The Trenton Engine South plant for building the Pentastar V6:
March 2010 Photos

Most of these photos were taken by long time employee David Van Buren, now retired, at a press event in March 2010. The remainder were taken by Chrysler’s own photographer. For the full story, including David’s comments on what you’re seeing and the factory and engine design, see our main Trenton Engine South plant page.

metric achievement board closeup

engine unloading robot

hot test stands


crank polisher


engine line

v6 engines

kaizen board

analysis of causes board

quality control

leak tests

problem solving board

Chrysler V6 engine wiring harness

engine blocks


cleaning schedule



machine shop

pentastar engine hot test stand


pallet shuttle

pentastar heads

Pentastar valve train

rocker arms

start of the engine assembly line

Chrysler Pentastar V6 engine subassembly - block line

robot engine unloader

engine plant

id tag

hot testing Pentastar V6 engines for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep cars

control panel