2011-14 Dodge Charger police cars

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2012 Dodge Charger police car

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New-for-2014: Charger Pursuit is available with all wheel drive option (V8 only). Other changes include:

Dodge Charger Squads: New for 2012 and 2013

Want a Dodge Charger squad car of your own? A dealer in Baton Rouge, LA, is selling them to the public.

For 2013, Dodge switched to Performance Friction Compound (PFC) brake linings. Dodge rep Neil Young, Jr., said they had also made their seat bolsters stronger (the seats are specially designed for law enforcement). He also suggested that there was extra cooling and a new or larger power steering cooler (this may have been the case for the 2011-12 models as well).

The 2012 Dodge Charger police cars posted the fastest lap time ever recorded (1:33.70) at the Michigan State Police annual Police Vehicle Evaluation tests at Grattan Raceway in Belding, Michigan. The V6 model continues with the 292 horsepower engine, and averaged the fastest times for naturally aspirated (1:37.71) and E-85 capable (1:37.57) six-cylinder police cars. This is impressive considering that they still use the five speed Mercedes automatic, and not the newer eight-speed, which would cut around two seconds off the time.

For 2012, the list price for the Charger was $29,770 plus destination — just below R/T.

missouri state trooper

The new performance comes from an optional 3.07 rear axle ratio with V6 and 3.06 rear axle with V8 (2.65 is standard on both); a recalibrated V8 engine controller with 151 mph maximum speed; new brake pads with silicone caliper boots to cut brake fade and improve both performance and durability (late availability); and new wheel hubs with lower deflection and vibration when braking. Other changes include a full color vehicle information center with engine-hour and idle-hour meters, and new police-specific front seats that accommodate equipment on officers' duty belts, with more lateral support for performance driving. The Hemi also gained 100,000 mile spark plugs.  (For 2014, according to Police magazine, the V6 and V8 will both come with either 2.65 or 3.06 axles, except with AWD; AWD cars will be 3.06 only.)

Dodge joined forces with respected aftermarket providers to build "fleet ready" cars, with option packages created and built at the factory. (See 2012 squad packages, further down on this page.)

Dodge Charger Squads: New for 2011

The highest performance police car in America, the Dodge Charger, was re-engineered for the 2011 model year.

2011 Charger tail

The 2011-2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit’s performance suspension tuning, heavy-duty anti-lock vented-disc brakes (ABS), front- and rear-stabilizer bars, 18-inch performance tires on steel wheels and two-mode police-specific Electronic Stability Control (ESC) calibration make it hot-pursuit ready. It has redesigned front and rear multi-link suspension geometries to deliver a smooth comfortable ride for law enforcement officers.

Designed with the guidance of Dodge’s Police Advisory Board, the 2011-2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit’s mobile-command interior features a Police Interface Module for easy equipment integration, police-duty front seats, column-mounted automatic transmission with Auto Stick, red/white LED interior lighting for night-vision equipment and more. Dodge claimed the Charger was the only car in its class to have a standard Police Interface Module. For 2012, the front seats were replaced with more police-friendly ones.

2011 figuresCharger V6Charger HemiCapriceFord CVPIFord FWD/AWDFord AWD Turbo
Horsepower292 @ 6400370 @ 5150355 @ 5300250 @ 5000280 @ 6250365 @ 5,500
Torque260 @ 4400390 @ 4250**384 @ 4400297 @ 4000250 @ 4500350 @ 1,500-5,250
Transmission5 speed*5 speed6 speed4 speed6 speed6 speed
Headroom (F)38.638.739.539.0
Hip room F/R56.2 / 56.156.6 / 57.957.4 / 56.156.3 / 55.9
Leg room F/R41.8 / 40.142.1/43.241.6 / 38.041.9 / 40.0
Trunk (cubic ft)16.517.420.616.6

* 8 speed possible in the future but unlikely — due to input from police departments, who said that buyers felt the five speed was solid, reliable, and "time tested," while the eight-speed is "still new." 
395 lb-ft @ 4,200 in 2013 model year according to the advance fleet book

The usual "keyless enter-and-go" system has proximity entry and a push-button start "with police strategy." Standard features on pursuit cars included steering wheel mounted audio controls, UConnect voice command, power six way driver and manual front passenger seat, dual power outlets, one USB outlet in the center stack, and dual zone a/c. For durability, police got 18 inch steel wheels.


The pursuit car still had a column shifter, but it was redesigned for a more natural feel; it is now "in a vertical plane, rather than a rotational arc," according to Police Fleet Manager.

The V6 had 50-state certification for optional E85 flex-fuel compatibility. A 5 year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty was included. Hemi gas mileage was increased somewhat through "interactive deceleration fuel shutoff," which cuts all fuel to the engine around 5% - 8% of the time the Charger is moving (according to Police Fleet Manager).

Dodge Charger Pursuit protects officers with uncompromising safety and security equipment, including standard advanced multistage driver and front-passenger air bags, seat-mounted side-thorax air bags, supplemental side-curtain air bags for front and rear outboard passengers, driver’s knee bag, tire-pressure monitoring and more. The unibody has more high-strength steel than before, for higher safety.

2011 Dodge Charger

The four wheel heavy duty antilock brakes were part of the stability control system, with special programming to allow full or part-operation function; rain brake support, hill start assist, and ready alert braking are all included. (Rain brake support moves the calipers closer to the rotors when the wipers are active, keeping the rotors dry). The pursuit car also had a unique performance suspension, with load-levelling intelligence via Monroe Nivomat rear shocks.

Visibility has been improved via narrower, thinner pillars, lower rear-view mirrors (which were also moved forward), and moving the windshield top back by 3 1/2 inches.

2011 Charger squad car

The Dodge Charger Pursuit was available for ordering through the fleet people. Fleet operations have been upgraded with new staff, and its head, Peter Grady, reports directly to Sergio Marchionne. There was also a police vehicle quality and service issue resolution council which met weekly.

As in the past, a stealth mode shuts off some interior lights and dims others, keeping an unobtrusive red dome light on, providing enough light for "official business" while remaining dark on the outside, and unseen by speeders. Another police item is the ability to deactivate rear doors and windows.

police car interior

The bucket seats continued, but with more hip and shoulder room, more side space for a holster, and space between the seats for ancillary weapons. The front seats reclined more, and the doors opened wider — the front doors open 21% wider, the rear doors 29% wider. The windshield was three inches taller for a better outward view. The trunk had an optional aftermarket drawer for electronics, and had a gooseneck hinge to open the lid higher; it will also support a 25-pound load (for squad cars at least), so that equipment can be safely mounted to its underside.


Law and Order wrote that Chrysler made changes to the seats to improve comfort, benchmarking the Toyota Avalon and Lexus LS460:

...most seats start out with a stamped steel seat bottom. To that, different layers, thicknesses and densities of foam are added. That means seat comfort comes only from the foam layers. The most comfortable seats, however, start out as a tube frame with a nylon web seat the bottom. And that is what the new Charger has.

The 2011 Dodge Charger also had better foam layers, with the webbing covered with a layer of firm foam, then a layer of memory foam. For the police, pressure point mapping was used to reduce "hot spots" for those wearing police-duty belts, and improved the seat fabric.

florida pursuit car

The front fascia was also redesigned to make it easier for upfitters; instead of having to remove the entire front clip, including headlights, the front clip can now be easily removed, sans headlights, using easily found fasteners (via an access panel above, and under the air dam below). The new grille also increases airflow into the radiator at idle, and is cheaper to replace. First generation push bumpers, interior partitions, and center consoles will, however, fit — and will not be hit by the redesigned side airbags.

See "standard and optional police equipment" for new Mopar features.

Dodge Charger squad car performance (Michigan State Police)

 Dodge Charger V6 Dodge Charger Hemi
0-50 6.476.464.764.63
0-60 8.658.646.246.00
0-70 11.3311.217.787.44
0-80 14.2614.039.739.32
0-90 17.8617.8412.3011.68
0-100 23.8522.7414.9914.21
TOP SPEED, mph130137146146
Stopping Distance133.2137.9133.9143.4

Size changes:

 2010 Dodge Charger2011 Dodge Charger
Weight3,800 (V6) - 4,031 (V8)4,065 V6 / 4,290 5.7
Interior volume104 cubic feet (120.2 EPA)140.8 c.f. (120.2 EPA)
Front shoulder room59.359.5
Rear shoulder room57.657.9

2012 Dodge Charger police car  tail

See our test drive and Mopar light/siren/equipment packages.

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