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DCX's Future After the Takeover (2003?)

With the latest that I’ve read from Detriot News, I've noticed that the Daimler portion actually cares about Chrysler. Not in a way the Americans would like them to care, but they care in a financial perspective. We would like Daimler to have the passionate feelings we have about our Chrysler products. It doesn't look like that will happen in my lifetime, although I hope I am wrong.

It is a shame, because both companies are good, and my personal comparison would rank Chrysler as the better half, but if the Daimler side would just open their eyes to the positive picture of Chrysler, then DaimlerChrysler could do some great things.

A good step towards this goal would be to fire that snake Schrempp, and replace him with someone who has a passion for the motor industry, not the financial aspect of it, like Schrempp did.

But because the Daimler people have not opened their eyes, and keep walking around with their 30-pound heads full of pride, Chrysler will probably founder several years from now. I wish this merger worked, but it is clear that the human errors on the Daimler side (Schrempp) clearly didn't want to take the two companies, and make on large family. Instead, he has created bickering siblings, and Chrysler is the younger sibling, being beaten by the older, larger sibling. (Daimler)

A while ago, I have known that I want to go to college and become an automotive engineer, and work for Chrysler Corporation. With all this red tape coiling itself around Chrysler, it is making me think twice. I really have no passion or yearning to work for the other two American companies, just Chrysler. But it would be hard to get a job there if they're constantly downsizing or on the brink of extinction. If the Chrysler of the 90s still existed, or if Kerkorian purchased it, I know that I would have great job security, because I remember in 98, Chrysler was just begging for jobs. I have a great talent in graphics, and would have loved to work with their CATIA program, making cars, cars I could be proud of. But going to work for one of Chrysler's competitors would be like me cutting off one of my fingers.

It is this instability of the Current Chrysler "group" (this word makes me queasy), makes me nervous, the one thing I'm good at could be at the mercy of the bullheaded Daimler crowd. There is nothing I—d like to see more than Chrysler as an independent, but I know Daimler would rather file chapter 11 than to write off Chrysler as an independent. They'd probably sell it to Toyota, and Toyota would keep the Jeep, and scrap the rest.

I really don't know what to make of the situation; it's just that my observations have made me weary of the auto market. It's a shame, the most creative car company could be killed by these people. I hope this is eating Eaton alive, and I blame Iacocca on this one. He put Eaton in there because he knew Eaton was a weakling. Lee was going to purchase Chrysler from the Weakling. But it all blew up in Iacocca and Kerk's faces, when their weakling sold them out, as well as the rest of the country.

From what I see down the road, and all the brand liquidation, Daimler will eventually acquire all of Chrysler's ingenious technology, keep the Jeep brand, and dump the rest of Chrysler and Dodge by the curb. Another company wouldn't even be able to purchase it. Just one day, shhhffffft...gone. I HOPE THIS NEVER HAPPENS. But if Daimler keeps steaming foreword with its headstrong, cocky attitude, then they will kill Chrysler, and I will be out of a job.

I already see this happening with the major technology and design funding cuts. All they do is shove money into Jeep. Another thing that just steams my clams is the virtual annihilation of the Ram. Did you know that it will be called Freightliner in 2004 or so? This is the brand that partially made Chrysler what it is today. Just the knowledge of knowing that Ram will be gone is a huge hint of what's next...the entire Dodge line.

After Dodge will be the shrinking of Chrysler itself with the closing of the plants, and then the design cuts, and the removal of the LH line. Soon Chrysler will just be the division of DaimerBenz for midsize and compact cars. And from then on will be the rubbing out of the Chrysler name altogether. Mitsubishi will be Daimler's small car division, which is a huge mistake in itself.

Let me tell you about Mitsubishi, the only thing that is keeping that raunchy company alive is the demand for the 3000GT. The rest of the company is junk! DaimlerChrysler investing in Mitsubishi is like you spending stock money in a landscape company with a staff of 9 employees. It's like taking all the money in your wallet and shoving it down the garbage disposal.

Daimler can succeed if they tackle one problem at a time. They should have finished the merger of Chrysler, made that all rosy, AND THEN purchase Mitsubishi. It would have been okay, because Mitsubishi Motors is not gaining any value. Schrempp could have purchased Mitsu. for the same price 3 years from the time he considered the actual purchase, which was I think last year.

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH CHRYSLER is its PR image. Chrysler used to be viewed as the "little engine that could" of the Big 3. It was finally making a name for itself in the late 90s, and then it was sold to Daimler. The rug was pulled right from under the Country's feet. Chrysler is losing revenue because people no longer think of it as American. And really it isn't. It was dumped from the S&P's 500, and when that happens; you basically lose all your nationalistic customers. Another huge mistake is contracting Mitsu. the diamond star company (more like the tarnished diamond) to make the small cars. WRONG IDEA. When people get the whiff of Mitsubishi’s crappy quality, they won't buy any re-badged Chrysler or dodge car that 's on a Mitsu. platform.

What Schrempp doesn't get is that all this brand liquidation and badge sharing isn't fooling anyone. He’s not giving the American consumers enough credit that they see the shady things he's doing to Chrysler.

Like I said in my letter to Auburn Hills:

"You will eventually have to break up the companies, and give Chrysler back to the Americans because you are a company that feeds off of what the customer wants. And right now the customers are saying that they want Chrysler back in the U.S."

Now if the Daimler people get their heads outta their butts and admit that they made a mistake, this could all be fixed, and both companies could shake hands and go their separate ways. Then everyone could be happy, and I would get my job at Chrysler corp. But, in reality, the Daimler execs are to "proud" to EVER admit that they were WRONG (sarcasm)

And so because of the their bullheadedness, the future of Chrysler is a tossup, this was a forecast by me, a regular consumer, of some scenarios of what could happen.

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