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The Under Hood Clean Up Committee

Does this picture spark any remembrances of Bob Sinclair? [Disclaimer: this isn’t Warren’s photo.]

1974 slant six

One day, Bob invited me to meet him in the Road Test Garage to talk about his idea to clean up our under hood areas. This photo shows what many of our engine bays looked like—a mess!

Bob established an “Under Hood Clean Up Committee” to see what could be done about conditions like this shown here, get rid of visible part numbers, various colored information stickers positioned all over the place, reroute hoses, tubing, wiring and bracketry to improve looks.

2.2 liter engine

One source wrote, “The SRT-10 [was deemed] not pretty enough to lay on top of a beautiful Viper engine. The underhood beautification committee asked us to redesign the hoses off of the engine.”

The mantra became “LEFT AND RIGHT — BLACK AND WHITE” and we estimated the various revisions made to clean things up. Think there were small overall cost savings, something like $2 or $3 per vehicle, mostly for combining the numerous individual instructional stickers. Some cars had so many stickers they ran out of suitable surfaces to place them.

Suppliers of hoses and parts were requested, where feasible, to put notations on the underside of hoses, tubes, and cancel various color parts. Tooling was minimal. In those days, had we access to the large plastic covers and shrouds of today, the clean-up job might have been easier.


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