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January 2010 Car of the Month Candidates

This is the first time we are doing a reader-controlled Car of the Month, and we are pleased with the vehicles that have already been sent in.

Two Blue

This is what I call my Too Blue Two. A 1972 Plymouth Road Runner and a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT. Mopar Muscle, 37 years apart. Both cars were bought new, and both are still owned by the same person, me!

1972 Road Runner and 2009 Challenger

The Road Runner was a daily driver from 1972 to 1990. Parked until November 2003 when restoration began. Complete December 2006. Challenger ordered Feb 23, 2009, took delivery April 27, 2009. It is basically a daily driver, although as a retiree I don't do that much driving. The Road Runner is driven when the weather is nice (no rain) to seen and be seen. Do local car shows and cruise the Sonic Drive In, where I often get 50% off just for the car!

Now the problem...if I wait 37 years to buy my next Mopar Muscle, I'll have to live to be 113 years old!

1972 Road Runner interior

1972 Road Runner 440

stacked Mopars

Justin Paulson’s K-cars

My love for the K-car started as a young boy at age 5, with a 1986 Plymouth Reliant SE 2.2 TBI. From that point on, it’s nothing but K-cars. I grew up with two of them, the black 86 SE and then the radiant silver 1989 Aries 2.2 TBI, we didn’t have the car for very long; my parents traded it in 1998. The 1986 still hung around in its rusty stage, and died in 2005 of rust, but it still ran well considering it had 375,000 miles on the original 2.2 engine.

The 1988 Dodge Aries you see pictured was bought in 2002 for $300, it needed an engine since the 2.5 had spun a rod. We bought an engine for $200, and it ran good still runs good as of this day, the car has been repainted and has won many trophies. It gets 33 MPG and is very fun to drive. It turns heads on the road too. At car shows it steals the attention away from Corvette owners.

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