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The loss of Chrysler (March 2006)

The group that says Mercedes is Chrysler's savior is large and growing. I still remember some of those guys on Allpar bragging how Daimler was going to turn Chrysler around and make them a true automotive force. I remember the webmaster, Curtis, and chryslertakeover refuting everything they said. I remember you refuting them when they started putting Bernhard on a pedestal. I was so moved/impressed that I wanted to be on your side because I felt like you guys were supporting the right cause - you guys had the right mindset. It really got me excited to see people of such fine nature rising up to refute these clowns that really didn't have a Chrysler bone in their body.

What angers me most is that these clowns appear to have been right along. Their "support" for the Daimler takeover has apparently been well rewarded whereas we look like a bunch of sore losers that are stuck in the 60s. I hate seeing people like us rise to a special occasion, speak the truth, and then get shot down. It is so frustrating knowing that a very, very, very small percentage of MoPar fans went to bat to save Chrysler with the remaining majority getting rewarded for not giving a damn.

So, these "Mercedes saved Chrysler" bunch make me sick, but I've found that I don't really have a leg to stand on in arguing with them. I look at the Chrysler before and after, and I see a totally different Chrysler now than before. This Chrysler is much more aggressive, hungry, and competitive than it was before the [Daimler people] showed up. Being that the [Daimler people] are generally very aggressive and want to win at all costs, this doesn't surprise me. And since we (Americans) are so soft and ready to hand over everything for the world, it doesn't surprise me that their mindset took over. I want to see our auto industry become competitive again, but instead it is running away in defeat.

I mention the "Mercedes saving Chrysler" point because to most people, that is the way they see it. Unfortunately for us, most Americans see Chrysler as a weak strugging, un-healthy company. At the same time, they see Mercedes as the symbol of automotive strength and perfection. Even though Mercedes has a terrible quality rating, it still is seen by many as the one to make one look successful. So, naturally, they are going to think Mercedes saved Chrysler.

Chrysler has been up and down for the last four decades, and looks to finally be doing things right - only now they are a part of a German company. I bring this up because I want to see the Chrysler people get mad. I want to see them say "No, we do not, nor did we ever need Mercedes to make great cars." I want them to realize that most people do not give them any credit. The only way to change that is to tell Daimler to get lost just like we did to England in 1776. If we were still a property of England, do you think we'd get the respect, or would England take the credit and give us a little pat on the head? That is what I feel about Chrysler. If the Chrysler people are tired of the credit going to Mercedes, then they need to do something about it. Being a property of Daimler will not change anything.

I didn't know there were people still fighting to make Chrysler American again. I think it needs to go further than just being as unique and American as possible. What is wrong with wanting Chrysler to be an American owned company again? Saying it is American while owned and controlled by execs and stockholders in Germany and Saudi Arabia is hypocrtical. It makes it sound like Americans are as clueless and naive as the rest of the world thinks we are.

This also plays into the Daimler strategy in which they want anybody and everybody to completely forget about 1998. They don't even want the name Daimler mentioned with Chrysler because they want Americans to go back into our sleepy beds and think the American auto industry is in as good of shape as it was in the 1960s. Unfortunately, there are way too many people that believe that.

This is another beef I have because the Daimler people are going to hide behind the curtains while Chrysler goes on its run. People complain about Americans giving money to Japan when they buy Hondas and Toyotas, but they never mention the same thing when they discuss Chrysler and its German parent Daimlerchrysler. I think that is highly unfair and it again paints us as a country so far out of touch with the rest of the world that we don't even know who owns our "American" companies. I bet Schrempp and Dieter have had it planned out that if they could only last for five years and turn this thing around, everybody would forget what they did. The chess master played it perfectly because nobody is upset with Daimler any more. The general public views Chrysler as American as apple pie and nobody is angry.

It is a perception that frustrates me to no end. I see it all the time in the Detroit News, GMinisdenews, clublexus, blueovalnews, etc... I do not like calling Chrysler American because it really isn't - not in the grand scheme of business. In fact, my dad just got his tax information from the investment firm handling his DCX stock. $21 was paid into foreign tax - Germany. $21 of our dollars went to pay them. Germany is benifitting from our naivity and stupidity.

And now the next problem is all these people asking for the President to help our auto companies - GM, Ford, and DCX. Funny how DCX can get financial breaks from its German Government as well as ours. Yet, what about Toyota, Honda, etc... that have operations here as well?

By putting on this facade of Chrysler being American, we allow the Germans to stick their hands into all of our financial and legal piggy banks and make us look like a bunch of chumps to the rest of the world. I really hate that, but I guess there is nothing we can do. We have idiots running this country as well as our companies.

An individual on the website is of the opinion that the Daimler takeover for Chrysler was good in that Chrysler was always this "boom and bust" company every decade. He believed a strong ownership would possibly correct that. Now, he wasn't one of these kids. He is well educated in the automotive industry and is very professional with his reasoning and thought process.
His rationale is that it was perfectly correct for Daimler to buy Chrysler. On the other hand, mention Ford or GM being bought out in the future, and you are met with comments like "No way", "GM is too strong to be bought out", or "Bill Ford would never sell out Ford", or "The US Government would never allow GM or Ford to be foreign owned", or "GM and Ford will be in good shape in the near future so there is nothing to worry about". So, why the double standard for these two? If Chrysler has to be bought out for survival, then why can't the same be said for GM and/Ford?

I'm about ready to give up my fight and just let things be. If we have a President that is so stupid to sell out our ports, lets our auto industry fall part, and lets our people be outsourced, then there is nothing I can do. The funny thing is, I already read a post by an individual that wishes we could outsource our Presidency. He was thinking Maggie Thatcher would be a good President! So, I think it will only be a matter of time before we find our whole country in the same situation that Chrysler is in. One moron brought the whole ship down for Chrysler - and the same thing could happen to this country. It is going more and more in that direction. At the end, all you can do is shrug your shoulders and let it be. We are letting way too many things happen to this country, and I think the rest of the world sees that and is waiting for our collapse.

The perception that Mercedes saved Chrysler will always be there; there is no getting around it. Chrysler will never break from Daimler so really getting as American as possible doesn't do very much either except play right into Daimler's hands. I just hate seeing those of us that fought against Daimler get thrown under the truck so to speak.

After the impressive showing in February, I feel that DCX, not Toyota, will be the dominant car company of the future. Toyota is starting to slip a bit as is Nissan. Honda is too small to do anything, and GM and Ford can't buy a clue. DCX should have seen sales drop last month, but they outperformed everybody except Honda. And with the new Caliber, Nitro, new Jeeps, new Avenger/Sebring, and new minivans coming next year as well as Dieter's desire to get Mercedes going again... there is nobody that can defeat it. I thought Toyota, Ford, and/or GM can do it, but it doesn't look possible. In fact, I think Ford will be out of business in the next 20 years because it is absolutely clueless and hopeless.

I've waiting my entire life to see people admire Chrysler and all its accomplishments. I just didn't know that time would come under foreign ownership. It is extremely frustrating and makes me mad. I might just cave in and buy a Dodge Challenger when they come out. Even though I like my Mustang Mach 1, it is not a Chrysler product. The pull from Chrysler's success is getting to be too hard to fight anymore. I guess resistance is futile.

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