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Warren Steele noted (as others have pointed out) that Chrysler has traditionally not cared much for its own history. “Most of the old items like Walter’s tool box, his office chairs, credenza, desk, coat hanger etc. were simply laying around in an out of the way storage room in the old Highland Park Machining Plant.”

Avenger pen set

granite keychain

Warren added, “Some time in 1985, I became aware of a decree to clean out old records and collections of ‘stuff’ in our Highland Park Engineering Division. This extended to what we called the ‘catacombs’ beneath the styling clay rooms at the WPC Building where old WWII and earlier engineering drawings were stored. ... Many old drawings, mostly before WWII, were at the far reaches of those dark and dismal areas; it was scary down there. Thinking it would be cool to find an old drawing with my birth date, I discovered a collection of old drawings extending back to the middle 1920s....

pride is back



pendants and pins

stick pins


tv and bell

new Chrysler letter

mastertech hat

million dollar club

we can do it buttonPete Hagenbuch wrote:

Our high output was just the next production 2.2. We felt that it was not performing as well as we wanted. I developed it. It was a big hurry. That was back in the days when we all wore these big blue and yellow signs that said “We Can Do It.”

I have one mounted on the side of my filing cabinet. It reminds me of the probably most rewarding period of my working life when we developed that engine from scratch. The minute it was in production, the so-called high performance version was in development.

gold tool award

This thermometer was provided by Don Dingman. It was made by the Ohio Thermometer Co.

mopar thermometer

chrysler-imperial pocket protector

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