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Chrysler Factory Road Tour: Cruising By The Plants

Earlier this summer, we posted a route for people who want to see as many Chrysler plants as they can, from the outside at least. It goes by the General Motors engineering center.

Christopher J. Carpenter and David Zatz took the tour just after the 2011 CEMA meet (Jim Choate was set to go as well, but was called home at the last minute). Our notes are in the blue boxes.

The tour

Sterling Heights Stamping Plant in 2010

Sterling Heights street view

Sterling Heights

Detroit Axle

lynch road

Keeping going north up Mound Road to —

Warren Truck Assembly Plant (Dodge Ram and Dakota)

Warren sign

Warren parking

Warren Stamping sign

Visiting Plymouth Road and Trenton Engine

This is a long route that takes you through some very bad neighborhoods and you probably shouldn’t do it. You may wish to visit Trenton Engine and skip Plymouth Road, though it’s a long drive to get to Trenton, too.

Probably the most attractive of any currently visible Chrysler site is the Plymouth Road Office Complex, six miles away. It was the Kelvinator factory, then a Nash factory, and ended up as the Jeep-Truck engineering center before Cerberus put it up for sale, moving the engineers there into the CTC (which DBAG and Cerberus had emptied out).

Chrysler Jeep and Truck Engineering building

trenton engine sign

Trenton Engine North

trenton waste treatment plant

trenton panorama

Other area attractions: Meadowbrook, home of one of the Dodge Brothers’ widows (near Auburn Hills); the Henry Ford historical village in Dearborn, which has Edison’s very well reconstructed laboratory; the National Automotive Historical Collection; and far, far more.

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