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Making the 1967 Cars in Windsor, Ontario

welding a car

Originally built in 1928, the Windsor Car Assembly Plant (WCAP) — later just WAP — once made a full line of cars for Canadian sale.

WCAP 1971

After the Trade Pact, the plant narrowed its focus to just a few models; for the 1967 model year, that would be the Dodge and Plymouth intermediate and full-size cars (but not Darts and Valiants — not yet). These photos were taken by Chrysler Canada’s Lawrence Monkhouse.

Body drop

Dodge body drop

Windsor plant

Chrysler Canada - Dodge car body drop

making a Dodge in Windsor

Body welding

“The lead solder to the roof joints.”

Chrysler Canada plant - welding

body welding at Windsor Chrysler plant

building 1967 dodge

making 1967 dodge car

windsor plant photo


The lack of protecting gear is in stark contrast to today.

painting at WCAP

painting at the Windsdor plant

Trim and convertible roof installation and testing

testing convertible roof

Windsor is currently the sole maker of Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans.

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