lower"A" arms, coil springs, high-pressure gas-charged rebound-adjustable shock absorbers, stabilizer bar, six-lug hubs
Rear Cast-aluminum unequal-length upper and lower "A" arms toe-control links, coil springs, high-pressure gas-charged rebound adjustable shock absorbers, stabilizer bar, six-lug hubs


Type Power-assisted rack and pinion
Overall Ratio 16.7:1
Turning Diameter 40.5 ft. (12.34 m) (curb-to-curb)
Steering Turns 2.4 (lock-to-lock)


Michelin Pilot Sport ZP with low-pressure sensors in valve stems
Front P275/35ZR18
Rear P345/30ZR19


Type and Material Polished forged aluminum
Front 18x10
Rear 19x13


Front 14.0x1.26 (355x32) vented cast-iron disc, four-piston/two-pad fixed caliper with advanced ABS. Black anodized caliper finish with Viper logo
Rear 14.0x1.26 (355x32) vented cast-iron disc, four-piston/two-pad fixed caliper with advanced ABS. Black anodized caliper finish with Viper logo. Single-piston sliding-caliper parking brake
Power-Assist Type Tandem diaphragm vacuum

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