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Allpar Car of the Month, June 2010: Bill Hewgley’s 1970 Dodge Charger

1970 Dodge Charger

This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T SE 440 Magnum Auto is the high school car of Bill Hewgley, purchased in 1977 for $1,000 with his own money from the original owner. The car sat in a quonset hut for many years, until 2004, when he decided to start the rebuild. He has the original build sheets, window sticker, and dealership books.

Dodge Charger

Shortly after purchasing the car, it had a minor paint job modification of "rain drops" down the side (as seen in pictures). At that time a moon roof from a Datsun 280Z was installed, along with an AM/FM radio, minor engine mods, and a 5.56:1 rear end ratio to keep up with those small block car launches.

car interior

For the rebuild, starting in 2004, Bill started by cleaning, retuning, and changing the carpet to allow his son the opportunity to take it to his high school prom. After that the car continued to have parts ordered, new panels welded on here and there, and finally a media blast for engine bay and body.

resto pic

Todd's Body Shop of Alliance, NE was responsible for the overall body straightening, removing the moon roof, adding the beautiful "B5 Blue" paint, and the vinyl top. Once out of the body shop, family and friends helped install the newly painted doors, fenders, etc, and the interior with new covered seats and dash pad.

440 engine

The future of this car sometimes seems as long as its past at times and like many car restorations, it will never truly be done. But in the next couple of years it will be getting new door panels, center console, electric headlight motor, rechromed exterior parts, and plastic interior molding pieces.


Dodge Charger Special Edition Road and Track



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